The Crooked Chicago Political Machine Thumbs its Nose at the U.S. Supreme Court
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Dec 24, 08)

I would like to think of myself as a common sense kind of fellow. However, please do not misconstrue this as someone who is stupid. I am capable of debating with the best of them. At the same time, I think that when we engage one another in dialogue, our conversations should not be cloaked in confusing language!

The new president-elect, Barack Hussein Obama, is noted for his superfluousness. He is also noted for his pregnant pauses while speaking. His supporters will tell you that, “The Great One” is only organizing his thoughts when he goes into his, “Ah, Um, “ presentation!

Personally, I think that is a load of crap. When “The Messiah” starts his stuttering, and engaging in elongated speaking, he is trying to take guillble people on a circular ride.How many times have you found yourselves asking, “What The Hell Did He Just Say?”

In psychology, we call Hussein-Obama’s speaking both circumstantial and tangential. In circumstantial speech, the person eventually gets to the point. The person who speaks in a tangential way, “Never Gets To His Point.”

I believe this “Defensive Speaking” is rooted in a “Personality Disorder.” The person speaking either in a circumstantial or tangential way is using this approach as a buffer to stop the listener from getting close(Breaching His Safety Zone) to him, or her!

Socialists and liberals are great at thinking one thing and saying another. This is known as “Cognitive Dissonance.”

Take for example the hypocritical Mayor from Hussein-Obama’s hometown of Chicago, Richard Daley. When the United States Supreme Court ruled in June of this year that the 2nd Amendment meant that “We The People Had A Constitutional Right To Arm Ourselves,” this man dug in his heels and refused to dismantle Chicago draconian gun laws. Now, I am not an attorney, however, how is it that liberals can defy the Supreme Court after this court rules in favor of gunowners? Had the court said that the 2nd Amendment only applied to the police and military, “Jack Booted Thugs Like Richard Daley And Michael Bloomberg” would have gone after every legal gun owner in their respective cities!

These gunowners couldn’t have said, “We’ll Just Hold Onto Our Guns Until We Find A Gun Loving Judge Who Will Overrule The U.S. Supreme Court.” If gunowners had said that, “The Nazis” would have thrown their asses in jail, end of story!

However, people like the Daley’s and Bloomberg’s show us clearly that we aren’t living in a full throated democracy. If you can not see that these people are taking us down the road to socialism/communism--then you should be declared “Legally Blind--Not To Mention Stupid.”

When John McCain called Hussein-Obama a socialist, the left nearly had a heart attack. They accused McCain of being desperate. McCain waited too long to talk about Hussein-Obama’s ties to socialists in this country. Nonetheless, he was right on. In fact, just the other day, “The Chosen One” named Congresswoman Hilda Solis of California as his choice to head the Labor Department.

Communists and socialist leaders in this country hailed the selection. Why? This woman has ties to communist groups, writes Aaron Klein of

“Among other personalities, the communist paper quoted former Rep. David Bonior, D-Mich., a top economic adviser to Obama, calling Solis a “terrific leader who I know first-hand will work tirelessly on behalf of America’s working families.” WND previously reported Bonior is listed as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA, an organization dedicated to transforming America into a socialist society”

By the way, David Bonior is a good friend of, “The Messiah’s.”

Twinkle Toes, Hussein-Obama, can’t dance around the above assertion. Bonior was on the presidential campaign trail for Hussein-Obama. He was also all over television defending, “This Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.”

Meantime, do you see why these dangerous people want to get guns out of the hands of legal citizens? Folks, these anti-Americans want to strangle the U.S. Constitution, until she, “Gives Up The Ghost.”

However, when you say this to the average American, he will look at you like you have just arrived from the planet Pluto!

People like Chicago Mayor Richard Daley pretend that they want to eradicate guns from their cities. If that is the case, why is this phony only going after “Legal Gun Owners By Introducing More and More Gun Laws?” Why isn’t Daley and people whose brains are wired like his, going after bloodthirsty gangs who are murdering thousands of people each year across this nation?  Daley knows that he doesn’t need any new gun law--simply use the current ones that are on the books. When a criminal is caught with an illegal gun, lock him up, and throw away the key!

However, this guy is putting on his dog and pony shows by holding “Gun Conferences And Denying Legal Citizens The Right To Defend Themselves.” And, this charlatan is getting away with it!

Just last week, a federal judge ruled that Chicago’s 1962 handgun ban was “Legal.” Imagine that? This after the ruling from the United States Supreme Court. Again, I am not a lawyer, but how can this be?

This judge, known as Multon Shadur, is just part of the problem that is afflicting our country. How this knucklehead could rule this way defies logic. But, he is part and parcel of the left’s hell-bent attitude on turning this country into a socialist nation.

The National Rifle Association is of the opinion that this issue will end up before the Supreme Court. If it does, the Supremes will have to “Rap The Knuckles Of These Rogue Judges--Who Think They Have A Right To Have The Last Say.”

People like Daley prey on the fears of people. We are indeed a “Spineless People And Its Getting Worse By The Day.” Americans fall for lie after lie from people like this Daley character. He is telling the good people of Chicago that “Strengthening Chicago’s HandGun Gun Laws Protects Police Officers:”

“If the nation’s highest court says it’s OK to keep guns in your home for self-defense, what’s to prevent those guns from being used against police officers and firefighters who respond to a domestic quarrel or other emergency?”

Since when did the fire department respond to a “Domestic Quarrel?” This is nothing but another red herring from “Heir Von Daley.”

This idiot knows that legal gunowners are not only lawabiding, but they aren’t the ones who will turn a firearm on a cop or fireman. He also knows there is no evidence to support his disingenuous statement.

But, there is data that shows a legal citizens will use his/her firearm to protect him/herself or someone else, more than do police. Furthermore, there is a mountain of data that says women who have conceal carry permits, thwarts an assault(Rape) on their person numerous times each day. This is something that the lying Mayor of Chicago and his socialists newsmedia accomplices will not tell you. They are also afraid to reveal to you the following:

* Americans employ their (Legal) firearms 2.5 million times each year,
or to put it another way, 6,850 times a day

* Legal gun carrying citizens “Kill More Thugs” than police

* Each day, women use their “Legal Guns 500 Times To Stop A

So, the question that the “Mendacious Mayor” of Chicago needs to answer is “Why Won’t You Tell The Entire Story About Firearms?”

The Mayor also needs to be asked two other important questions,(1) Why Do You Hate Women? (2) Why do you hate lawabiding citizens defending themselves against criminals, and (3) Why are you “Pro-Criminal.”

Until Richard Daley answers these important questions, he has “Zero Credibility With This Writer.”

As I see it, Daley is just another lying politician, who is pushing this country toward full fledged socialism!

Dr. Forest Lewis is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Dec 24, 08
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