Within Our Grasp
By Larry Wilke on (Mar 10, 10)

Hearts were all aflutter in the state of Pennsylvania as the “Health Scare Rickety Road Show” finally skulked out of Washington and ambled out to where the victims of the “plan” live.  Fear not as this was a sufficiently scrubbed get-together, not unlike the Obama campaign events where women in burkas were hustled off of the stage before the flashbulbs popped..  Obama showed up at Arcadia University (Who?  Where?) after thirteen months of failing to convince his own party that this is a really great “plan”..  Nice of him to finally get out of the House..  And the Senate too for that matter..

The ASSociated Press was all agog over the humorous homilies being read from totalitarian teleprompters by the sanguine socialist.  Yahoo news (Obama pitches health plan in spirited appearance) called the fascist freak show a “spirited, shirt sleeved appeal” and they said that it “stirred memories of his campaign for the White House.” No this wasn’t a “town hall” type of scenario, Obama isn’t in the mood to hear from the multiple millions of people who fervently disagree with his Democratic Death Panels..  The only thing being “stirred” here was the Bolshevik bouillabaisse of buncombe and blather..  Obama was talking to “students” who have never paid any taxes and only stand to benefit from this “plan”..  That was about as brave a maneuver as Oprah talking to a group of fellow fatties about Ring Dings, Yodels and Ho-Ho’s..

Apparently according to the article, “legislation that once seemed on the cusp of passage, only to run into difficulty when Senate Republicans gained the seat..” I suppose that having Al Franken in the Senate hasn’t paid any dividends as the liberals have stumbled all over themselves for over a year only to have the “next convenient excuse” for failure fall into their laps..

The liberals, once firm believers in the “argumentative minimalism” (Racist!!) have now decide to elongate their lies once again.  It is either the “two-step approach”, (the SIDE-STEP approach is more like it..) or its “rules denying Republicans the ability to demand a 60-vote majority..” These are polysyllabic versions of “reconciliation” which has apparently become a liberal media curse word.  The impartial media has no qualms with talking of “filibusters” or “Republican stalling-tacits” this time around.  “Reconciliation” is yet another “political maneuver” that just happens to be being utilized by the liberals today, so all bets are off..

Obama was “appealing” for “passage of long-stalled health care changes”.  This “long stall” is the result of the liberals being incapable of deciding just exactly how much each of their votes will cost the taxpayers.  People like Lincoln, Landrieu and Nelson at least managed to get their payoffs lined out, the rest of the liberals were apparently playing hard to get..  Maybe the “long stall” was due to Pelosi and her fetid friends carefully “draining the swamp” of corruption in Washington, you know the most “honest and open Congress in history”..

Obama in taking a page from the progressive play book decided to cast capitalists as the “problem”, not unlike his juvenile attacks upon “corporate America” or the “Wall Street interests”..  Now the “problem” is the insurance companies, they are an “obstacle”..  “They continue to ration care on the basis of who’s sick and who’s healthy..” Unlike the liberal’s great “plan” where all of the leftist’s leeches will be clogging every emergency room within sight with every hangnail and tummy ache imaginable since the middle class will be forced to pay for it.. 

The funny thing is that under Obama’s “plan” of Marxist Medicine, “ration care on the basis of who’s sick and who’s healthy” is exactly what they are going to do and please keep in mind that they are going to do it as efficiently as they have handled the “stimulus”..  It will be done as effectively as their “bailouts”..  Socialized medicine is all about “rationing” and there will be no choice but to “ration” health care when Obama drops “10-30 million uninsured”, an assemblage of ILLEGALS, mendicants and loafers, into the mix..  Obama’s proposal “would give the government the right to limit excessive premium increases..” Correction:  Obama’s proposal would give the government the right to limit EVERYTHING, and they will have to..

Obama fired away at “Republican critics” as well.  “You had 10 years.  What happened?  What were you doing?” The Obama “taunts” are as effective as any Obama “promise” as the progressive projection can’t be hidden between the licentious liberalism..  The LOGICAL question to ask is “Why with an unstoppable ‘supermajority’ for over ten months couldn’t you accomplish this ‘important’ task?” As well, why not ask, “When you were cooling your heels in Washington as the Senator from Illinois and bravely voting ‘present’ on so many occasions, why didn’t you introduce a bill or two addressing this ‘number one priority?’”

The article said that “he taunted members of a party that held the White House for eight years and control of Congress for a dozen..” Again, the impartial media chose to ignore the relevant questions.  “Why couldn’t a Democratic majority in BOTH Houses since 2006 manage to address the ‘epidemic’ of health care?” The answer to that query might very well be, “Maybe they were afraid to try again since the last idiot liberal who tried to “overhaul” health care with the ‘help’ of his imbecile wife was then soundly trounced at the very next midterm election.” Remember, the liberals are at least TWICE as smart as the conservatives, I will ask yet another poignant question. “Since, according to you, the Republicans had control of Congress for ‘a dozen years’ and couldn’t do it, why couldn’t YOU solve this vexing problem in half the time since you posses twice the cerebral capacity?”

“The outcome could affect every American..” There is no “could” about it, it WILL effect “almost every American” and in a horribly negative way for those attempting vainly to outlast the Obama socialism..  ILLEGALS and loafing liberals of every Socialist stripe will of course benefit, however the middle class will be bankrupted and even the unborn will be further targeted by the Marxist Mengeles and their “plan”.  This is what we know about within this nearly 3,000 page pogrom, remember that Pelosi herself said that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it..” (Pelosi Remarks at the 2010 Legislative Conference for National Association of Counties 03/09/2010) Transparency?  Nonsense..

Never ones to leave well enough alone, “House Democrats have been lobbying to add to the health care bill unrelated legislation overhauling the nation’s student loan programs..” The “government” will “save” “about 87 billion over a decade”..  This is as good a “guess” as the ones the Obama shills have been making relative to their shameful “stimulus” tripe and their “jobs saved and created” stupidity..  If one looks deeply enough at this alleged “proposal”, one might discover that this is another Democratic “earmark”.  Yet another item for Obama to “control” and something that has NOTHING to do with “health care” and allegedly, “earmarks” are yet another of the things that Pelosi wants to allegedly “end”..  However, she only wants to “end” them for ONE YEAR.. 

“‘I’m kind of fired up’, Obama said at the beginning of his remarks, a variation on his oft-stated 2008 refrain, ‘Fired up.  Ready to go’”..  I’m kind of “fired up” too, but an appropriate “change” is in order for the text..  “I’m fired up.  Ready to NO..” Obama crooned, “Let’s seize reform, it’s within our grasp”..  I like that.  Lets “change” it just a little bit more..  “Let’s seize Congress in 2010.  It’s within our grasp”..

By Larry Wilke on Mar 10, 10
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