Congressional Democrats Say NO to Drilling but YES to More Oil Taxes
By Sher Zieve on (Jul 22, 08)

In another move geared to even faster destroy the ability of the American people to support themselves, Congressional Democrats have decided the price of a gallon of gas just isn’t high enough to really hurt us…

So, Democrats have decided to raise yours and my gasoline taxes by $.10/gallon.  Instead of even thinking about bringing the price of gasoline down—by allowing us to drill for additional petroleum reserves in our own country (in those places that oil actually exists) as well as 100-200 miles off shore—it has decided to raise the price from its already all-time high!  Rep. James Oberstar (D-MN), Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said:  “We’ll put all things on the table but, the gas tax is the cornerstone. Nothing else will work without the underpinning of the higher user fee gas tax.” Hmmm.  Note:  It appears that Mr. Oberstar’s “all things on the table” does not include the thing that would actually bring gasoline prices down and increase the US domestic supply.  That would be drilling for oil in our own country and, thus, would greatly reduce our need for foreign oil.  Does any sort of logic register with these clowns anymore? 

Question:  Or have Oberstar and his colleagues made some sort of deal with the Arab princes—as well as the insane leftist environmentalists—agreeing to keep US consumer oil prices in the stratosphere?  Just wondering.  If so, ‘our Congressional representatives’—suffice it to say that phrase has now become an oxymoron as they no longer represent us but, only themselves—may now be enjoying huge and growing financial reserves of their own. 

Ostensibly, this new Democrat tax hike would be used to rebuild the country’s infrastructure.  However, instead of a gas tax hike—in the midst of the highest gas prices in US history—how about actually doing something that would lower gas prices?  The only way to affect this is to provide more domestic oil supply.  And the only way to provide that is to drill for it! 

We saw gas prices fall when President Bush merely rescinded the executive order that prohibited offshore drilling.  I wonder how much more they would drop when the Middle East oil producers hear that Congress has also rescinded its “no drill order.” Probably several dollars worth per gallon.  Unfortunately, however, both houses of the Democrat-run Congress have—like petulant children—stomped their feet and said in no uncertain terms that they refuse to lift their ban. 

Instead they will try to further bleed the American people of all of their money.  Don’t forget that Democrats already think your money belongs to them.  Sadly, there are still a few rose-colored-glasses-optimists out there that recommend Congress reduce their billions of dollars worth of pet projects, in order to fund repairing the US infrastructure.  Yeah, sure—like that’ll ever happen.,2933,386643,00.html

By Sher Zieve on Jul 22, 08
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