The Witless Projection Program
By Larry Wilke on (Aug 22, 08)

As the news of the latest Zogby poll hit the headlines today, Barack Obama, while campaigning in rural Virginia said that John McCain was running a dishonorable campaign that smacked of reckless “desperation”…

This imbecilic flailing immediately after the news of what amounts to a ten point swing for McCain in the polling, makes Obama the newest member of the liberal Democratic “Witless Projection” Program.  After the “Saddleback debate debacle” of the night before, just exactly who appears to be “desperate” here?

Someone needed to counter the McCain arguments that have been apparently quite successful as of late.  Obama did the manly thing, he sent his senior foreign policy advisor Susan Rice out to stick up for him.  Susan is a “senior” foreign policy advisor, so the choice was a good one for the know-nothing freshman Senator. 

If you aren’t familiar with Susan Rice, allow me.  She was the foreign policy aide to Michael Dukakis during his hilarious 1988 stumble-a-thon for the Presidency.  I hope it wasn’t her idea to have Dukakis put on that helmet and for him to then climb into that M1 Abrams tank at the General Dynamics plant.  The poor fellow looked altogether too much like Snoopy.  (Note to Obama: that is what happens when you try to appear to be something that you aren’t.  Just stick with being vacuous..) Obviously, Rice is familiar with losing on the national level and that is always handy for the Democrats who always need to have a bevy of good concession speechwriters around.  Under Bill Clinton she was the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs.  She might have better served the former President if she had been in charge of “Avoiding Cherubic Intern Affairs.” She is no Condoleezza Rice, but she is the best Rice that Obama could buy..

According to the article, (“Obama camp lashes out at ‘quick draw’ McCain”) Rice said that McCain is a “hot head who could not be trusted to stay cool under fire”.  Susan, I’d say that McCain was pretty cool under fire when he almost lost his life during the fire on the USS Forrestal in July of 1967.  I would say that he was pretty cool under fire after being shot down and being held as a prisoner of war and mercilessly tortured from 1967-1973.  McCain handled THEIR “questioning”..  Your candidate couldn’t handle the “intense questioning” from a book writing Pastor without the usual scripting from people like you.  I’ve never seen a candidate who more resembles Pinocchio.  A wooden marionette that would be completely lost without his Geppetto’s pulling the strings so that he may dance properly.  “Desperation”?  Welcome to the “Witless Projection Plan”, Susan. 

Rice was given the task of handling a “conference call” and along for the ride on this was none other than Richard Clarke, former counter terrorism adviser to G. H. W. Bush, Clinton and W.  Again, in the liberals “desperation” to appear all “centrist” and all “smart about bombs and war stuff”, the Democrats have finally found the counter terrorism world’s answer to Wesley Clarke.  Hey, they have John Kerry as their “answer man” on national security, too.  All they need to do now is to hire Richard Simmons as their “go to guy” on “getting chicks” and their cabinet will be complete.

Clarke called McCain “trigger happy” and “reckless”.  Being that a Republican summarily bounced Clarke from the White House and he is now punching a time card for Obama, I would call him, “disgruntled” and “corrupted.”

Rice said that McCain, “cheer led Bush’s decision to take our eye off the ball and start a war that had nothing to do with 9/11..” Being that Rice probably didn’t know that she was sitting next to the man who “took his eye off the ball” and didn’t PREVENT 9/11, it would seem that she is really behind the learning curve when it comes to national security..

Clarke continued on, saying that McCain’s first instinct is to “rattle sabers and look for a military action.” It would seem that since Clarke is receiving his remuneration from the liberals, he agrees with their first instincts of “appeasement and exit plans.”

Meanwhile, back in Backwater, Virginia, Obama decided to revert back to one of the tactics that has brought about his over ten-point tailspin.  (With such a nose dive as that, perpetual Democratic loser Terry McAuliffe HAS to be involved with the Obama campaign in some capacity..) Obama said that McCain wanted to “continue the same economic policies that George Bush has been doing for the past eight years.” The clumsy sentence structure of that last Obama missive aside, lets take a closer look at what it actually means.

Barack Obama was elected to the United States Senate in 2004.  That means that he has been sitting there for almost four years.  If the “economic policies” of President Bush were so abysmal, why didn’t the junior Senator from Illinois, in nearly four years time, sponsor a bill or two addressing this obviously horrific situation, or would answering that question with specificity, you know, be above my pay grade…

While he was bumbling away his lead in the polls, one of the tactics that proved to be such a great success during that time was his velcro-ing of the names McCain and Bush together as he tried “desperately” to draw an analogy of inherent similarity between the two.  That being the case, I will then return to that same political discipline and refer to the “presumptive” Democratic candidate once again as “Barack O’Carter.”

It would appear that the Obama unhappy campers are all “bummed out” over the McCain depth charges that have recently been sent towards the “Hope-a-Dope” liberal party barge.  Among other things, McCain has been thumping Obama over the crisis in Georgia.  Just because Obama thought that the “crisis in Georgia” was all about Cornpone Jimmy Carter again coming under attack from another “killer rabbit” maniacally trying to enter his fishing boat doesn’t mean that McCain should poke fun at the inexperienced Illinois liberal…

McCain while stumping in New Mexico said that Obama was “testy” over those questioning his patriotism.  What is wrong with questioning his patriotism?  Here we have the “presumptive” nominee from a political party that accuses everyone alive of being “racists” and “fascists” without any discernable proof or evidence, getting their collective communist culottes in a twist when anyone “questions” their “patriotism”.  If I may borrow from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”..

As yet another day passes in the Divine Comedy that is the presidential election of 2008, when I think of the beatified Obama, I feel compelled to alter a bit of Shakespeare’s Macbeth: Obama’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage.  And then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing…

By Larry Wilke on Aug 22, 08
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