Why Can't Blagojevich Sell a Senate Seat?
By JB Williams on (Dec 10, 08)

What are corrupt Chicago buddies and political offices for if you can’t profit by them? Mayor Daley established this rule of Chicago politics long ago, didn’t he?

Unfettered leftist control of the United States cost Obama a mere $700 million in highly suspect campaign contribution from undisclosed foreign donors. Obama’s old senate seat won’t bring in that kind of cash, but it’s worth something. Right?

The AP reports, Ill. Gov. arrested in Obama successor probe. For what? Just trying to cash in on appointing Obama’s senate replacement? Since when is private profiteering from political corruption a crime in Democratic politics, especially in Chicago?

FBI investigators allege that Chicago is “the most corrupt system in American politics.” No – duh!

Have they looked at how Obama won his Chicago congressional seat, his U.S. Senate seat or the White House by using the well-oiled Chicago Machine to eliminate all of his opponents?

Come on folks!

You were warned repeatedly about the long history of deep Chicago style political corruption at the epicenter of Obama’s entire adult life. He was groomed for years by people like Williams Ayers, Reverend Wright, Jesse Jackson, Tony Rezko, and Mayor Daley’s Chicago Machine, including Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. 

You said it didn’t matter.…

The list of unanswered Obama questions is endless. 

* Why so many ill-advised associates for so many years?
* Why are you spending a million dollars in legal fees to avoid showing a birth certificate?
* Who is Dr. Khalid al-Mansour (aka Donald Warden) and why was he raising money for your Harvard education?
* Why have you refused to release your college records at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard?
* Why won’t you release a full list of donors responsible for more than $200 million in overseas campaign contributions?
* How did you pay for college with no job and no record of student loans on your tax returns?

I can keep going for a few pages, but you get the point.

Is Blagojevich just a fall guy to keep everyone too busy to ask the kingpin of Chicago political power any serious questions before his international crowning on January 20th?

Chicago Machine Goes to Washington DC

“Blagojevich also was charged with illegally threatening to withhold state assistance to Tribune Co., the owner of the Chicago Tribune, in the sale of Wrigley Field, according to a federal criminal complaint. In return for state assistance, Blagojevich allegedly wanted members of the paper’s editorial board who had been critical of him fired.” From the AP Story

Imagine that! Threatening the mainstream news media in an overt effort to manipulate favorable media coverage of the Chicago Machine? Where have we heard this story before?

Don’t worry; this kind of thing won’t be necessary once the “Fairness Doctrine” is in place.

Get real… The Chicago Machine is about to march into unfettered and unchecked left-wing power in Washington DC. 

Exactly what kinds of “change” did you expect these people to bring again?

Need I remind you that Blagojevich was elected as a “change agent” to clean up the Chicago political sewer? It is Obama’s senate seat we are discussing here, ya know… Obama spin doctors are out in force trying to distance the messiah-elect from the current crap storm back home. But Chicago political corruption is not only systemic within the Democrat Party and the Obama campaign, its world renowned…

This is just the beginning. As the Chicago Machine rolls into Washington DC, “change” is here! How do you like it so far?

By JB Williams on Dec 10, 08
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