Memo to Democratic Presidential Candidates: George Bush isn't running for president
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Apr 29, 07)

Someone needs to remind the motley group of democratic presidential candidates, that George W. Bush will be leaving the White House in 2008: and that under our Constitution, he can not run for a third term.

These people are addicted to verbally abusing the President. They are so addicted to their dislike for this man that, they can’t stop lashing out at the President when given the chance. But, I must repeat, George Bush isn’t running for President!

Yet, these morons continue to place him in their crosshairs. The democrats are obsessed with taking careful aim at Mr. Bush, because they lack any meaningful solutions to our problems. However, I believe that the American people are starting to come around and see what writers like myself and others have been saying to them about these windbags.  They are full of rhetoric, but short on answers for how they would run the country if God forbid, one of them is elected President.

The democratic presidential candidates took their road show to San Diego over the weekend. There they whipped up the party faithful with their usual empty rhetoric. Barrack Hussein Obama told California democrats that he would “turn the page on this Iraq disaster.” Hillary, denounced the President’s conduct of the war. To my astonishment, Mrs. Clinton said that the war was “One Of the Darkest Blots On Leadership We’ve Ever Had.”

She apparently said all of that with a straight face. Clinton went a step further by declaring the President’s speech on the war was one of the most “Shameful episodes In American History.”

The woman obviously has a problem with her long term memory. It was her husband, William Jefferson Clinton, who allowed Osama Bin Laden to escape and roam the mountains today in Pakistan. It was during her husband’s watch that he did absolutely “Nothing” to stop the IslamoFascists from taking the lives of more than three thousand American citizens in 2001.

Bill Clinton knew that the IslamoFascists were a threat to us, but this slimeball cared more about his popularity than he did about the safety of Americans. During his tenure in office, this man “Gutted” and military and opened the doors to the military becoming an experimental lab. Bill Clinton didn’t want to soil his hands with war: after all, the man is a draft dodging creep. He loathed the military. Yes, Bill Clinton did more to undercut our military than any other President in our nation’s history. Yet, Mrs. Hillary Rodham-Clinton says the President will leave office and take with him one of the darkest blots on leadership we have ever seen.

This woman seems to forget that her husband used the White House as if it was a cheap Arkansas flea bag motel. She seems to forget that Bill Clinton disgraced the White House with his lies and deceit to the American people. Hillary and her husband are like two peas in a pod. They are both power hungry liars. What I find most amazing is that this fat woman thinks we, the American people, have forgotten what her sleazy husband did while he was President.

Hillary also had criticism for the Bush administration on the so-called phenomenon known as global warming. She charged the President with ignoring “scientific evidence about global warming.” What scientific evidence? I don’t recall any scientific studies performed on alleged global warming. The problem with people like Clinton and other socialists like her, is that they don’t want any debate on their pet issues. They say global warming exists, and that’s that. End of conversation!

She fails to tell the public that there are scores of credible scientists who have come out and debunked this so-called global warming phenomenon. Clinton and other adherents of this new scare tactic, just want the public to be frightened and to also feel guilty. Despite Al Gore’s movie on so-called global warming, this hoax isn’t gaining the traction that the socialists expected. So, people like Clinton start whining like little babies because the President “just won’t get in line.” Bush is only doing what most bright people do: he is exercising his right to, “THINK.” This is something the Hillary Clinton’s of the world despise. They only want obedient little automatoms.

Clinton also questioned the American people’s judgment when she spoke to the 2,000 California delegates:

“Somebody said to me that he wished we could just rewind the 21st century and just eliminate the Bush-Cheney administration. With all their mistakes and misjudgments. People are ready for leaders who understand it is our votes who put them in power, our tax dollars that pay the bills”

I doubt if anyone said that he wished “we” could rewind the 21st century. That is just wishful thinking on Hillary’s part. Would she have been more comfortable with that charlatan, Al Gore in the White House? Remember, the IslamoFascists hijacked three of our commercial airliners in the “21st century.” For all of Bush’s mistakes, he has kept us safe since “Bill Clinton” dropped the ball. Again, Hillary Clinton’s long term memory fails her. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a President who is in the beginning stages of alzheimer’s.

Obama, not to be outdone by his rival, Hillary Clinton, said that “the President may occupy the White House, but for the last six years, the position of leader of the free world has remained open.” He called the President’s foreign policy, “Bluster And Bombast.” This guy has shown us that if elected President, he would allow foreign governments to dictate to us not only how to conduct our foreign policy, but when we should go to war.

Eventually, people like Clinton and Obama will have to stop hiding behind their hatred for the President, and tell us what they really stand for. And, they will not have the cover of the socialist press.

I do not say this to be amusing, but, these are frightening people. However, they are trying to convince us that it is George Bush that we should fear. We know George Bush, but who is Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Barrack Hussein-Obama?

In time, they will show us their true faces! Be forewarned, you will not like what you see or hear.

Dr. Forest Lewis is a trained clinical pyschologist. He is the author of Diary of a Black Man Who Escaped From the Democratic Political Plantation

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Apr 29, 07
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