Pantsuit Moot
By Larry Wilke on (Aug 28, 08)

The deal is done, the fix is in and Old Red Nose couldn’t contain himself.  All must now be well within the aromatic liberal commune in Denver because the Queen of Tarts has said that it is so…

As they brayed and whinnied, the cathartic primal scream of the assembled harridans has now released Barack O’Carter to run for the office he is patently unqualified for.  O’Carter couldn’t make it to the speech as it was past his curfew, he was already in his Pol Pot pajamas and his chaperone had just read him his bed time story from “The Little Red Book.”

Just for old times sake, they decided to “pimp out” Chelsea one more time.  Oh well, at least she doesn’t look like Amy Carter, who during the “Malaise Days”, bore a striking resemblance a science experiment gone wrong, which on second thought, would have made her one of the most attractive gals in the room had she been in Denver last night.. 

Resplendent in her orange pantsuit, the Harpy of Hypocrisy mounted the stage in front of her strange looking and catatonic constituents.  During her introduction to her stem-winder, we were all told that she was a “proud mother”, a “proud Senator from New York” and a “proud Democrat.” She never got around to saying that she was a “proud wife”..

Unfortunately, she continued on with that dial tone, school librarian intonation vibrating within her corpulent cheeks.  May I point out just a few of the gems?

“The time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose..” That single purpose is the unleashing of the liberal ‘final solution” upon America.

“Parents balancing work and family..” This balance thing in the liberal subculture is defined as “the less you work, the bigger your family should be.”

“ suffer through more failed leadership.” That entire convention hall was brimming with “failed leadership.” Biden, Obama (absent with a note from his parents.) and Clinton just to name a few.  These are the members who are part of the governmental body that is supposed to “end suffering.” With the liberals it is all about “identifying suffering, then magnifying the suffering while spreading it around “equally” to everyone except the liberal caliphate, otherwise known as “the privileged few” within the Clinton lexicon.

“I will always be grateful to everyone from all 50 states..” Someone needs to get this information to Obama.  He must have been dozing off in geography class last semester when they asked, “True or false, the United States consists of 57 states..”

..”together we made history.” It is not the kind of history anyone would want to be remembered for.  Then again, Rodham is not your typical narcissist.  It’s the type of “history” reserved for people like Joseph Hazelwood, for example. 

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, lost jobs, houses gone, falling wages, rising prices..” Here we have the standard liberal lachrymose laundry list.  For the last eight years, the Democrats like Obama, Biden and Clinton have sat idly by and allowed things to disintegrate so horribly or in a number of cases, they have done the handy work themselves.

“..the promise of America..” Hillary views that promise to America with the same sincerity as Bill’s “promise” to her on their wedding day.

“green collar jobs..” In looking around the convention hall last night, all that I saw were brown collars.  The green collar was in Montana..

“..from ending discrimination..” You heard it here first, the liberals want to end affirmative action! 

“..his or her God given potential..” “God” in this case is the liberal government and its interpretations as to who is allowed to participate in the American Dream after all of the quotas and set asides are “fairly” implemented by the liberal discriminators.

“Were you in this campaign just for me..” I’ll complete that for her..  “BECAUSE I WAS.”

..”the problems of global warming by giving windfall profits to the oil companies..” Rodham conveniently forgets to mention the “windfall profits” raked in by the government due to the ridiculous amount of taxes (the liberal aphrodisiac) placed upon each gallon of gasoline.

“..on the strength and vitality of the middle class..” Every four years or so, the leftists prattle on about this “strength and vitality..” It is those times in between where they actively target the middle class with their tax manacles that makes me call the veracity of that humorously recurring statement into question.

For example: I have added the first two words, Rodham supplied the rest.  Dear Santa, “Just think of what America will be as we transform our economy, create millions of jobs, build a strong base for economic growth and shared prosperity, get middle class families the tax relief that they deserve..” “shared prosperity”?  (Communism) “tax relief” Aren’t the liberals the ones that want to remove the Bush tax cuts? 

Just how many outright lies and falsifications can the assembled Democrats absorb without bursting?  The MO’ASS (Mother Of All Socialist Sycophants) constantly squealed for health care for every living American.  The fifty or so references to “health care” is just her nauseating job application for the new “Health Care Collectivist” under the O’Carter administration.  That’s the “deal”.  Barack seems to be as smart as Bill was.  Let Hillary wreck the economy and the entire health care system that way SHE gets all the blame.  This appears to be the smartest move that Obama has made to date.

“..end the war in Iraq responsibly..” THAT is how they will slither out from their commitment to the “End it Now” cowards within the liberal sub culture.  One word gives them all the wiggle room necessary, the uber kooks just aren’t quick enough to pick up on it..

“..equal opportunity for all and the common good..” Does the Rodham “suspended” campaign still have to send royalty checks to who ever owns the rights to the Communist Manifesto? It’s probably another liberal so, sue her..

“ daughter got to vote for her mother for president..” And now she is going to be voting for McCain..

“So how do we give this country back to them?” With the left, it’s always about “giving” never “earning” anything.

“Think about the choices your parents and grandparents made..” Think about the fact that you are here because your parents didn’t sign on with the liberal “choices” involving rubber aprons, ice tongs and saline solutions..  Ponder this Rodham, you and your friends since 1973 have terminated at least ten million “potential” female voters.  That would have certainly put you over the top.  Don’t tell me about the “genocide” in Darfur when you so enthusiastically promote the genocide of abortion.  Mull that over as you take naps and drool on Chuck Schumer’s shoulder for the rest of your political life..

“Change”, eh?  What that means to the rest of us is if Barack O’Carter and Hans Weimann manage to steal the upcoming election, that’s all that you will have left on Friday afternoon when they get done with your paycheck..

At least now, Rodham can go back to the Senate where her complete ineptitude has led to this catastrophic economy that she was barking about.

The two charlatans that now head the ticket for the Hammer and Sickle Party are also members of the deliberative body that oversaw this “nationwide epidemic.” They did such a good job of staving off this economic disaster as Senators that they feel completely at ease asking for the right to run the whole candy store and a group of caterwauling inbred imbeciles in Denver don’t see any problem with that at all.. 

For good measure, since it proved so successful during her spontaneously combusting campaign, she trotted out the “thirty five years of experience” fantasy.  With the last ridiculous recitation of this “thirty five years” sophistry, couldn’t we just send off this insufferable political plague to the dustbin of “imaginary” history?

By Larry Wilke on Aug 28, 08
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