Getting Out the Vote, Democrat Style
By Barbara Anderson on (Dec 17, 08)

Through its push for voter registration Democrats have used groups of dubious honesty. Chicago has been targeted for investigations, more specifically ACORN, for tactics in signing up potential voters. This article was originally written on October 26, 2006, and has been updated on December 17, 2008. Nothing much has changed, except that the shady politicians are getting bolder…

One activity that arouses suspicion is the push for voter registration. It doesn’t seem to matter to Democrats if the voters turn out to be fraudulent. The history of the Democrat party in this regard is scandalous. As far back as before the John F. Kennedy run for the presidency, the city of Chicago was known for its fraud. The city was run by Democrats and used a reward system for voting Democrat. The sly joke was that you could be a dog, dead, minor, or non-citizen, as long as you voted Democrat. In the 1960 presidential election, Chicago provided the winning votes for Kennedy. “Old Joe”, as JFK’s father was called, stated that he didn’t mind spending his money for votes, but he didn’t want to pay for a landslide. There was enough proof of fraud that Nixon’s supporters urged him to contest the election. Nixon, showing some sensibility for the stability of the country, declined, saying that he didn’t want to put the country through that process.

A revealing book by David Schippers, Chief Investigative Counsel for the Clinton Impeachment, is titled “Sell Out”. While investigating possible reasons for impeachment, Schippers came across a reason he hadn’t anticipated, the Clinton-led practice of fraudulently signing up potential voters. Schippers writes that by the time his crew came to the subject, the General Accounting Office and congressional committees had indicated that Clinton’s White House had used the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to further its political agenda.

During the 1996 presidential campaign the White House pressured the INS to expedite its “Citizenship USA” program. The states with the biggest payoff were those that the INS concentrated on: California, Illinois, New York, Florida, New Jersey and Texas. Those states represented a combined 181 electoral votes. Only 89 more would have been needed to win the election.

Pressure began to be applied on the various government entities that were involved in investigating and passing on new citizens. In early 1996 different people in the Clinton administration were exerting pressure on the INS. Vice President Gore had been put in charge of this endeavor and he was carrying the ball. Because of the hurry-up directive, shortcuts were taken in the process that usually take months to complete. One of the most important safeguards is the checking of fingerprints. This was speeded up as well as other checks. Schippers concluded that “What the United States got is undeniable”…and lists “more than 75,000 new citizens who had arrest records when they applied, an additional 115,000 citizens whose fingerprints were unclassifiable for various technical reasons and were never resubmitted, and another 61,000 people who were given citizenship with no fingerprints at all”.

Democrats have not shown a reform streak when it comes to breaking the rules and they live by the motto “The end justifies the means”. They are willing to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who have broken several laws by sneaking into the country, living here, working here, and most likely using fraudulent documents to get and hold a job. If these illegal aliens are amnestied, they will be legally eligible to vote. Democrats feel these are sure votes for their party. In massive demonstrations earlier this year, Latinos demonstrated potential political clout, even though many of them were not legally in this country. “The key is getting Hispanic voters out to vote”, according to Democratic Party president Howard Dean………”If we do that, I think we all see a Democratic Congress, and then I think you’ll see a comprehensive immigration reform” Dean remarked recently. Dean used the code word “comprehensive”, which means amnesty and full citizen benefits for all illegal aliens.

One of the questionable groups aiding and abetting the Democrat push to sign up voters is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now”, or ACORN. This group has been investigated in several states, among them Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The latest report comes from St. Louis, Missouri, where, according to an article by Jim Kouri, …..”Election Board officials say they’ve discovered at least 1,492 ‘potentially fraudulent’ voter registration cards…including three from dead people and one from a 16-year-old……” Kouri concludes that…..”the majority of those ‘potentially fraudulent’ voter cards came from the left-wing ‘get out the vote’ group ACORN”. In Missouri, Brian Mellor, ACORN’s election counsel, says workers he hires earn $8 an hour to register voters. Where does ACORN get money to do this?

One source of income is from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. The CCHD solicits money from Catholics in the pews. However, as its soliciting brochures casually mention, it is not really Catholic in that it serves all races, religions, etc. Nonetheless, ACORN has been one of the largest “grantees” of CCHD. The money going to groups such as ACORN does not provide direct services to relieve suffering of the poor, but finances pressure groups that are political in nature. Most Catholics have no idea they are supporting a powerful political action group.that is working for causes they would not support if they knew it.

Another politically active group that was used to shove the applications through in 1996 was the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). A memo forwarded to President Clinton from the California Active Citizenship Campaign (ACC), complained of a backlog of alien applications for naturalization in Los Angeles, according to David Schippers. The memo complained that “INS inaction (on the backlog) will deny 300,000 Latinos the right to vote in the 1996 presidential elections (sic) in California“. Schippers writes “The memo outlined the services that the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) in Los Angeles could provide. The IAF offered thousands of volunteers to help process voter applications, register thousands of new voters, conduct 5,000 house meetings, encourage voting by mail, and get more than 50,000 occasional voters out to vote in the presidential election.”

The Industrial Areas Foundation has interesting history. It was founded in Chicago by Saul Alinsky, who claimed to be socialist, but not communist. His ideas were definitely radically socialist. Working with him was a young Hillary Rodham. He offered her a job, but she decided instead to go to Yale Law School. There has been speculation about how a Republican Hillary could become so radically liberal. Perhaps her relationship with Alinsky explains it. Alinsky was very good at organizing and bringing people into his orbit. An influential book was “Reveille for Radicals”. In another book, “Rules for Radicals”, Alinsky states “An organizer working for change….does not have a fixed truth - truth to him is relative and changing”. (pages 10-11).

All of his books were dedicated to Satan.

We have seen Democrats organizing get out the vote efforts in cities with large populations of Latinos, such as Los Angeles. Their tools have been updated, but their methods and morals have not.

Barbara Anderson is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By Barbara Anderson on Dec 17, 08
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