One Hundred Per Cent Committed
By Larry Wilke on (Aug 10, 08)

Barack Obama’s BFF, (Best Friend Forever) from New York via Arkansas via Illinois and her Perpetually Misunderstood Supporters (PMS) are apparently not willing to throw in the “suspended” towel just yet…

Three groups calling themselves PUMA (Party Unity My Ass), the Just Say No Coalition and Colorado Women Count/Women Vote, are still more than just a little miffed that the largest percentage of Democratic voters and delegates would rather be considered misogynists as opposed to racists this time around because within the liberal parlance circa 2008, if you aren’t one, you have to be the other..

There is something about this whole “eighteen million votes” mantra and a voting block that seems to be retaining something more than water that will probably come to a head in Denver, that is if the candidate herself has anything to do with it..  Those who wish to “smooth over/dismiss” these concerns are hoping for the illusive phantasm of Democratic “party unity”.  The left has spent nearly fifty years creating and fermenting festering little sub sects specializing in irrational disruptive outbursts of infantile emotion. You had to know that it was bound to someday backfire on them.

It would seem that the “cathartic exercise” (and with the majority of the nation’s feminists, that appears to be the only “exercise” that they engage in..) the women are screaming for is the placement of Clinton’s name on the first ballot and an opportunity to vote for their candidate of choice on the record.  Again the “choice” dodge is being utilized as the club of choice by another fringe group within the fringe group that is the liberal Democrats.  The accelerant being poured over this potential Democratic forest fire is the ruse of a “suspended” campaign, which has been fertilized and sowed by the great unifier herself.  Her steadfast refusal to publicly announce her intentions as to what she wants/demands to be done before, during and after the left clumsily pays homage to her in Denver hasn’t helped to quell the matter either…

The common response to all of this from Clinton or her cronies is that she is “one hundred per cent committed” to the Obama candidacy.  The plain truth is that were that actually the case, her campaign would have been “ended” not “suspended”.  The Denver Hajj could very well be the last opportunity that Hillary has, as a grudge holder par excellence, to punish/embarrass those who didn’t vote for her in the hopes that they may see the light and “change their minds”.. 

Here the liberal nomenclature reveals itself to those of us who are trying to subdue our laughter out of common courtesy.  The liberals operate based upon “feelings/emotions” rather than logic.  Here we have a situation where the Hillary supporters obviously have their “feelings” hurt.  The girls are all “passionate” about all of this, so the DNC and the Obama campaign had better come up with some kind of empty gesture, (which is what the left specializes in..) some kind of fawning “girls night out” or else it could get really ugly.. 

Then again, “really ugly” is the default setting when there are a large number of caterwauling liberal feminists gathered in one spot for one of their patented bovine stampedes.  In the vast majority of cases, these girls should be prosecuted for violating the nation’s Eye Pollution Standards, and if there aren’t any “E.P.Standards” currently on the books, well, I personally consider that to be an “epidemic” worthy of at least a congressional hearing or two and a minimum of a few hours of coverage by CSPAN.. 

Hillary herself is doing nothing to defuse the situation, she is actually stirring the embers smoldering beneath the unfulfilled.  Publicly she said, “..just from what I am hearing, that there’s incredible pent up desire..  It’s a catharsis, people want to feel like, OK, we’re here, we did it and then everybody get behind Senator Obama..”

If “unity” is the goal that she so profusely professes it to be and as the latest member of the Obama pom pom squad, when she “hears” things she should address them swiftly and decisively.  She should immediately communicate in no uncertain terms to all those who wish to rabble rouse that Obama is the nominee and they should all move forward.  Instead she continues this veiled request for a ticker tape charade thorough the streets of Denver or at least on the convention floor. 

“incredible pent up desire..” Unless she is talking about what happens to Bill whenever the latest Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders calendar arrives at the Clinton “library”, to me that means that she is doing nothing more than pumping of the bellows of discordant discontent in order to motivate her morose malcontents.

“it’s a catharsis, people want to feel like, OK, we’re here and we did it..” Here we again see that “party unity” will be held hostage unless the “feelings” of her hirsute harridans are properly placated and massaged.  “We did it.” Did what, other than lose the Democratic presidential nomination that had been preordained and all but presented to you on a silver platter?  Did what, other than make every wrong political move at every turn during the primary season?  Why are these fatuous “accomplishments” something that the Democratic Party needs to celebrate in public and in prime time?

“Then everybody get behind Senator Obama..” What she is saying is that in no uncertain terms, until the proper blood sacrifices have been left at the altar of this Democratic demigoddess, there will be Hell to pay.  Speaking of Hell to “Pay”, how much of the Clinton debt does the Obama campaign and its contributors have to pony up in order to rent this “unity”? 

On September 17th, Pelosi and Reid are going to be throwing a fundraiser for Clinton to help “retire her debt”.  (To me, “retire her debt” at this point means, “keep paying her off.” The Democrats probably wouldn’t mind knowing the “actual debt amount” that she has.  That way these debt relief shindigs don’t keep happening with the same ridiculous frequency as Cher “comeback tours.” ) I know that the liberals are inherently slow but how could you possibly hope to pitch a party for a candidate whose campaign is over and how many of the liberal lackeys do they expect will show up and pay the mandatory cover charge? 

The best reference for that query would be the Palo Alto California function on July 31st where 500 or so “Clinton Cling-ons”, to borrow from Star Trek, forked over $500.00 a head.  That translates to a lot of “hopefully going away parties” in order to alleviate this pesky “debt” thing.  Clinton may be concerned with “retiring her debt” but the Obama camp would like for her to get around to “retiring her candidacy...permanently”

Time magazine (which proudly proclaims that it is “in partnership with CNN”..) said that “Clinton remains skeptical” and that this is “not just a prediction but a wish” because “it would prove her right about his weakness as a general-election candidate and possibly pave the way for her to run again in 2012.” Those surprised by this “revelation” by Time, needed to read “SuspENDed”, released here at NLTZ on June 10th right after she “suspended” her campaign. 

When Bill was asked if he had any regrets about his role in the Clinton campaign collapse and crash, he “shot back “ with, “I am not a racist.  I never made a racist remark..” It’s good to see that the liberal habitual inclination of falsely manufacturing a guilty conscience in others, through osmosis has created the same foolish reflexes in themselves.

Perpetual Clinton lemming Lanny Davis said that the idea of Clinton’s name going into nomination would be a “completely idiotic idea that leads to nothing but party disharmony.” Lanny, you weren’t paying close enough attention to the sempiternal parade of “idiotic ideas” that she called her “primary campaign”, were you?  Davis has been around the Clinton machine long enough to know that they are not allergic to the application and implementation of idiotic ideas.  As well, he should understand that the appearance of “party disharmony” is exactly what Hillary is yearning for because the guest of honor at the “party” in Denver is going to be somebody other than her..

Nick Shapiro, Obama spokesman, while trying to downplay the tensions between the two camps said, “We appreciate and look forward to her continued support.” Obama will get about as much support from Hillary as she gets from her girdle..

Hillary said that this is all “as old as, you know, Greek drama.” In this case, with the left and its fetid feminist fellow traveler-ettes, it is actually “Geek drama.” Even Lanny himself said that he is “100 per cent behind Obama.” Hillary is “100 per cent committed” as well. 

If Barack Obama or any member of his campaign believes that, I think that there is a 100 per cent certainty that they should be committed..

By Larry Wilke on Aug 10, 08
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