We Don't Need a GOP That Looks Like the Democrat Party
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Dec 31, 08)

Mike Duncan needs to get real. Who is Mike Duncan you ask? Why, he is the Chairman of the Republican Party. If you are like me, that is probably news to you. Frankly, I had no idea who was running the GOP these days. Hell, the party is in such a mess, with various factions wanting to take the GOP to the center; while others like the R.I.N.O (Republican In Name Only) governor of California, would like to see the Republican Party mimic what the Democrat Party is doing!

Duncan is all in a tizzy over a CD that he received over the holidays from Chip Saltsman. Mr. Saltsman is running to replace Duncan as GOP Chair. The CD contains lyrics from Paul Shanklin, a comedian. Those of us who are fans of the Rush Limbaugh Show know of the work of Shanklin.

The guy is a scream!

One of his songs on the CD is entitled, “Barack The Magic Negro.” Duncan told the socialists press that he was “Apalled When He Heard The Song.” Give me a break. This guy is trying to tell us that he had never heard this parody until he received the CD? Certainly, he jests. Rush started playing this CD over a year ago. Of course, the socialists in the media are saying that Rush and Shanklin concocted the idea for the song.

Memo To Members Of America’s Socialists Press: David Ehrenstein of the L.A. Times wrote a piece for his paper called, “Barack--The Magic Negro.” This is where Shanklin got the idea to satirize the song, “Puff The Magic Dragon,” using a “Faked” Al Sharpton’s voice as the lead singer!

The point of the song was to (a) Be funny, and, (b) To point out Hussein-Obama’s “Jumping The Line In Front Of Other Blacks.” Here are a few of the words. Remember uptight Democrats, Paul Shanklin “Is A Comedian,” and he is using a clearly put on voice of Al “Shakedown” Sharpton”:

“ Barack, The Magic Negro, lives in D.C. The L.A. Times, they call him dat, because he’s not authentic like me. The guy from the L.A. paper said he make guilty whites feel good; they’ll vote for him and not for me, because he’s not from da hood. See, real black men, like Snoop Dogg, or me, or Farrakhan, have talked the talk, and walked the walk, not come in late and won. Oh, Barack, The Magic Negro”

The socialists press knows damn well that Ehrenstein wrote this column. In part, this is what David Ehrenstein said:

“As every carbon-based life form on this planet surely knows, Barack Obama, the junior Democratic senator from Illinois, is running for president. Since making his announcement, there has been no end of commentary about him in all quarters--musing over the charisma and the prospect he offers of being the first African-American to be elected to the White House. But it’s clear that Obama also is running for an equally important unelected office, in the province of the popular imagination--the “Magic Negro.”

Oh, did I mention that David Ehrenstein is “Black?” These are the games that the media likes to play. And, our side engages in this “Circular Firing Squad.”

By the way, where were members of the press when homosexuals were out in the streets protesting the passage of prop eight in California; and calling African-Americans, “Niggers,” all because they exercised their “Constitutional Right To Vote Against Depravity?”

We need to understand that these people, members of the socialists press, aren’t our friends. Instead of publicly humiliating one of our own, we should show a united front. Speaking as an “African-American,” I found nothing offensive about Paul Shanklin’s parody of, “The Messiah.”

In fact, Obama laughed off the song. But not Duncan. He had to show the press his “indignation. What a phony!

As we say goodbye to the year 2008, Republicans had better start thinking of diversifying their demographics.  They will need to have people are “All Colors” standing in defense of the GOP. No, I didn’t say, “Acting Like Democrats.” But, people speaking about:

* Being fiscally conservative
* Being a supporter of lower taxes
* Being a strong supporter of our military
* Being “Pro-Family”
* Being a supporter of the Defense of
Marriage Act
* Being a supporter of “Traditional Marriage”
* Being “Pro-Gun”
* Being unabashedly “Christian”
* Being against providing a path to
citizenship for an estimated 10-20 million
“Illegal Aliens”

America is still a “Center-Right Country.” We lost the White House in 2008, not because the Democrats had this impeccable candidate; it is because we had a severely flawed candidate, who had the temerity to call himself a “Conservative.” The folks didn’t buy what John McCain was selling, hence, McCain and the GOP got their clocks cleaned by Hussein-Obama and company!

You can see it in their “Swagger And The Way That They Talk,” Democrats truly believe that Americans “Have Come To Their Senses,” and will henceforth, align themselves with so-called “progressives.”

Don’t buy into the hype!

Americans took the GOP to the woodshed this past election, not because they have changed their political ideology, and now covet “Socialism, Rather Than Democracy.” No, Americans sent the GOP a message, “You Lost Your Way.”

This is the beauty of democracy. When a politician gets full of him/herself, “We The People Can Show Them The Door.”

I am in no way claiming to be the brightest political writer on the scene. What I do have going for me is this. I am a thinker!

If this party is to ever mount a come back, Republicans will have to break the mold of groupthink. True Republicans should be able to argue with one another; test various approaches designed to revive this party, but most importantly, return to the roots of, “True Republican Conservatism.”

Again, eschew anyone who advises us to be like, “Democrats.” The future of the Republic is at stake; and what we do not need to do is, “Befriend The Enemy.”

We should be about the business of defeating Democrats at every level of government!

Do not take your eyes off of your local elections. This is where the true political power is. Get to know your candidates. Just because someone has an “R” next to her name does not mean that she supports your value system. Stop being a mind-numb robot, by voting for a person who is in your party!

As the “Gipper” used to say, “Trust, But Verify.”

Dr. Forest Lewis is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Dec 31, 08
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