Political Passions
By Kerry L. Marsala on (Sep 02, 07)

Humankind has not changed…

Tis a truth… ‘There is nothing new under the sun...’ at one time I was very passionate about many topics- political, cultural, social- but it seemed the more I spoke and wrote about the varied layers of distortion, the more I saw nothing would change. The further I probed into politics- the more obvious it was that the only link in the chain that binds us all to a hopeless immovable resolve were two things: money and power. It does not matter my friends whose at the helm of the USA political ship- it all comes down to money and power. Yet we are not alone in our false sense of security we cradle ourselves in either… for within each country, each city, each town, each village, and each household… there is the ugly devouring monster of money and power. Hence, it is not borne of capitalism as some love to claim the west is guilty of… no it is innate in mankind or womankind or child kind (visit a playground sometime) to overthrow the dominant force- stomp it to the ground- disavow any who followed if they won’t join you- and rise to the power of the monkey bars to rule… until the next “Khan” gives their blood curdling scream of force.

Now I am not a fatalist to any degree, but felt that the tactics of my writing presentation might need to change. I may get back into writing on many of today’s issues, but I want to approach it a different way when and if I do. Not to rant in my espousals, but to present a way of making the reader stop and think. “What is she trying to say?” “I have perhaps never looked at it this way...” to even the one I grew most accustomed to, “Damn Bitch, you’re so F’n stupid!”

Recently a poll was taken asking about a variety of issues and concerns. The list contained everything from International Conflict and Wars, to The Economy/NAFTA/Trade Imbalance, all the issues listed were equal in standing- there wasn’t one more important than the other. Doesn’t each issue has its relevance to the one who suffers from it?

Since time began… when someone decided to take matters into their hands… and blood was caused to flow by violent means - humankind has not changed. Will polls, movements, rantings and force be the catalyst to change our mode? It would seem the indulgence the powers that be utilize along with their money and power is to evoke fear into the masses, to cause confusion - which leads to, “Who the hell cares anyways?” you have apathy set - and the political captains thusly take over the ship.

Revolution or not… Pontification or not… Fear or not… Money or not… Republic or not… we seem to be only able to hold onto what we find precious - freedom - for so long - then the cycle begins all over again.

Find peace within, pay it forward, do not fence sit, lend a hand to another, do not expect anything to be given to you, love your neighbor, give mercy a chance, stand firm, and smile… as you live your dash-

Poll Link: http://dapoliticalforum.deviantart.com/journal/poll/252921/


By Kerry L. Marsala on Sep 02, 07
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