Hamas Wants Israel Decapitated
By Kevin Roeten on (Jan 16, 09)

Hamas wants Israel “wiped off the map”. From the war zone in Israel, Michael Evans (Founder/Jerusalem Prayer Team) states since 2001, more than 10,000 missiles and mortars have been fired into Southern Israel by Hamas…

Hamas started this recent round of violence with its rockets. Israel has been imploring Hamas (Jerusalem Post) for weeks to stop. The response from the Islamists: they reserved the right to resist “the occupation”, specifically the existence of a Jewish state.

In Times of London (3/2008), a Hamas commander said “Iran is our mother. She gives us information, military supplies and financial support.” It’s a given Hamas is being funded by Iran, with Bush recently labeling Iran as a “terrorist state”.

Press TV insists 25% of the deaths in Gaza have been civilian. In actuality, many civilian deaths are due to Hamas targeting the rival Fatah organization. This “other” war has been largely ignored by the media. Founded by Yassir Arafat, Fatah just lost a narrow election to Hamas. Jerusalem Post says thirty-five Fatah activists have been executed, and over 70 being shot in the legs, or their hands broken.

Israel has traded so much land for peace that its geographic outline is hardly recognizable. They have agreed to numerous attempts at setting up a separate Palestinian nation-state. The Israeli-Palestinian peace plan Bush organized in 11/2007 (Annapolis Conference) with representatives of 49 countries, was likely nullified with the attacks.

Compound this with the 21st condemnation of Israel by the UN Human Rights Council. Hillel Neuer (UN Watch) says this is a “UN wink and nod to terror...and is once again sending Iran and its violent proxies all the wrong signals.” Rachel Marsden (TownHall) reveals Bush had just given Palestinian refugees another $85 million through the UN.

Obviously, all-out war should not be advocated, and all Palestinians are not evil. But the definition of a just war by Israel fits this perfectly, and the time to ‘cease fire’ was before Hamas fired their rockets. Anywhere in the world, attacks as those in Israel would likely have risked invasion or even annihilation of the attacking government.

By current media reasoning, America should not have declared war on Japan for Pearl Harbor, but just bombed one of their harbors. Maybe when a terrorist wants to annihilate you, a different tact should be taken.

By Kevin Roeten on Jan 16, 09
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