Proof That The U.S. Military Will Never Win Another War
By Dave Gibson on (Dec 17, 08)

For the last six years, Jesse Nieto went to work at Camp Lejeune, N.C., in his car which displays a bumper sticker which reads: “Islam = terrorism.” Another sticker shows the cartoon figure known as Calvin urinating on an Arab. Yet another states: “Disgrace my flag, and I will S**T on your Quran.”

A few months ago, Camp Lejune officials informed Nieto that he would either have to remove the stickers from his vehicle, or stop coming onto the base. In fact, Lt. Col. James Hessen, the base magistrate and traffic court officer, told Nieto that not only could he no longer drive with the stickers on his car on Camp Lejune, but he could not drive onto any federal installation with the stickers.

Nieto has filed a federal lawsuit, claiming that his free speech has been violated.

Nieto’s son was a sailor killed in the 2000 USS Cole attack. Petty Officer 2nd Class Marc Ian Nieto was a 24 year old engineman, when Muslim terrorists rammed a small boat filled with explosives into the hull of the Cole, as it was anchored off the coast of Yemen.

Camp Lejune spokesman, Maj. Nat Fahy, said recently “denigrated an entire religion based on the actions of a few who purportedly acted in the name of Islam.”

The United States military has saved the world from the Nazis, Japanese imperialism, confronted god-less communists on far-away shores, and ousted the evil Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. Our military was once regarded as the finest in the world and were feared by thuggish dictators the world over. Now however, thanks to cowardly politicians and political generals, the ferocious nature of our military is becoming a distant memory.

In addition to the usual acts of sedition performed by the American press, we have been bombarded daily with examples of treason by our own Congressmen. The hatred of our military is now palpable from the halls of Congress to the White House.

On May 2006, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) held a press conference to announce that Marines in Iraq had “killed innocent civilians in cold blood.” While Time magazine was the first to report on the now infamous Haditha incident and even published the biased claims of an Iraqi civil rights group, Congressman Murtha went even farther than the liberal publication by saying: “It’s much worse than was reported by Time magazine.” Murtha went on to claim that there were “about twice as many” civilians killed than as reported by Time.

Congressman Murtha was himself a Marine and brags about the fact that his great-grandfather was a Civil War soldier and his father served in World War II. However, he seems to have forgotten his loyalty to the military and has joined the subversive cabal which now seems to be gaining strength in the U.S. Congress.

Of course, all of the Marines were eventually exonerated of the charges, but their lives were devastated in the process. Not surprisingly, Rep. Murtha never offered an apology to the brave Marines he so

As of the penning of this article, many U.S. Senators have now urged the White House to bring to trial the Marines accused of killing 24 Iraqis in Haditha. Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Sen. John Warner (R-VA) even wrote a letter to Donald Rumsfeld in which he expressed his concerns over the Haditha incident. In the letter Warner said: “United States relations around the world, ongoing military operations, diplomatic initiatives, and the struggle of the Iraqi government” as reasons to bring the accused Marines to justice quickly. It is worth noting that however, Senator Warner did not express any great concern that the U.S. Marines receive a fair trial.

Even President Bush, who sent the accused Marines into combat publicly damned these brave soldiers. However, this is not the first time our useless commander in chief has abandoned his own troops. Remember Marine Lt. Ilario Pantano? Bush left that brave Marine swinging in the wind to face an Article 32 hearing in which he could have faced the death penalty...All for simply doing his job!

Of course, all of the Marines were eventually exonerated of the charges, but their lives were devastated in the process. Not surprisingly, Rep. Murtha never offered an apology to the brave Marines he so brazenly maligned.

In 2006, Pentagon ordered our troops in Iraq to undergo so-called ‘ethics training’. Maj. General William Caldwell announced that the training would focus on “values and looking at the legal, moral and ethical standards that every one of us in uniform here, as guests of the Iraqi government, need to adhere to.” Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Michael Hagee cautioned troops in the combat zone about becoming “indifferent to the loss of a human life.”

Recently, the Pentagon issued an order which bans the use of terms such as “Muslim terrorism” or “Islamo Fascists”

In Contrast, during World War II, Adm. Bill Halsey placed a large bulletin board on a hill in the Solomon Islands which read: “Kill Japs, Kill Japs, Kill More Japs!” He did so to inspire the crews of American warships heading into battle with the Japanese fleet.

Of course, we won World War II in less than four years, while we have been in Afghanistan for seven, and Iraq for more than five, with no end in sight for either. However, our grandparents were not hampered with political correctness.

It is not surprising that our spineless politicians have turned their backs on troops fighting in an unpopular war. Despite the fact that the politicians sent these brave men into battle, the oligarchy in Washington can no longer be bothered with the lives of combat soldiers. It is somewhat surprising though that our military leaders are now abandoning this nation’s warrior past.

Can you imagine Gen. Douglas MacArthur or Gen. George Patton ordering their troops to undergo ‘ethics training’? The troops that those men commanded fought the brutal troops of imperial Japan and the evil Nazis of Hitler’s Germany respectively. Today, our troops are fighting Muslim thugs who believe that they are fulfilling some sort of religious command by beheading anyone who craves freedom. Is the enemy our troops face today any less evil than that which our parents and grandparents faced?

I am reminded of the way in which the Clinton administration viewed and treated the military. Clinton attempted to gut the military at every turn and along with his wife and Rep. Pat Schroeder (D-CO) tried to remake the military into a camouflaged version of the Peace Corps. The U.S. military was emasculated under the Clinton regime and the criminals of the Third World knew it! The 9/11 attacks was a direct result of the neutering of our troops. Bin Laden came to view the U.S. military as a pitiful giant, now diseased and dying from the virus known as political correctness...You see our enemies are not hampered by such frivolities as ‘ethics training.’

As the gutless in Washington join the seditious media, the Islamo fascists are constantly emboldened. While our enemy espouses the views of the seventh century, they monitor the very modern western news agencies. How do you think they feel when they see U.S. Congressmen condemning their own troops?

We have become so emasculated that we are no longer allowed to have bumper stickers on our private property which may be offensive to the enemy, an enemy notorious for killing women, children, and even decapitating their victims.

We have a half-brained president directing a half-hearted war, treasonous Congressmen, and emasculated generals. If we do not revert to our heroic past and allow our soldiers to act as soldiers (to kill people and break things)...We will not only lose this war but we shall never know victory again.

All of this may explain why after only seven years after the 9/11 attacks, we have a President-Elect named Hussein.

By Dave Gibson on Dec 17, 08
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