There They Go Again
By David Tatosian on (Mar 27, 08)

It seems we’re to have another racial dialogue…

You’ll remember that our last dialogue came as a result of Ray Nagin’s incompetence before, during and after the Katrina debacle. Indeed. Who can forget Nagin and the Black Leadership screaming racism while thousands scrambled for food, shelter and medical care? Who can forget the sight of New Orleans Finest joining in on the looting?

None of which prevented Mr. Nagin’s reelection as Mayor of New Orleans, his Chocolate City. Of course New Orleans might be more brown than chocolate now but, no matter.

Some memorable moments from the Katrina dialogue- Cynthia McKinney accusing the Pale Faces in Gretna of racism, Kanye West blubbering “Bush doesn’t like Black People”, Farrakhan suggesting whitey sabotaged the levees, the Mexican Army delivering humanitarian aid and Barack Obama proclaiming “…It was the first time in his presidency he (Bush) acknowledged poverty in this country…For too long we have been silent and complacent...”

No reference to his grandmother in that one but he hadn’t moved beyond race yet. At that point Obama was just another racial grievance hack.

True to form, the Katrina dialogue, like all post civil rights era racial dialogues, ended when the requisite number of apologies and taxpayer dollars had been issued.

This “Racial Dialogue” process isn’t exactly an inclusive one. But it isn’t meant to be.

In order for the racial spoils system to work Americans must forever declare themselves guilty of racism. There’s no other way for the thing to work.

And racism has changed over the years.

The fight against racism, or what started as our national commitment to ensure equality before the law and equal opportunity for all Americans, has degenerated into the belief that white skin is irrefutable evidence of racism.

Forty years of affirmative action, set asides and quotas and my choices (as a white American) are to confess my sins and serve the church of the racial true believers or suffer the fate my racist skin demands.

I find those choices not so different from the convert-or-die choices offered by the peaceful religion of Islam.

Certainly life on the slippery middle ground that exists in both camps requires a “passing under the yoke”, an ancient custom that required a defeated and disarmed enemy to pass under a spear, thereby forcing him to bow his head, while his victorious enemies shouted and jeered at him.

Nothing short of ritual and literal surrender is acceptable.

Obama’s speech was an attempt to reinforce the heretofore-unassailable right of all blacks all over the world to dictate the form, content, duration and results of all dialogues on race, from the pulpit to the penitentiary.

Unfortunately for Obama and the true believers, we heard what Obama’s wife had to say. We heard what his preacher had to say. We heard clergymen from across the political spectrum trying to justify the poison spewing from Wright’s mouth. We’ve heard Farrakhan and Sharpton and Jackson so often that we can repeat their demands, accusations and threats by rote.

Forty years of trying to right a great wrong and the result is an intense hatred of all things white.

If it were just blacks in America who hated white Americans we could continue to pretend that greater effort and lots more money might neutralize this racial toxicity. But it’s beyond that now. The racial hatred bristling in the black communities feeds, and is fed by the same hatred in the Hispanic illegal alien communities. And the jihadis, through front groups like CAIR, use the same methods and rhetoric (including accusations of racism even though Islam isn’t a race) to achieve their goals that Sharpton and Jackson use to achieve theirs.

In accusing white America of an inherent and eternal racism, so as to avoid responsibility for their own lives and conditions, blacks in America have turned away from reality and America’s citizens.  By encouraging illegal aliens and the jihadis to avail themselves of the race gambit, and showing solidarity with those groups and countless thugs and dictators throughout the world, those same blacks have betrayed the very people who have supported and funded all those programs that blacks in America feel entitled to.

All this while Obama stands in agreement with Wright and promises the American people unity?

Not a chance. One cannot unify a thing while driving the wedge deeper and deeper.

Let’s have that dialogue.

And one question I’d like to ask is this, what happens when Obama loses? Will that be proof positive that America is irredeemably and forever racist? What then?

David Tatosian is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By David Tatosian on Mar 27, 08
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