"...the black dog will tear apart your guts."
By David Tatosian on (Jan 31, 08)

Revealing The Face Beneath The Mask
In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, President Bush insisted Islam was a religion of peace hijacked by terrorist fanatics. No doubt many of us assumed the statement to be more or less accurate. True we had watched Arab Muslims slaughter innocent men, women and children for over three decades, but the idea that the carnage was actually inspired by or conforming to Islamic texts and laws was incomprehensible to most of us…

Besides, this was the President of the United States. We took him at his word.

But consider the following: after sharing a Ramadan meal at the White House, un-indicted coconspirator Muslim organizations (The Islamic Society of North America and the Council on American-Islamic Relations for instance) become the beneficiaries of sensitivity and outreach programs that in no way contribute to our national security,

-information regarding Sibel Edmonds’ claims of American officials accepting bribes from foreign governments for providing classified information and political influence is deemed classified information and therefore beyond scrutiny

- billions of dollars in financial and military aid tossed into the Islamic voids of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians and Egypt.

-28 redacted (by the administration) pages presented as “evidence” to the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks,

-the fabulous ‘Flying Imams’,

-Muslim cabbies in Minnesota refusing service to anyone with alcohol and/or dogs,

-Council on American-Islamic Relations being given a guided tour of the security procedures at O’Hare airport so as to assure those un-indicted coconspirators that Muslims aren’t being discriminated against,

-the fact that nearly half the suicide bombings in Iraq are carried out by Saudi Nationals,

-a recent and very public, very Muslim celebration (In Manhattan) of Ashura, a few miles from where Saudi Muslims and their friends killed thousands of Americans.

After all that and more, we are introduced to Hesham Islam, Senior Advisor to Deputy Secretary of Defense, Gordon England. (You will recall Mr. Islam is reported to have accused Major Stephen Coughlin, author of the thesis ‘“To our Great Detriment”: Ignoring What Extremists Say about Jihad’ of being a “Christian fanatic with a pen” in response to the thesis. Major Coughlin’s contract was not renewed.)

From an article on the DoD site, titled ‘Senior Advisor to Deputy Secretary Focuses on Relationship Building’, Islam recounts a tale wherein he, as a child, survives an Israeli bombing in Cairo and later, as a young man, survives 3 days adrift as a result of an Iranian torpedo sinking his Merchant ship.

Curiously, in an article at the NRO, the indefatigable Claudia Rosette could find no evidence or proof that either of those events had occurred.

Even more curious, the Hesham Islam article itself was removed from the DoD site a few days after Miss Rosette’s article was posted. (The Islam article has been posted on a few other sites.)

Deputy Secretary England appears to be shielding Hesham Islam, at best a liar, while sending Coughlin and his thesis packing. Why?

Coughlin’s thesis uses the same Islamic sources and criteria as Islamic scholars and jurists, (including their own judgments and rulings) thereby making the connection between the actions of present day “extremists” and Islamic jihad quite evident.

Coughlin further points to a suicidal political correctness (what he calls the “Current Approach”) that prevents those entrusted with our safety from reading, let alone studying, Islamic texts and precedents.

Not only do our leaders not understand the war being waged, they can’t be bothered with figuring out who the enemy is either.

Coughlin sites the 1915 Fatwa issued by the -The Seat of the Caliphate, “A Universal Proclamationto All the People of Islam,” The Seat of the Caliphate: The Ottoman Empire: Muta’at al Hairayet, 1313/1915- which calls upon all Muslims to engage in the three kinds of holy war: 1) The war of the heart, wherein the Muslim must believe in his heart that the infidels are enemies to him and his religion, and that he (the Muslim) must desire their disappearance and the destruction of their power. 2) The war of speech, (similar to what Hesham Islam, CAIR and other Muslim groups are now waging against us. With the help of Bush and our government) “which is strictly enjoined upon all Muslims… it is the duty of the masters of the pen to dissipate the darkness of the infidels, and of infidelity with their pens, and the people of eloquence with their tongues…no one (Muslim) is excepted from it (the call to jihad)…”

Major Coughlin’s reference to the 1915 Fatwa is just one of many examples he cites to illustrate the obligation of jihad on the individual Muslim.

I reference the document because it’s worth remembering that this particular fatwa coincided with the slaughter of over a million Armenian Christians at the hands of the Turks. Under the right circumstances, and be assured Allah’s faithful are busy bringing those circumstances about right here, anything can happen.

Looking back, I can’t help but think that this President’s assurances post 9/11 were not for our benefit. His lies concerning the nature of Islam were meant to assure his Muslim “Friends” in the Middle East that no harm would come to their fellow Muslims. And he has succeeded. The influence of Islam in our government, business, media and schools has grown considerably stronger post 9/11.

And all it took was 3,000 American dead.

This President and his government are too lazy to defend us and too greedy to care.

They just don’t like us all that much.

Bukhari, Volume4, Book 52, Number 73:
Allah’s Apostle said,” Know that paradise is under the shades of swords.”

David Tatosian is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

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By David Tatosian on Jan 31, 08
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