And--I Thought That I Was the Only One
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Jun 23, 08)

A couple of weeks ago, the Rochester Urban League gave itself its yearly enema!

The Urban League took out a full page ad in my local paper. The title of the ad, “A Salute to Black Scholars.”

The point of the ad was to publicly congratulate a number of African-American students in and around the greater Rochester area, for graduating from high school with a cumulative 3.0 Grade Point Average or better. I thought immediately, there was something “Wrong With This Picture.”

All of the faces in the paper “Were Black.” I guess Whites were told, “You Need Not Apply.”

I also thought that this ad sent a wrong message to Black kids. At the same time, it sent a strong message to the rest of the community. The first message that this “Reward” sends is that Black kids must be “Bribed” in order to get good grades. They are told, “Hey, You Can Have Your Picture In The Paper If You Graduate With A 3.0 GPA.”

There is also an underlying message. It says, Black kids aren’t as smart as White children. Inner city Black kids have inculcated the message that getting good grades for Whites or any other Ethnic group, is like, “Falling Off A Log.” But, for Black kids, in order to get their"Lazy Brains” functioning, “You Have To Promise Them Something, And Then, Don’t Expect A Lot, Academically.”

Arthur Jensen, a White Clinical Psychologist spend a lifetime trying to prove that Whites were the intellectual superior of Blacks. Jensen and others of his ilk failed miserably. But, that didn’t stop these racists people from “Cooking Their Statistical Books.”

Jensen went to his grave believing that Whites were superior to Blacks!

Bob Lonsberry is a local talk show host. He is not new to controversy. A few years ago, he was fired from his radio job because he called the then African-American Mayor, “An Orangutan.”

Lonsberry was “Banished” to a Utah radio station that so happened to be owned by the station that “Fired Him.” While in Utah, Lonsberry kept his nose clean. Because he was a “Good Boy,” and because he is a “Money Maker,” the station brought him back to Rochester. Oh yeah, he “Apologized For The Orangutan Comment.”

I like Bob. So, his Oranguan comment didn’t bother me. Besides, people didn’t understand the context in which he used the term. The liberals here, like everywhere else, hates independent thinkers. They are only interested in groupthinkers!

Well, that ain’t Bob!

I thought that I was the only one offended by the myriad pictures of Black students who were being feted with words of high praise for maintaining a “B-Average.”

I should have known that Bob would have something to say about all of this. Boy, was I right!

Bob went me one better, because not only did he talk about the students and their GPA’s: He also talked, and that’s putting it mildly, about the School District’s “Young Mothers Program.”

Lonsberry dropped the hammer on the District for praising the students and their GPA’s. He said, “An Average Of B would be “Average” For A White Student.”

On the District’s program for young mothers, this is what Lonsberry had to say. Hold onto to your hats:

“There’s a story about girls who got pregnant in high school and they stayed in high school. And let’s give them a special award and tell them how proud we are of them. Or, we could just tell them they should have left their freakin’ pants on, right? Keep your legs together, sweetcheeks, and everything will be Ok”

Didn’t I tell you to hold onto your hats?

All hell broke lose in the City of Rochester, once Bob’s comments became public knowledge on a wide scale. The Schools Superintendent, some “French Sounding Guy,” called for the firing of Lonsberry. A number of community activists got their “Panties In A Bunch Too.”

And Get this, Jean Carrol, the President and CEO of the YWCA, which supports teen parents at five local schools, said the young girls should be honored for staying in school. Honored?

Let me get this straight. These kids get pregnant, and this nitwit thinks we should fall down on our knees and sing their praises? She can not be serious!

The frightening thing is, Jean Carrol is serious. There is no conflict of interest here for Ms. Carrol and the YWCA is there? Naw, not a chance. Yeah, Right!

The YWCA is raking in money from the District. This is why Carrol is upset. As the Y rakes in money, this means more money in the paycheck of Jean Carrol, President and CEO of the YWCA. That is shameful, taking advantage of these kids. But, this is what liberals do.

They keep Americans in the dark, and at the same time, acquire power over people!

Pressure is mounting on Bob’s station to fire him. But, the station Manager isn’t budging. Bravo for him!

Bob was only telling the truth. Should he have stated it differently? Perhaps. But then, this is the controlling template of liberals. They want you to use euphemistic terms. At the end of the day, people are left scratching their heads, and wondering what the hell did the person mean!

I have a novel idea. How about next year, the Rochester City School District honor, “All Of It Graduating Students, Black, Whites, Browns, Yellows, And Red?”

On second thought, getting good grades is the responsibility of all students. The accolades should come from their families and friends!

Dr. Forest Lewis is a trained clinical psychologist. He is the author of Diary of a Black Man Who Escaped From the Democratic Political Plantation. His latest book, “Narcissist, Thy Name Is Democrat”, is set for release in August 2008.

Dr. Forest Lewis is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Jun 23, 08
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