Queen Trumps King
By Larry Wilke on (Dec 17, 08)

In the amazing world of New York politics, a new debutante/dilettante/tyro will be throwing their hat into the senatorial ring.  Caroline Kennedy, with nothing more to add to the politics of New York other than her last name and the liberal provenance that it brings with it, wants the Senate seat once occupied by another political Lilliputian.  From a carpetbagger to a sandbagger..  At least the Senate seat will be well broken in if Princess Caroline makes her move…

It would seem that “tangible political experience” is of no importance in the state of New York.  Like Hillary, Kennedy has not held a full time job in years.  Hillary, who had no idea that Bill was: decorating the blue dresses of cherubic interns and then later shilling for the country of Dubai, will now be in charge of “foreign affairs” when she couldn’t even keep track of Bill’s “domestic affairs”..  Her insignificant body of work in the Senate is almost as impressive as the incoming President from the state of Illinois.  The politics of racial recognition on the left are now morphing into the politics of name recognition.  Those with “experience” need not apply..

A few months back, another prominent New Yorker, Geraldine Ferraro said that Barack Obama wouldn’t be where he was were it not for his race.  Now the state of New York, not known for its intellectual perspicacity inside of the voting booth, will be taking on another political opportunist based solely upon the surname and the ridiculously toothy grin that goes along with it.

Back in 2002, Caroline was tasked with awesome responsibility of “trying to get New Yorkers involved in the schools in meaningful ways..” Taking a page from her political mentor Hillary, Kennedy took a salary of one dollar a year, probably because that allowed her to pass on filling out the pesky “financial disclosure forms”, which she therefore did.  By August of 2004, she had managed to “raise” more than seventy million dollars for an “academy to train reform-minded principals.” I believe that “reform” is the equivalent of “change” and that seventy million dollars hasn’t “changed” the New York schools position in the lowest echelon as far as performance standards goes.  Another perfect fit for the Obama “Charade of Change” circa 2009..  More on that a little later..

Like her predecessor, she has no experience but she is unquestionably an “insider”.  Those who weren’t mesmerized by this year’s tripe of “change” understand that “change” now means “the children of politicians past” or better yet: nepotism..

Her “experience” seems to consist of sitting on a number of “nonprofit (the mother of all oxymorons..) boards”.  To name just a few, she sat on the American Ballet Theatre, the Commission on Presidential Debates and the JFK Library Foundation.  Based on that, I will conclude that she believes that: anyone who can pirouette is OK, (Barney Frank is in then.) she chose such “impartial” media wonks as Jim Lehrer to “moderate” the debates and she knows how the Dewey Decimal System works.. 

Most recently her name appeared in the Democratic Vice Presidential search team.  She apparently amazed folks like Representative Joe Baca, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, who was hypnotized by her asking of such probing questions as, “Who? Why?” and even “How come?” Representative Baca doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that these types of insightful detail laden questions are the ones frequently asked by those with no experience or by unruly three year olds..  Baca added that, “She did most of the talking..” You will note that he did not say that “she had most of the answers”, or that “she added most of the important and relevant details”, she just filled the room with adjectives and pronouns..

All anyone can speak of is her being “down to earth.” For example, she carries “sensible shoes” in her bag for the walk home from the Tavern on the Green, a VERY “down to earth” New York establishment, (I will wager that it is a place that Bill likes to frequent, the Tavern on the Green just settled a sexual harassment lawsuit for over two million dollars..) she does not use her “gatekeeper the way so many not-so-famous people do” (how many down to earth-ers in your social circle have “gatekeepers”..) and she loves to play “Running Charades”.  For those who don’t know, “Running Charades” involves dashing around the room after acting out a series of charades for your team.  This must have been the red flag on the resume of Caroline Kennedy because not only was the Obama campaign an endless series of “Running Charades”, “Running Charades” will undoubtedly be what the typical Obama cabinet meeting will look like..

Caroline contacted New York governor David Paterson and inquired about the Senate seat during a “political event.” Paterson said, “She’d like at some point to sit down and let me know what her qualifications are.” As of late, what have “qualifications” had to do with the idea of being either elected or appointed?  With Hillary as your New York template and Barack Obama as your national barometer, qualifications or experience are absolutely inconsequential. 

This announcement came as Congressman Peter King (actual political experience.) said that “I don’t believe that anybody has a hereditary right to a Senate seat from New York State..” It seems that “entitlements” in the state of New York have gone beyond the handing out of ill gotten “benefits” to mendicants to the “benefits” of the “entitlements” of being a Kennedy..

Caroline apparently has the permission of Al $harpton who said that she had called him by phone.  $harpton, sensing a paycheck in the air said, “What Peter King said about Caroline Kennedy is what they said about Hillary Clinton.  That’s the one she’d be replacing, right?” Al, what “they said” was right and what Peter King said was right..

Even the “man on the street” interviews are all aglow with rapt reminiscing about “Camalot”. Lennette Blackshear of Tremont New York said, “I think she will be good if she follows in her Dad’s footsteps..” If I may interject just ONE moment of Kennedy history for both Al and Lennette, her Dad and his brother thought that it was a swell idea to not only wiretap but to have FBI surveillance on Dr. Martin Luther King.  This is just one of the “footsteps” that are always being conveniently swept under the “Camelot” rug.  Caroline may not use her gatekeeper but if she drives like her uncle, she had better consider using the chauffeur..

As far as the Senate seat goes and unfortunately for the citizens of New York state, the new Queen will trump the King, if she decides that she actually needs a job paying her more than a dollar a year..

By Larry Wilke on Dec 17, 08
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