Day Without Pay Angst Dooms "Day Without a Gay" Fiasco
By John Lillpop on (Dec 12, 08)

Gay activists had hoped to sock it to America right where it hurts the most: In the wallet!

Which is why liberal air heads designated December 10 as a national “day without a gay,” when gays and lesbians from sea to shining sea were supposed to call in sick, refuse to shop or eat out, and otherwise show just how their massive absence would devastate America.

Unfortunately for same sex proponents, the much-touted show of gay power was a complete and utter failure, even in the Queen City of the world, San Francisco.

The dismal failure begs the question: Whatever happened to the energy and passion that activists flaunted after Proposition 8?

Where were the angry protesters who picketed outside Mormon chapels and temples and threatened violence against those with the temerity to vote in a manner not consistent with the gay agenda?

From the San Francisco Chronicle this report, in part***:

“Several gay and lesbian people said they couldn’t afford to take the day off, particularly in a tightening economy where many are concerned about their jobs. And in the Castro district, business owners were livid that people were encouraged to not shop during the holidays, a peak time for retailers.”

In effect, then, a day without pay was more important to gays than a silly “Day Without a Gay,” especially during a major economic downturn.

Which reminds one of the “Day without an Illegal Alien” idiocy from a couple of years ago. That event was supposed to shut down California until someone reminded Hispanic organizers that students not in the class room would cost state and local governments plenty of dinero from the federal government!

All of which proves that the almighty dollar is still king, even among queens and invading criminals!


John W. Lillpop is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By John Lillpop on Dec 12, 08
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