Three Life and Death Scenarios Forced Upon Us
By Kevin Roeten on (Dec 28, 08)

Three very likely scenarios that the upcoming administration will face: #1) Iran goes nuclear on an Israeli location, #2) Russia nukes the Czech Republic and/or Poland, and #3) Islamofascists take control of another country’s nuke and sends it America’s way. The one thing they all have in common is terrorism’s ugly face…

Any terrorist knows the best way to kill as many “infidels” as possible is to have a nuclear explosion killing hundreds of thousands, or even millions. A purported reason that is easily disguised as self-preservation is the complete removal of any Polish or Czech Republic missile defense system. And a terrorist launch of an ICBM from an unsuspecting nuclear-laden nation would not likely leave a usable return address from any source country.

All Christian entities have long proposed serious reductions or eliminations of nuclear arsenals. The most obvious reason—fewer dead humans after the smoke has cleared. Only the Bush administration has been pushing BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense) as a means to stop a nuclear missile(s) attack. That defense system would work in all three deadly scenarios listed above.

Iran’s continued assistance to Al Qaeda is a given. Iran has said repeatedly that they want to eliminate Israel from the map. Already, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz has stated that a source close to the Obama administration declared that an attack on Israel would bring a devastating American nuclear response against Iran. Israel opposes a nuclear Iran, but a Bush administration said the proposal for nuclear retaliation for Israel lacked credibility.

Already, Israel has the Arrow, an anti-missile defense system to bring down long-range missiles such as the Shahab-3 from Iran, and includes missiles from hostile Arab states. Per Joseph Farrah (WMD), Israel will have the Peretz operational sometime next year, to intercept short range missiles. Farah also says that Israel and some of the Arab countries have US Patriot batteries for short and intermediate range missiles.

Last week in Bahrain, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and General David Petraeus promoted an anti-missile defense shield for the gulf Arab countries to withstand Iranian missiles. US officials claimed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be the first country, after the US, to deploy THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense).

The Kremlin has threatened to attack Poland and the Czech Republic if they go further with missile defense, even though it’s a defensive measure only. One of the main worries in Washington is Russian weaknesses to any terrorist entity taking over a nuclear missile facility. But Putin doesn’t seem to want to let the Kremlin slide into being a second-rate nuclear power. Numerous problems exist if they are so defensive of a foreign defensive measure they claim threatens their own country’s existence.

Now that nine recognized countries have gone nuclear, it’s only a matter of time before an Islamofascist organization obtains control of nuclear missiles. Even a very short-term possession could result in devastating circumstances. Those include millions of deaths, a useless return address, or a bargaining chip Islamofascists should not have.

It’s known that Obama has said he wants to eliminate or reduce all expenditures for what he calls an ‘unproven package’ of BMD. Certainly he knows about America’s latest destruction of a rogue satellite going over 17,000 mph in orbit. Obviously, he’s aware of America’s ability to “hit a bullet with a bullet” with proved technology, that BMD has already been sold to numerous countries, and that Russia is truly fearful of a technology that they don’t have.

Obama can’t be for killing innocent people in retribution for an attack on Israel. Certainly he can’t be against a system that could possibly negate killing from any rogue state, render nuclear missiles unfeasible, and demand a price on the global market for BMD technology that could reduce the deficit and be a major step towards world peace. But it’s likely for one that kills by abortion a nuclear Armageddon would be much easier to swallow.

Maybe Bush knows more than we think. Maybe he knows that with the current demand for a “nuclear umbrella” for most countries, he’s on the cusp of something larger than one can imagine. Maybe he has a plan to keep Obama funding the BMD program. We wish Bush the best in doing this, for it will be one of the most difficult tasks he will ever undertake.

By Kevin Roeten on Dec 28, 08
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