Islamist Terrorist admits Mumbai Attacks Racist as well as Ideological
By Sher Zieve on (Dec 07, 08)

Although the recent Mumbai terrorist attacks and slaughter of tourists and Indian citizens alike was perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, one might not know it from reading mainstream media reports.  With regards to the words “Islam” and “terrorist” the leftist media has just about eliminated any combination of the two in their reportage.  No surprise there as the world media tends - in large part - to be anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and pro-Islam; despite the reality that ongoing heinous terrorist attacks are perpetrated almost exclusively by Islam.  These are the reasons that it is curious that at least a portion of the media actually reported that the attacks on Mumbai hotels were racist as well as ideological.  Note:  We already know that Islam requires absolute and unquestioning submission to Allah as well as the obliteration of all other religions; especially - and specifically - Judaism and Christianity.

The only surviving Muslim terrorist - Azam Amir Kasav - from the recent Islamist committed carnage in India said that he was told by his leaders to seek and find Israelis and “white targets, preferably British and American” to butcher.  The number of deaths from bombings and gunning people down has been estimated as between 174 and 195.  In order to avoid his own demise, Kasav pretended to be dead and, after he was discovered alive, is said to have repeatedly whimpered “I don’t want to die!” After recovering from a wound to his hand, the newly emboldened Kasav - he was probably also given pain-killers for his minor ‘flesh wound’ - told police “I have no regrets.”

One has to wonder why only white people are now being targeted for extermination by at least this Islamic group.  Could it be that as multiple Islamic terrorist leaders - including Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Islamic terrorist group Hamas - supported Barack Hussein Obama for president of the United States of America that they are now making racial distinctions as to whom they will annihilate?  It certainly sounds like it.  Unfortunately, too many American voters didn’t seem to care about any and/or all of the US president-elect’s terrorist ties.  They also don’t seem to care that he is - more than likely - not even a natural-born US citizen.  And now we have Islamic terrorists advising that their targets are to be western “whites.” We truly live in interesting times.  Amazing.,22606,24736759-5006301,00.html,0,3315701.story

Ahmadinejad congratulates Obama:

Hamas supports Obama:

By Sher Zieve on Dec 07, 08
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