The New Angle
By Larry Wilke on (Aug 11, 09)

Please make note of the newest trick in the liberal arsenal when it comes to eliminating the constitutional rights of those who logically oppose them as relates to their “Happy Talk Townhalls” about the “Obama Euthanasia Health Scare” gibberish…

Usually, when the left stages these kinds of events, they surround themselves with like minded intellectual saplings that are also prompted to “ask the right questions”.  Screening the crowd beforehand used to easily accomplish this.  Those who smelled like the “catch of the day” were “in”, those who showered within the last month were “out”..  Anyone who knew the address of the local methadone clinic was “in”, anyone reading the Wall Street Journal was “out”..

This was all done for the benefit of the servile servants of the “impartial” media who then parse out the choice “sound bites”/ talking points and prepare them for the next indoctrination broadcast over the airwaves.  It was a match made in heaven and all was good with the world.

As of late though, those who disagree, and disagree rather verbosely, have been attending their “dog and phony shows” and this upsets their little pre-packaged “apple cart of liberal lies”.  Since this has been occurring of late, the left has tried vainly to continue with their scripted message from the Messiah of Malarkey. 

When confronted tactically with common sense, the left either leaves the meeting, shuts down the microphones or they do not allow any “questions”.  You know, “questions”, things that might lead to the kind of “debate” that Harry Reid was puling about a few days ago..  Your right of “free speech” is, within the liberal “logic”, therefore eliminated simply because you disagree with their communist cacophony.  The liberals will not abide such apostasy..

They thought that this series of typical tactics from days gone by would be sufficient in this case.  Everyone would go away and after about a week, everyone would be led by the nose by the “impartial” media with some distraction or diversion and everyone would just go back to fawning over this “historic” president, this “unifier, not a divider” and his unprecedented attempts at socialism. 

That might have worked with the “stimulus” bill.  That might have worked with the takeovers of GM and Chrysler.  That might have worked with the Fannie, Freddie and AIG “bailouts”.  It didn’t work this time..

So more “Slapstick Socialism” events were scheduled where lifeless local liberals were left to try to hum the moronic mantra for this administration..  This time everyone came back and they brought a friend or two or three..  This forced the liberals to become “creative” when it came to silencing those who disagree.  This is what they have come up with..

They are now painting those who disagree and their attempts to do nothing other than voice their formerly constitutionally protected opinions as “dangerous”.  Now the liberal mouthpieces are “in fear”..  Example: Claire McCaskill has cancelled an “event” that was to be held on Tuesday in University City.  What could her reason possibly be?  “..due to safety concerns..” (“Citing Safety Concerns, U. City Cancels McCaskills Event” STL Today.)

The IMPLIED MESSAGE here is that the seventy year old (soon to be euthanized) citizens who want to express their opinions, are somehow a “danger” to the licentious liberals..  The REAL MESSAGE is that the liberals have contacted their local union friends and they had their truncheons and shillelaghs sharpened and at the ready position for “the cause”..

The liberals want their friends in the “impartial” media to continue to portray the idea that the “danger” at these meeting is emanating from the citizens. The citizens are only a danger because they refuse to “roll over and play DEAD”.  The reality is that BEFORE the liberals made the calls to their brigands, the only “problem” was that everyone wasn’t blindly cooperating with the liberals and their “Final Solution” and they had the nerve to stand up for themselves.  For this the liberals had no answer, so it was time to delve into their bag of totalitarian tricks and cheap psychology..

How does the liberally biased, impartial media “help” with this scheme?  There are two ways that I can think of.  First, imagine that the tables were turned on this issue.  Imagine that a conservative was in the Oval Office looking to “change” health care.  By now, the “impartial” media would have found another Cindy Sheehan..  The media would have discovered another progressive poster child, they would have CREATED another “voiceless victim” that the nation would have had to endure at the top and the bottom of every “news” hour, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, until the “issue” went away.. 

Second, think back over the last four or five days relative to the media “coverage” of these events and the groundbreaking “change” in the attitudes and the “audacity” (of hope) of the soon to be Obama victims.  Now, think back to the videotape that you have seen of these meetings..  NONE of these, NONE, have been recorded with the fancy and expensive cameras and microphones of the media minions.  The PUBLIC has had to record them all in the grainy manner of cellular telephones or other small hand held devices. 

For all we know, the MEDIA hasn’t even attended any of these events, “events” where liberal Democratic politicians have been speaking..  We all know that in the past, liberal politicians and their every public utterance have been umbilically connected and lovingly “covered” by the “impartial” media.  Now it appears that every single one of them was coincidentally and conveniently taking a smoke break once the action started..

The left is attempting to categorize those who disagree as being, for lack of a better term..  Liberals.  THIS is exactly how the liberals have treated the conservatives who attempt to speak in public in the past, regardless of the topic.  All that mattered was that the right was not in lock step with the fifth column, therefore all bets were off. 

Suddenly, acts of violence were magically transformed into FREE SPEECH by the left.  The left decided that ACTIONS were SPEECH and it was up to US, during the times when Republicans held the White House, to “understand their rage”.. If you didn’t “understand”, you were branded as “intolerant” or “hateful”..  Everything from pies to broken windows to overturned cars and in some cases, full blown riots were all childishly explained away as “the free speech rights of those who simply disagreed..”

Once the liberals have a “crowd” of like-minded morons around, their testosterone seems to magically appear from under their skirts.  Physical assaults upon conservative speakers who express thoughts contrary to the liberal bile have been their modus operandi for decades.  Since THEY were doing the assaulting, no harm no foul..  Today, the opposition ISN’T perpetrating the “violence”, those “friendly” to “the cause” are, yet the “progressive projection” seeks to brand the opposition in order to silence the opposition.

Now they will portray the THREAT to be those who SPEAK and they will imply that their THREAT is actually PHYSICAL when the physical confrontations only began when, as Harry Reid said, THE LIBERALS began to “organize” and assemble their socialist soldiers, the ones who have perpetually “ditched their civic manners”..

The irony of being lectured by a representative of the left about “civic manners” is about as humorous as being lectured by Michael Moore about being “a few pounds overweight”.. 

The liberals do not like the tables turned on them.  That is all the more reason to keep on doing it, to notice the changes in their deviant behavior and to respond accordingly.

By Larry Wilke on Aug 11, 09
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