The Power Of Islam's Jihad -- Death And Money
By David Tatosian on (Dec 29, 08)

As Holy Land Foundation trial defendant Shukri Abu Bakr might say, “War is deception.”

And what admirable deception our Israeli friends have exhibited: allowing food and medicines into the Gaza Strip, appearing indecisive by announcing a cabinet meeting to discuss the “Gaza situation”, sending troops home on weekend furlough. All feints designed to lull the murderers of Hamas into a false sense of security so as to destroy terrorist command centers, installations, rocket manufacturing facilities and storage warehouses. (Some of which were stashed in areas with a high concentration of Palestinian “civilians”. Religion of peace indeed.)

Apparently the Hamas murderers thought Israel would learn to live with daily rocket and mortar attacks and do nothing.

Hamas “will continue the resistance until the last drop of blood,” vowed spokesman Fawzi “The Shoe” Barhoum.

Barhoum may get his wish. As I write this, news outlets report Israeli ground troops and armored divisions are moving towards Gaza. No doubt the members of those units, as well as members of the air wing, will be more than happy to aid “The Shoe” in his commitment to spill that last drop of Hamas blood.

And why not? What better service could the Israelis perform for the death cult of Islam than help introduce its jihadis to those 72, nine year old virgins they’re so eager to meet.

Surely in doing so the Israelis will have given the west one of the greatest Christmas gifts of all time.

Which is not to trivialize the great dangers faced by, or the courage and commitment of, the Israeli Armed Forces. The forces arrayed against our allies are estimated to be 20,000 and more. They are well armed and awaiting our friends in a house to house, close combat nightmare. There are intelligence reports attesting to IEDs planted throughout the area that our Israeli allies are preparing to enter.

Boy Assad, Hezbollah and Iran have been constant in their financial and military support of the murderers of Hamas. All under the dripping nose of the UN of course. But the region also hosts the American military. Lots of it. No doubt Bush will opt to please his Saudi friends by demanding Israel cease and desist in its fight for its existence, but not before the Israelis secure the safety of their citizens. God bless and keep them for that. (And considering the approach of an Obama presidency, it’s probably best our Israeli friends acted sooner rather than later.)

It will not be quick or easy for the Israelis. But it will be devastating for Hamas and any other group that enters the fray.

As for the Israeli civilians; if we have leaned anything about the Islamic jihad it is this; the jihadi murderers will focus their energies on slaughtering Israeli civilians. Slaughtering civilians, unarmed men, women and children, is what the jihadis do best. It is their claim to fame and their way to Allah’s empty heart. Consider Mumbai and the mutilation and death of the Holtzbergs. Among others.

The power of death and the power of money is the power of the jihad.

We have seen and felt the effect of those powers in the EU, India, Australia, Africa, Bali, and Canada.

We have seen and felt that power of death right here in the United States. 9/11. LAX. The Beltway Snipers. The Jewish Federation murders. The SUV jihads. The Amina and
Sarah Said honor killings. We have seen the power of jihadi money throughout our media, institutes of higher learning, our government and the private sector.

Soon enough the acolytes, the go betweens, the slicked up sales reps, experts and pimps for that power will start their media campaign to condemn Israel’s (or anyone else’s) right to defend itself against an Islamic people who, after receiving billions of dollars, materials, equipment, medical supplies, food and training continue to be incapable of generating anything more than violence and hatred.

The Palestinians are a lost, hopeless and murderous people who have been made so not by Israel or the west but by the feckless, cowardly and corrupt Islamic regimes that surround them.

Israel is our friend in the fight against the jihad. It is not our only friend but it is our true enough friend. Far truer than Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the UAE, the UN, the EU or even Mexico.

Pray the Israeli victory over this violent and hate filled people is such that it will remove the Islamic regimes from their hateful and suicidal path.

Pray that Israeli’s example will awaken a like commitment to the survival of our own nation, society and culture in the face of Islam’s jihad.

Finally, pray that our government does the right thing according to our culture, society, and civilization. Not Islam’s.

David Tatosian is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By David Tatosian on Dec 29, 08
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