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By Larry Wilke on (Jan 28, 09)

In the blink of an eye, liberal leader Barack Hussein Obama decided to dash off with his chaperone/envoy George Mitchell to the Middle East.  The assumption that an AMERICAN would make from that sort of information is that Obama and his Middle East envoy went to our closest of Middle Eastern allies, the Israelis, to reaffirm the United States place right beside them as they struggle to survive.  Actually, Obama went straight to the Al-Arabiya television network to give his first television interview since becoming President of the United States.  This episode/stunt brings so many questions to mind, as does every move Obama has made since his 200 million-dollar beatification…

To start: Where was his Secretary of State?  Why was George Mitchell along side Obama and from there, on his way to five other areas in the Middle East?  The answer is self-evident.  Rodham has as much “experience” as Obama has, so his “Middle East Envoy”/babysitter, who also doubles as her babysitter, had to go.  Rodham would still be trying to pull up MapQuest print outs and getting Triptiks from AAA.. Shouldn’t the Secretary of State be the one accompanying Obama on this type of trip abroad?  What was she doing while the Middle East envoy was handling matters of State?  My guess is that after she is done supervising the mandatory inoculations for all of the female State Department staffers who might have a “chance encounter” (or four..) with Bill and after she puts the finishing touches on his GPS/house arrest bracelet, she can get around to properly dismantling the State Department like she is supposed to.

Obama, feeling all warm and “Chamberlain-ian”, has told the world where his priorities lie within the Middle East.  America’s appeaser went right to the terrorist’s lair and stated the obvious, “Americans aren’t your enemy..” In order to underscore the full groveling effect of the Commander in Chief’s remark, the entire quote reads, “My job in the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans aren’t your enemy.” Anyone with “experience” would know that the people who really needed to hear that aren’t in the habit of listening to anyone other than their psychotic Imam’s, not unlike the liberals back in America.

In the spirit of further Middle East patronizing, Obama told al-Arabiya that he has directed George Mitchell to “start by listening, because all too often the United States starts by dictating..” What a strange commentary from America’s liberal dictator..  Obama’s “listening” WITHIN the United States for example, at the “bipartisan” meeting to discuss the one trillion-dollar “Bolshevik Bailout Bonanza” ended up with the “Great Empathizer” saying “I won”.. 

Here the President had a perfect opportunity to lambaste the terrorist enablers and to warn them of dire consequences should there be any further Middle Eastern monkey shines, instead Obama said that he wanted to build a new partnership “based on mutual respect and mutual interest”..

Obama also felt compelled to let the Muslims know that he too has Muslim relatives.  With that said, Obama has decided to call himself “Barack al-Hussein al-Obama” anytime that he visits the Motherland from this point...uhh..forward? (Backwards?)

This interview was called “the Obama administration’s first efforts to reach out to Arab leaders”..  No, this was actually nothing more than “atypical liberal knee pad diplomacy” because if Obama wanted to “reach out to Arab leaders” he would have MET with “Arab leaders”.  They aren’t that hard to find over there.  They are the ones with the solid gold palaces amid the paper-mache and mud hovels.  Keep in mind that the term “Arab leaders” is the equivalent to the term “black leaders” here in America.  Both “leaders” represent THEMSELVES alone because no one other than the liberal “impartial” American media listens to them or takes them seriously in their respective geographical areas of the world. 

Why is Obama so concerned with his “job in the Muslim world”?  His number one priority should be his job here in AMERICA.  The highest priority relative to his job in America involves protecting its citizens from the antics of those in the Muslim world.  He never got around to bringing any of that up during his media mash note to the Muslims.

It seems that the Obama administration chose al-Arabiya because the other Middle Eastern media option, al-Jazzera, was properly tagged by the “previous administration” as having an “anti American bias”.  As well, the “previous administration” complained about America’s al-Jazzera, the New York Times and the rest of the Muslim apologists in the impartial media, but Obama failed to discuss any of this as he was making cow eyes at the Middle Eastern media marionette. 

Obama proudly pointed out with an almost child like bravado that the al-Qaeda terror network is confused by his “approach”.  “They do not know how to deal with his new approach..” After the Obama obfuscations during the primary and general election seasons here at home, it is easy to understand that anyone other than conservatives would not understand his “new approach..” Certainly the idea of “cowardly compliance” IS a new approach when it comes to international diplomatic relations.

Obama, morphing into a demented Dr. Phil, said that the recent al-Qaeda video tapes have revealed to him that “they seem nervous” and “what that tells me is that their ideas are bankrupt”..  Obama the oracle simply mistook their nervousness for what it really was.  They were literally shaking with excitement over the obviously unending opportunities for chicanery with Barack al-Neville al-Obama as the infadel’s “leader”.

If nervousness “tells me that their ideas are bankrupt” then that would completely explain Obama’s performance at the Saddleback event and at all of the debates that followed..

If we must “interpret” al-Qaeda videotapes for their hidden meanings, very shortly after the election, al-Qaeda resident nut bag Ayman al-Zawahri sent out a message that “suggested the terror network was worried Obama could undermine its rallying cry that the U.S. is an enemy oppressor.” Undermine?  How about “enable”?  The transparent progressive pacifism that precedes the liberals into office will empower the zanies that completely understand that this administration will fall into “blame America first” mode when they get back to business.  Almost as funny is the notion that the kooks on carpets need a “rallying cry”..  They have been using “Allah Akbar” for a while now, that should do them in the interim.. 

After his first few days, we quickly became aware of his Socialist priorities here in America.  We now know his conciliatory priorities in the Middle East.  The sad part is, if there were any doubts in their minds, the terrorists know them as well.

It has been said that “talk is cheap” but with the liberals embracing a cuddly “hug-a-thug” kind of “new approach” diplomacy, “talk” is going to end up being quite costly.

By Larry Wilke on Jan 28, 09
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