Part III: The Mexican Drug Cartel is Now Operating in the U.S.
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Dec 12, 08)

It is worth billions and billions of dollars each year, the Mexican illicit drug market. Thousands of people have died in less than two years, yet I am willing to go out on a limb and say that most Americans are unaware of the plethora of death squads that are operating in Mexico at this very moment!

We can thank our “Chicken Hearted Broadcast Media” for failing to keep Americans posted on this deadly virus. There is no one titular head of the Mexican drug cartel. There are myriad groups fighting one another; the police and military, to see who will control the lion’s share of this lucrative gold mine. These people deal in cocaine, heroin, methamphethamine, marijuana, etc. It’s customers are primarily “Americans.”

The Mexican drug cartel is so powerful that there are some who say that the entire country of Mexico could fall into the hands of these criminals. They have demonstrated over the years that they have “No Fear Of The Police Or Military.”

Not only do they have the manpower to back up their deadly threats, they also have the sophisticated weaponry to deliver good on their messages of death!

Case in point, on Tuesday evening of this week, a senior Mexico City police commander was gunned down as he attempted to exit his motor vehicle. Victor Hugo Moneda was the man in charge of raids on drug dealer strongholds in the gang infested Tepito neighborhood of Mexico City. He did not survive a hail of well placed bullets. This is not the first time that these brazen killers have gone after top Mexican law enforcement officials.

In August of this year, Leorenzo de la Torre Torres, a deputy police chief of Neuvo Casas Grades, Mexico, was struck with no less than “Twenty Bullets” from the guns of would be assassins, Torres was initially airlifted to a hospital in Ciudad Juarez. The hospital couldn’t provide the type of emergency care that Torres and his boss, who was slightly wounded during a wild car chase, which included hundreds of bullets flying through the air. The pair was taken by ambulance to the El Paso Thomason Hospital, located across the border in our country.

Torres was treated for two weeks at Thomason Hospital. During his stay, his room was an armed camp, with guards posted outside his door armed with semiautomatic rifles and wearing bullet proof vests. There was only one way that visitors could enter the hospital--and they had to go through a metal detector.

According to, this was not the first time that this public “American Hospital” had been locked down in order to treat a gunshot victim from Mexico. The newspaper says the hospital has treated twenty-eight people who were shot up in Mexico; nineteen were U.S. citizens, or those with dual citizenships; and the others were granted permission to enter our country for treatment.

El Paso residents aren’t happy that their hospital is being used to treat foreigners. However, federal law mandates that the hospital “Must Provide Treatment.” Meantime, the country of Mexico has paid the hospital for the treatment of only “One Of Its Officers”; and made partial payment for one other official. Taxpayers will more than likely get the shaft; and bear the brunt of the remaining debt accrued for the medical treatment given to El Paso’s “Guests.”

The sheriff of El Paso, Santiago “Jimmy” Apodaca, didn’t seem to be concerned about the Mexican cartels invading his city:

“Those people (Hit Men) down there know who they’re after, and they know how to get them”

While Apodaca is opitimistic that the cartels will not enter El Paso, maybe he should be on the horn to the feds. WWW.ALIPACUS.COM reports that U.S. federal officials have gone on records as saying that:

“For years, Mexican drug cartels are operating in dozens of US cities, and have consolidated their control of the entire corridor of the supply chain of illegal drugs from deep in Mexico north to the U.S. border and beyond”

As of this writing, the Mexican drug cartels are the kingpins of the following drugs in this country:

* Cocaine
* Heroin
* Methamphetamines
* Marijuana

Reports also say the cartels are the only distributors positioned at this point to take over the illicit drug market in America’s Southeast. These same reports also say the powerful/deadly cartels wield the most power in the Southwestern part of this country as well!

Conservative radio and television personality, Glenn Beck declared, “Atlanta, Georgia Has Become The Latest Battleground For Mexican Drug Cartels.” Beck interviewed Georgina Sanchez, an independent consultant, located in Mexico:

“Their idea is to control the whole economic process of production and distribution. In many areas of the United States, the cartels have entered into partnerships with local gangs, in others they have directly assumed control of local drug distribution”

In Gwinnet County, Georgia, police report they have had nine drug-related kidnappings this year. Earlier this year, DEA agents raided a home in Gwinnet County. Once inside, they slapped the cuffs on three “Illegal Aliens, All From Mexico.” Agents charged the men with kidnapping and conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Authorities say they found a person bound and chained to a basement wall. The man had been held and beaten for almost a week. Police say these thugs were trying to collect $300,000 owed them from a drug debt!

Fred Burton is the vice president for counterterrorism at Straford: This is an Austin, Texas private intelligence firm:

“The violence in (American) cities has a direct cause and effect related to what is taking place in Mexico. the further north you go from the border, the less that is understood”

The socialists press isn’t telling you this. But, the biggest worry for some law enforcement officials is that the cartels will bring to this country, their violent modalities, mastered after battling other drug smugglers, police and military over the years.

One would think that you were in Iraq after reading this next quote taken from

“In recent years, Mexican drug violence has reached new heights, with beheadings, videotaped executions broadcast on the internet, and the targeting and killings of top Mexican law enforcement officials”

If you think that beheadings are only taking place in Mexico, think again. A young Florida girl lost her life to drug smugglers this year. Police say she was raped--and beheaded by Mexican drug traffickers.

Mr. Beck also spoke with DEA agent, Rodney Benson. He is the Special Agent-in Charge of the Atlanta Field Division of the DEA:

“We’re facing a very--it’s a challenge for us. They’re (Mexican Drug Cartels) getting more sophisticated. They’re absolutely armed to the teeth; AK-47’s and other weapons”

With all of this potential violence on the horizon, the gungrabbers only solution is to, “Disarm Legal Americans.” These people, and this includes, “Our President-Elect, Barrack Hussein-Obama And Vice-President-Elect Joe Biden, Will Never Get It.”

But, Obama is a socialist; and he needs an unarmed people in order to implement his Moscow type programs! I know that the vast majority of Americans are presently in love with this guy. Let’s wait and see how they feel about “The Messiah” in another year or two; or when they can see up close and personal, the dangerous programs that he will present to the American people!

In the meantime, there is more to report on regarding Mexico’s drug cartels, however, I have put forth an honest effort to give to you more than the rudiments of these ruthless goons.

It is up to you to be proactive in staying abreast of what these sub-humans are doing. You might also want to keep a sharp eye on Hussein-Obama and his people in the Congress.

They are hell bent on making you a, “Ward Of The State--And Rewriting The 2nd Amendment.”

Dr. Forest Lewis is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Dec 12, 08
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