The Clintons Are Banking on Latinos to Stop Obama
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Feb 13, 08)

Still Another Race Card
It wasn’t too long ago that we saw the Clintons desecrating the pulpits of African-American churches. Then, “Uncle Bill” had to go and show Blacks that he really was a racist deep down inside…

Bill called Barack Obama’s run for the White House a, “Fairy Tale.” Before opening his big mouth, Clinton had hand delivered to his neer-do-well wife, you know the one, “With All Of That Experience,” over “90 Percent” of the African-American vote. Then “Uncle Bill” got a bit more frisky, and a little too big for his britches!

He said in essence that “Any Black Person Could Win A Primary In South Carolina, Because Of Its large African-American Population.” As if to underscore what he had said, “Uncle Bill” reminded us that, heck, “Even Jesse Jackson Had Won The South Carolina Primary In 1984.” The arrogant Clintons didn’t know it, but this was the beggining of the end for them as far as Black voters were concerned. My prayers had finally been answered, Blacks were packing up and “Leaving Massa Clinton’s Plantation.”

Bill Clinton is indicative of socialists democrats. They encourage us to all get together and sing “Cumba Ya,” and all the time, they are “Closet Racists.” However, if a Black person push the Bill Clintons of this world, “Their Racist Alter Will Appear.” It is though socialists are afflicted with the mental disorder known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, AKA, Multiple Personality Disorder.

Case in point, the governor of Pennsylvania, where a primary will be held their in the coming weeks, opened his yap, and guess what came out? Right, racist comments. Oh, he will deny it, but if you have lived in America long enough, you know a racists when you see and hear one. The comments of governor Ed Rendell are a sign that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in deep trouble. Rendell said that it would be tough for Barack Obama to win in the Keystone state, because he is Black! He pointed to the fact that former NFL football great, Lynn Swan lost to him, “ Because Swan Is A Black Man.”

This comment from the governor of a state in the year 2008. This from a member of the democrat party that tells Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities that it is the GOP who are the racists and homophobes! Not only do I find Rendell’s comments reprehensible, I find them disgusting. But, “It Is, What It Is, Folks.” Rendell’s comments are the clarion call for Pennsylvania’s dyed-in the wool haters to come out and vote for Hillary Clinton, based on the hue of her skin, “Alone.” Here is the Clinton’s dirty little secret. These people wouldn’t “Spit On a Lower Class White Person, Or A Lower Class Hispanic.” But, what the hell, let’s show some solidarity, and stop “This Uppity Colored Guy.” Shades of 1950 Mississippi. But, this isn’t 1950, and we aren’t talking about Mississippi, we are talking about the twenty-first century and we are discussing a Northeastern state.

It is hysterical to hear the comments of racists democrats. You know the ones who call Republicans and Conservatives the enemy of Blacks and Hispanics. People, it is time to wake up, and take a look at the real racists. They are the ones who only want to use you during election time. Once the election is over with, you won’t hear from Hillary, Bill, Ed Rendell, or any of the other “Cumba Ya Singers.”

Hispanics and African-Americans have a long history of enmity between the two groups. If you have ever lived in a community with a large Black/Latino population, you will understand why these two groups despise one another. Most Hispanics, those from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and even “Spain,” “Have Black Blood In Them.” I thought that would wake you up! It is not possible for people to live in the same neighborhood in Cuba or Puerto Rico and not be attracted to one another, physically. Hence, we have a blending of the races! Yet, a Puerto Rican, or Dominicano will tell you they are “Spanish,” if you ask them their background. Are you starting to get the picture. Spain in their minds equals, “White.” I love to get a rise out of someone who is “Spanish Speaking,” but clearly not from Spain. When they give me that nonsense that they are Spanish, I will say, “Oh Really, What Part Of Spain Are You From.” I will then get, “You Know What I Mean.” You damn straight, I get what you mean!

I can hear some of you saying, “But, Dr. Lewis, Not Spain.” Oh, really? The Moors invaded Spain in the 8th Century. The Moors were from North Africa, and the Moors “Were Black.” It was the Moors who defeated “El-Cid.” To this day, the African/Islamic influence can be found in Spain. The Moors stayed in Spain for a number of years. And how do you suppose that they dealt with their sexual desires?

I recall meeting this dark skinned “White Man” years ago. He told me that he was from Spain. I said to myself, sure you are! As it turned out, this highly intelligent school teacher was telling me the truth. All of his children, “Were As White As Snow.” God shows us that sometimes, he does possess a sense of humor!

If you carefully examine the bone structure of Latinos, you will find that many of these people have “Black Features.” For example, look at the rather large, and well shaped buttocks of Jennifer Lopez. I can tell you that is not the structure of a “White Woman.” But, if you happen to say to a Hispanic that Jennifer Lopez has Black blood in her, they will look at you, like you just arrived from Mars. I remember interviewing kids at risk while in radio back in the 1970’s. I interviewed this sixteen year old Puerto Rican girl. I asked her, “So, Who Is The Black Person In Your Family, Your Mom Or Dad?” She looked at me and said, “I’m White.” Now, it was clear that this child was not White. Her hair was of the texture of “Buckwheat’s”

A Psychologist friend of mine’s was at the old Candlestick baseball park in San Francisco, years ago. There was a contingent of Puerto Ricans in the stands. After the game, my friend said to one of the Puerto Ricans, “I Bet You Are Proud Of Orlando Cepeda.” One of them responded, “Oh, That Black Guy?” There are myriad stories of Latinos who disown their Black relatives once they arrive in the United States. Not only is this shameful, it is also a disgrace. The democrats will not do any more for Hispanics than they did for Blacks. But, it’s their funeral!

Hispanics will go on identifying as being “White.” This is why they will vote for Hillary Clinton in large numbers. But, Blacks will cancel their numbers out, because Hispanics have a history of not voting in large blocs. It is sad to see the Clintons pitting one group against another. But, this is what the Clintons do folks. They will do whatever is necessary to get Hillary the democratic nomination! The quetion is, will it work? I say that it won’t, because now her back is up against the wall.

Ms. Clinton is now in what the socialists press is calling her “Firewall State, Texas.” While Obama was kicking her rump the other night in three primaries, Clinton was winging her way to the Lone Star State. When she arrived in Texas, Clinton never said one word about the Obama victory. No, “I’d Like To Congratulate, Senator Obama.” Nothing!  Folks, this woman is in denial!

Obama by most accounts is leading Clinton by one hundred delegates. She is now in the unenviable position of playing catch up. And that is not going to be easy. In order to stop the Obama juggernaut, Clinton will have to defeat him by more than fifty-percent in the upcoming primaries. That “Ain’t Going To Happen.” Not even with the help of the Clinton’s “New Plantation Friends, Latinos.”

Hillary is in the position that she finds herself, because of “Uncle Bill.” Surrogates like loudmouth governor, Rendell continue to dig a hole for Ms. Clinton. Rendell and the Clintons haven’t noticed, but “There Is A New Day In America.” The old style way of campaigning, pitting Whites against Blacks is over. Obama captured more White male votes in Virginia, than did Hillary. She edged him out only slightly with White females.

I am no fan of neither Hillary Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s. However, she is where she is at, because of her “Arrogance Of Power.” The good book says, “Pride Goeth Before A Fall.”

Don’t look now, but Hillary Clinton is about to fall flat on her fat face!

Dr. Forest Lewis is a trained clinical pyschologist. He is the author of Diary of a Black Man Who Escaped From the Democratic Political Plantation

Dr. Forest Lewis is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Feb 13, 08
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