Why I Detest Liberals and Socialists
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Dec 18, 08)

As a Clinical Psychologist, I have conducted a number of workshops on the subject of, “Anger.”

A lot of people in our society are uncomfortable with anger. It is obvious that this feeling was instilled in to them in early childhood.  I will bet you ten to one, that these people were not allowed to emote this much needed feeling in the families they emerged from. Research shows that children who were allowed to express healthy anger, also learned how to assert themselves later in life. In other words, they were taught how to stand up for themselves. This does not suggest that they were taught to be loudmouths, or to disrespect those in their milieu, they were told it is okay to say how they were feeling!

By the way, being loudmouths and showing disdain for the opinions of others falls within the purview of liberals and socialists.

Those who were told to, “Shut Up”, Or Threatened With Physical Abuse, Whenever They Showed An Angry Affect(Emotion) went on to not only become passive aggressive adults, they also “Stuffed” their anger, only to have it spill over uncontrollably at a later time!

There are two forms of anger, (1) Justified Anger, and (2) Unjustified Anger. Justified anger is what lead the Founding Fathers to tell the Monarch in England to, “Go Suck On An Egg, Because No More Taxes Would Be Forth Coming From The Colonies.”

Unjustified anger is when you deliberately set out to “Control The Actions Of Another Person.” When they resist, “This Creates Unjustified Anger In The Person Attempting To Gain The Upper Hand.”

Does this sound like a liberal or a socialist to you? Well, it should. Because these are some of the angriest people on the planet. You tough minded Americans aren’t giving up your rights fast enough for these people, who not only want to shape America into their image: They also want to rewrite the U.S. Constitution!

Take for example in my home state of New York. Members of the Electoral College met recently, and one member said that he wanted to rid America of the “Electoral College.” Why? According to this boy genius, the Electoral College “Is Outmoded--And Outdated.”

If we allow these people to get rid of the Electoral College because it doesn’t work in their favor at times--what’s next? How about removing the Second Amendment from the Constitution for starters? Believe me, there are people who would love to remove the Second Amendment from our Constitution. It is an irritant to them. In order to implement their socialist and communist programs, they have to “Disarm The People.”

What has history shown us about a defenseless people? They can’t even control the next breath they wish to take, without permission “From The State.”

Doing so, would be hazadous to their heath!

I truly believe that this is the template that Barack Hussein-Obama has in mind for Americans. My advice, watch this guy carefully over the next two years. We will have a much better understanding of who he is by then. Right now, he has muddied the political waters by naming centrists to his administration.

I am predicting here and now, and you can write it down if you’d like, in two years, moderates like General Jim Jones, tapped to be Hussein-Obama’s National Security Adviser, and Bush appointed Defense Secretary, Robert Gates will be gone. They will see this socialist for who he really is. Hillary Rodham-Clinton, a socialist herself, will also probably be gone in two years. I continue to believe that Rodham-Clinton not only believes she should be President, but the two will butt heads repeatedly in a power struggle. Hussein-Obama being President, will show Rodham-Clinton the door!

We now turn our attention Dhirgham al-Zaidi. This is the Iraqi “television journalist,” who threw not one, but two shoes at “The President Of The United States.” In Iraqi culture, this is seen as repudiation of a person, and also disdain for that individual.

The moment that I saw this disrespectful slob throwing his shoes at our president, I told my wife two things. One, his defiant act would embolden our enemies around the world. Point two, If President Bush had been Saddam Hussein, this clown would have been dragged out of the building, and in less than one hour, he would have been fed through a wood chipper. Furthermore, al Zaidi’s entire family would have suffered the same fate.

We can sit and argue over America’s involvement in Iraq, until we are blue in the face. However, the fact of the matter is that it was George W. Bush who brought democracy to this blood soaked land. Most of the blood that was spilled, was on the orders of Saddam Husseim, or one of his two blood-letting sons, who were sent home to Allah by our boys a few years back.

Might I add, “Good Riddance, And Who The Hell Gives A Ding Dong?”

Chris “The Lying, Spit Drooling Liberal” Matthews, said that what happened to President Bush, “Is Common In This Country.” No Chris, it’s not. You tell me, when was the last time that you heard of someone “Assaulting The President Of The United States In This Country?” So, another lie from Chris Matthews is refuted.

To throw a pie at a retired government official, that is one thing, but to toss a pair of shoes at our President? This is totally unacceptable behavior; and beyond the pale.  I know the President said this is what happens in a democracy. To that I say, “Horsefeathers.”

There are limits to what we can say and do in a democracy. Think not? Try throwing a shoe at a policeman. Not only will you be taken down to the ground with force, chances are good, you will serve some time in your local county jail.  Our President was simply “Playing Politics,” when he defended this creep. It’s as simple as that!

To the surprise of no-one, a lot of people in this country thought that what al-Zaidi did “Was Funny.” This includes Republicans. I watched as Joe Scarborough not only minimized the incident, but also chuckled at it with his fawning sycophants that surrounds him on Morning Joe, on MSNBC. After giving token attention to this serious event, Scarborough announced, “Let’s Move On.”

There is something about this guy that rubs me the wrong way. It could be his, “I’m The Smartest Guy In The Room Attitude,” that gets under my skin. After he dropped the “F-Bomb” on his show, and didn’t have a clue that he had used this filthy language, I knew right then and there, that I was finished with this “journalist.”

Meantime, David Letterman, Jay Leno, etc. have made hay out of this unfortunate event. Jeannie Moss of CNN took to the streets of uptown Manhattan and asked passersby what they thought of Dhirgham al-Zaidi. One woman said that she wished that one of his shoes had connected. Another said that Bush was good at “Ducking, Because He Has Eight Years Of Ducking Questions Regarding His Administration.”

Moss asked a young child what she thought. From the mouth of a babe the young girl said, “You Don’t Do That To The President Of The United States.”

A child of about ten or eleven gets it, but not adults. The Presidency does not belong to George Bush. It is a seat of reverence that represents the longest democracy in history. When al-Zaidi threw his shoes at our President, he was also insulting every American here and abroad!

You might not like Barack Hussein-Obama. However, when he is sworn in as the forty-fourth President on January 20, 2009, he will be “America’s President.” This is why the Chief Executive is called, “The President Of The United States.”

I get it! The liberals and socialists in this country, “Literally” hate George Bush. But, these truncated freedom haters, despises anyone who does not share their warped view of how this country should be shaped. This is why I detest these people with everything that is in me. And, forget the nonsense of trying to talk to these people. They are only happy when you endorse everything that they stand for. This is their definition of a democracy.

As I see it, these people are nothing but a bunch of thumb sucking, whining, linguine spined cowards. Each day, I thank God for the good men and women who make up our military, because if we had to depend on people like Barack Hussein-Obama, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Chuck Shumer, Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, or Wolf Blitzer to pick up a rifle to defend this country, we would be in sad shape!

Hussein-Obama is about to get his wake up call. There are a number of hot spots in the world that are close to becoming powder kegs. He talked a good game during the primaries and the run for the presidency. On January 20th, “The Rubber Will Meet The Road.” If this guy thinks that he can “Talk His Way Out Of Eschewing Ever Using Our Military,” he is in for a big surprise!

Meantime, word is that the Iraqi security people gave this guy Dhirgham al-Zaidi a real good ass “Whupping.” If you think that I’m torn up over that, “Brother, Do You Have The Wrong Guy.”

It is like I said at the beginning, this guy would be dead today, if he ever “Dreamed” of throwing a shoe at Saddam Hussein. Al-Zaidi shows his appreciation for his freedom by insulting our President, and the American people. Yet, the liberals and socialists in this country hail this moron like a “National Hero.”

Hey, I’m not surprised.

Al-Zaidi reportedly will go on trial next week for attacking our President. He faces seven to fifteen years in an “Iraqi Prison.” Human Rights groups can scream until they are blue in the face. They aren’t dealing with Americans who will “Fold Like A Cheap Wallet,” whenever these socialists start making demands.

They will be dealing with a people who have seen what “Jack Booted Thugs” can do: And the Iraqis couldn’t care less about International Human Rights groups, especially the ones who are determined to dictate policy to a sovereign government.

In the wake of this shameful incident, especially the obtuse reaction from the American public, I was left wondering, “Would The Liberals And Socialists In This Country Have Reacted The Same Way Had Someone Thrown A Shoe At Their Messiah?”

Although I am not looking forward to something like this happening, my hypothesis might someday be tested.

Let’s see how many sophomoric jokes will be made against the office of the President of The United States of America by the socialists press, Jay Leno, David Letterman and so on!

Dr. Forest Lewis is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Dec 18, 08
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