Inflate Your Tires and Have Faith
By T.L. Farlow on (Aug 05, 08)

The truth be known, I must say that I was skeptical at first.  No, skeptical is too insipid to describe the adjective.  Let me rephrase.  I was downright cynical when I first heard of the solution that is presently plaguing our nation today.  The problem of too little oil being produced in our nation combined with the government’s outright refusal to allow domestic drilling sounded far to complex to have such a simple resolution…

My situation is not so unique.  I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I have quite a distance to drive each and every day.  With a seventy-five mile round trip, each day, my gas gauge is constantly moving to the left and downward.  Going up the mountain, it appears that gravity has taken hold of it, for then it is in free-fall mode.

I could not escape all the ridicule and hype about the solution from all the conservative talk show hosts mocking Obama’s ‘inflate your tire’ solution.  I must admit, on the day that this was proposed, I was very doubtful, but I had no choice.  My back was against the wall and the forces of economic inflation were attacking me from all sides.  I knew that something had to be done, but I knew not where to turn.  I must continue to work or the mortgage does not get paid.  I must continue putting gasoline in my vehicle or groceries do not come home after payday.

What I heard him say was “There are things you can do individually, though, to save energy.  Making sure your tires are properly inflated — simple thing.  But we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling — if everybody was just inflating their tires?  And getting regular tune-ups?  You’d actually save just as much!”

The day after that this solution was proposed, I had no other options in the matter.  I had to do something, for I knew that the tree-hugging, liberal controlled Congress was not going to do anything about changing the current policy of banning oil drilling in the United States to reduce our dependency upon foreign oil, which keeps the price of oil at record levels…..thank you power-crazy Fascists Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  I knew the price of gasoline was not going to go down all on its own.

Immediately, with my back to the wall, I tuned up my pick-up.  I got new spark plugs, changing them out, ensuring that the proper gap of 0.044” and adjusted my timing to 6 degrees BTDC.  At the gasoline station, I checked the inflation on my tires and had to add about five psi to get to the recommended pressure rating marked on the tires.

As I went to work, there was the usual and undeterred drinking of gasoline by the engine, as if no changes had been made.  It was almost saying, “Thanks for the tune it, now I can gulp gasoline unencumbered.” Even with a tune-up, the gasoline flow was still the same.  The gas gauge dropped just like it did all the other days.  Below 55 mph, the engine slurps like someone enjoying a tall glass of ice tea on a hot summer afternoon, but above 55 mph, it gulps like a lost desert traveler who just happens upon an oasis after days of unbearable heat and a slakeless thirst. 

In the back of my mind, all I heard, as I slumbered that night, was “inflate your tires… inflate your tires.”

The second day, I knew that if there was any HOPE that this was going to work, I would need to CHANGE.  But, I was not sure what needed to CHANGE, other than the gas mileage was terrible and the oil companies and politicians were going to get all of my money.  There was little that I could do but HOPE for CHANGE.

As I arose in the morning of the second day, the new day awaited and I still had no idea how this was going to work.  I knew that CHANGE must occur, but what CHANGE?

The short walk to the driveway was enough to view that I still had a tremendous problem.  My truck awaited the opportunity to consume more fuel that day, just like the previous, with no reservations or ill effects from over-consumption.  If it had emotions, I would venture to say it was delighted at the prospect of draining the tank, once again.  It certainly has proven its propensity to do so regularly. 

As I opened the creaking door, that urgently needs oiling, the sound issued seemed to say, “Inflate tires”.  Or at least that is what I think I heard.  Not one to put too much into something that is obviously not there, the creaking was ignored and we went to work, my truck and I.  Nothing changed from the day before.  Gas was still guzzled and the fuel gauge needle still dropped like a rock

That following night, was filled with endless tossing and turning in the bed combined with visions of tires being inflated.  Red-eyed and worn out from a fitful sleep in the morning of the third day, I walked out to the driveway and the images of another day of giving my all to the gas company, as well as an overly, proportionate share of windfall profits to the government in the form of punitive gas taxes.  This day I did not make it to the truck, for I got to the steps and there, sat.

This unmistakable and incessant image of inflating tires was such that I could not escape.  The words kept playing over and over in my mind, like a broken record…..”Inflate your tires……inflate your tires……inflate your tires.” “But, how” I asked!  At this point, there was nothing, no HOPE, no CHANGE that could be foreseen.

As I sat on the concrete steps at the edge of the driveway, it was then that I heard that little voice inside my head that prompted me with one word.  “Faith!”

It was faith that has moved mountains.  It was faith that has brought the heavens to a standstill.  It was faith that has brought the much needed HOPE and CHANGE to civilizations and people as time marched onward.

Yes, I was down to my last straw, but I then decided to freely give my all in placing my complete faith in this overwhelming problem that plagued not only me, but countless hundreds of millions around this country and around the world.  I had to put faith in those few words, uttered by the Obamessiah himself, “…Inflate your tires.”

It was there on those steps that I had a CHANGE of heart, a HOPE for something better in my day.  I placed all my faith in those few words.

With renewed vigor and reassurance, I arose and walked briskly to the truck, cranked it up and traveled immediately the three miles to the gas station.  There, I had thoughts and visions of countless mileage on one tank of gas if only I inflated my tires.  Not just the 40 psi that is recommended and clearly labeled on the sidewalls of the tire.  NO!  I inflated those tires until the voice inside my head said “Stop!” It was at that point, that I stopped and went to the next tire, only to have the voice repeat after a while, “Stop!”

I don’t know how much pressure is in my tires.  I do know that my ride seems much higher and the step to get into the truck is much more difficult.  But, the voice inside my head did say “Stop” once it reached a point and I knew that it must be so.

I filled my tank once again while at the station.

That day, while headed to work, my gas gauge did not drop as it had done endless times before.  I had received my answer.  I knew that not just inflating my tires was the answer, but to have faith.  I also knew that it helped to have this uttered by someone so believable and so concerned about the people that he could give such profound advice; advice that goes against the wisdom of the ages; advice that goes against all scientific principles ever studied and devised by mankind greatest thinkers.

I inflated my tires and I believe.

On the return trip home, the gauge still did not move.  It’s as if it was glued in place, pegged right at the full line.

What a glorious day I had that day.  Went to work and came home and the gas gauge needle didn’t even budge.

Last night, I slept like a baby.  Not a worry in the world.

Today, it was déjà vu all over again.  My fuel consumption has stopped altogether.  At this point, it appears that I will never need gas, as long as my tires are inflated.

I am so thankful for this that I have to share it with all of you.  Just go to the gas station and start filling your tires until the little voice telle you to “Stop!” I don’t know what point that is and I am quite certain that it will vary with each tire and make of car.  But let that little voice speak to you.  Do not worry about exploding tires in your face while inflating your tires.  Have faith!  Do not worry about premature and uneven wear on your tires.  Have faith!  Don’t worry about the sensation of riding higher.  Have faith!  Pump the air in and listen for the voice!

By T.L. Farlow on Aug 05, 08
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