Supporting Evil Cannot Be Tolerated
By Kevin Roeten on (Dec 17, 08)

Toleration of acts that may not be well-liked can be commendable at times. Toleration of what one knows is pure evil can never be tolerated. Only 46% of the Catholic vote went to the McCain ticket this last presidential election. The rest went to Obama, who is known to vote for every bill promoting abortion that exists…

Maybe all Catholics didn’t get the message that there is a major hierarchy of issues that face Americans. The past election was the perfect time to put that priority into practice. But 54% of Catholics did not.

The highest priority is “life”. Catholics should firmly believe that from conception unto death, “life” is of utmost importance. Even the Declaration of Independence lists it as the highest of three known rights given to every human on earth. Yet 54% of Catholics believed life really didn’t matter, didn’t start at conception, or at the very minimum was on the same level of every other domestic issue.

One has to realize that without life, there can be no poverty, no racial prejudice, no injustice, or no inequality of life. Without life, there is no other issue. Even worse, some alleged Catholic media actually ignored common sense employed by the existing administration, touted Obama’s expertise, and downplayed Obama’s disrespect for life.

Even some secondary issues, albeit important, were skewed beyond recognition. In pressing the Gospel’s teaching on reconciliation and peace, they called for an immediate pullout of Iraq. They failed to understand the definition of a “just war”, that terrorists plan to continue killing until their demands are met, and America will pull out as soon as Iraq can stand by itself against terrorism.

Regretfully, they fail to recognize that the Americans did uncover 550 metric tons of uranium in 2003, which Hussein did plan on using for WMDs, and for upgrading his nuclear capabilities. The uranium material had been found housed at a former Iraqi nuclear complex twelve miles from Baghdad.

Obama cannot have all nuclear missiles removed from “hair trigger” alert as he says. What so many don’t understand is a ballistic missile defense (BMD---planned to be stopped by Obama), will actually make missile attacks obsolete. No one would be killed by a rogue missile attack, or even a planned attack by a foreign nation. Lack of killing is big with the Catholic agenda. In fact, other nations such as Poland and Japan want BMD so badly they are willing to pay to be included in this nuclear umbrella.

Somebody needs to tell this media that current minimum wage requirements closely adhere to Catholic Church teaching concerning a workers right to fair compensation. Additional increases do not adhere to Church teaching because they almost always result in additional unemployment.

Another fact lost is there are not 44 million purposely uninsured Americans existing today. In that gross total are those who simply don’t want to be insured, young people who feel they don’t need to be insured and illegal aliens who shouldn’t be federally insured. All those make up the vast majority of that 44 million.

Currently, the Obama campaign has taken in $500 million (Moran/American Thinker) including many foreign donations. But in 2006 alone, the US paid out almost $425 million to the UN, most of which is foreign aid. By far, the US donation is the highest of any country.

As soon as Obama is inaugurated, he said he will likely sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). It clearly states that every woman has the right to terminate her pregnancy. He is against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA), which does not allow infants to be killed after surviving a botched abortion. Doing some quick calculations, (Bowman/LifeNews) states that at least 125,000 more abortions will be allowed under FOCA, in addition to the 1.3 million killed every year because of Roe.

A very recent conference of Kansas Catholic bishops made it clear that Catholics would “commit moral evil” by voting for a candidate who embraces abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, or same-sex marriage. Unbelievably, Obama has embraced all five of those issues—prominently called the “5 non-negotiables”. Most Catholics, the Vatican, the pope, the USCCB—all state that these acts are intrinsically evil--evil in and of themselves, regardless of our motives and circumstances.

How can the majority of Catholics say they are actually Catholic if they vote for someone who commits a moral evil in almost everything he does? Fortunately, anybody in poor standing with the Catholic Church is readily welcomed with a good confession and a sound reconciliation of an all important vote.  If you’re really Catholic, you will actually walk the walk, instead of just talking the talk.

By Kevin Roeten on Dec 17, 08
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