FactCheck.org Good Enough for the Supreme Court and MSM; Why Not You?
By JB Williams on (Dec 09, 08)

Once again, the United States Supreme Court has decided that Article II—Section I of the Constitution, which establishes very specific eligibility requirements for anyone seeking the office of President, has no meaning in 2008. As reported by the Washington Post, the Supreme Court Declines to Hear Obama Nationality Case. They forgot to say, again…

As the Post points out, “The Supreme Court this morning unceremoniously declined to hear an emergency appeal from a man who claimed President-elect Barack Obama is not qualified for the presidency because he is not a “natural-born” citizen.”

Despite numerous cases filed in numerous courts across the country, some of which include sworn affidavits from Obama family members who swear he was born in Kenya, the fact that numerous well respected forgery experts have claimed that the COLB posted on Obama’s web-site is a fraud, the fact that Obama by his own accounts, was a citizen of Indonesia under the name Barry Soetoro and traveled on an Indonesian passport until the age of 21, while at Occidental College, the high court sees no reason to doubt his eligibility for the highest office in the land…

Apparently, the court read the “investigative report” issued by FactCheck.org without noting that FactCheck.org is a surrogate mouthpiece for the Obama campaign, owned by the same liberal Annenberg Foundation that groomed the young Obama through his ACORN community rabble-rousing days in Chicago, and funded his failed education venture, the Annenberg Challenge, with Obama partner William Ayers.

If FactCheck.org is good enough for the MSM and the Supreme Court, why isn’t it good enough for the average red blooded American who foolishly still thinks we are a nation of Constitutional Law?

Calling FactCheck.org an impartial gatekeeper of truth is like calling the ACLU an impartial defender of God given unalienable rights. The too things just don’t fit in the same sentence. Have you read the numerous left-wing books authored by FactCheck directors? Apparently not…

Yet, the high court is no longer the final arbiter of truth, justice and the American way. FactCheck.org is, and they have proclaimed, “FactCheck.org staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate,” the group writes. “We conclude that it meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship.… Obama was born in the U.S.A. just as he has always said.”

Well, there you have it! FactCheck has spoken!

Of course, they are not referring to the “original birth certificate,” which nobody has ever seen, but rather the COLB that has been torn to shreds by forgery experts since it was posted on the Obama campaign site. 

In my last column, Supreme Court to Uphold or Ignore the Constitution?, I lay out the very real reasons why the U.S. Supreme Court should have settled this matter before swearing Mr. Obama into office.

* After he is sworn into office, would be the worse possible time to find out that all of those “right-wing nuts” were right, and that he is not eligible for the office he seeks. It would void every decision he made while in office and cause a true constitutional crisis that would end in major upheaval across all branches of government and the nation.

* The nine member court that refused to properly resolve the issue before hand would now be a part of the massive effort to cover up the biggest story in American political history, and no longer a reliable source of remedy.

* Obama himself should not want such a massive cloud hanging over his administration when it could be so easily dealt with today.

The 2008 Constitutional Precedent is Set

As of 2008, not even the U.S. Supreme Court accepts responsibility for upholding fundamental constitutional text when it comes to verifying a candidate’s eligibility for office.

Much to the shock and dismay of many Americans, it seems that while the constitution is very clear about the Article II – Section I requirements for president, nothing is clear about who is responsible for making certain that candidates meet those requirements.

State Secretaries “validate” elections, but are in no way charged with “validating” the candidates.

The FEC, a useless co-partisan board of political flunkies is charged with making sure that candidates follow campaign finance laws, which they also didn’t do in this election. But they are in no way obligated to validate the eligibility of the candidates.

Now the Supreme Court has just told Americans that even they are not responsible for making certain that candidates are eligible for office under the U.S. Constitution… The alleged “final arbiters” of Constitutional Law want no part of making certain that political candidates meet constitutional requirements. That, we leave up to FactCheck.org apparently…

So, who is responsible?

According to all who have been thus far addressed, only the national committee of each political party is responsible for “vetting” and validating the constitutional requirements of their chosen candidates. That’s a bit like asking the fox to watch the henhouse, is it not?

Does anyone doubt that a party which is willing to ignore an unalienable right to life, individual liberty and the personal pursuit of happiness, for the cause of some “greater common good,” would also ignore Article II – Section I of a document they deem outdated and subjective to begin with?

We are talking about anointing a “messiah” here. We can’t let a little thing like the constitution stand in the way of making history, can we?

Hold on to Your Hat! 

Just in case you needed final proof that America has lost its lust for freedom and the rule of constitutional law, all doubts should be eliminated here.

It’s public knowledge that Barack Hussein Obama is the least qualified individual ever to seek national office. It’s well known that his name is Arab-Muslim, not African, American or Christian.

His many ill-advised associations, thick throughout his entire adult life, are well documented. 

His original birth certificate, his college records at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, all remain under lock and key. Don’t ask, don’t tell!

Over $200 million of his record $700 million campaign haul, came from unknown donors from unknown sources overseas, some of them likely enemies of the United States.

And as of today, the Supreme Court of the United States sees no need to weigh in on any of these well documented matters.

Can you imagine what is coming next? I can, and like our nations founders, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” Thomas Jefferson

The Constitution either means exactly what it says, or it means absolutely nothing at all. As of today, it means nothing at all…

Guess what follows? I have only one final question for my fellow Americans…

If Article II – Section I no longer applies, what parts of the Constitution do? Just Amendment XVI?

By JB Williams on Dec 09, 08
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