It isn't really about Civil Rights at all, is it?
By JB Williams on (Apr 29, 07)

Does it strike anyone (besides me) as odd, that a group calling themselves the American Civil Liberties Union, a self-proclaimed defender of “civil rights”, would be overtly anti-Declaration, anti-Constitution and fundamentally anti-American?”

Things are not always as they seem, and they are almost never as they are sold. Unfortunately, even when presented with hard facts, many Americans still prefer the lie over the truth, finding the lie less scary.

Believe it or not, every crackpot notion is not a civil right in America or any other nation. In fact, most of the battles fought in the name of civil rights in America today, have little if anything to do with civil rights. Most have much more to do with special rights…and not the kind of rights that belong in America.

Allow me to introduce you to an important American icon by presenting two of his quotes for which he is famous in civil rights circles, but dangerously unknown to most Americans.

Quote 1 – “So long as we have enough people in this country willing to fight for their rights, we’ll be called a democracy.”

Sounds like something any one of our founding fathers might have said, doesn’t it. But the author of these two quotes was no founding father. The first quote takes on a whole new meaning when placed in context with the second quote from the same individual.

Quote 2 – “I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself… I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”

Does this still sound like one of our founding fathers? - Both of these quotes belong to the same man, Roger Baldwin, a man whom most Americans have never heard of, though they know his works very well.

According to Baldwin’s official biography, he was raised by wealthy parents in the Boston suburb of Wellesley Hills. Family friends ranged from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Oliver Wendell Holmes and Booker T. Washington. Baldwin was raised as an “agnostic Unitarian.”

He attended Harvard College during the period when the Progressive movement took root in America. After completing his M.A. degree, Baldwin heeded the advice of his father’s attorney and confidant, Louis D. Brandeis, to head for the Midwest to seek his fortune.

Roger Baldwin is the founder and long term director of the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU, formed in 1920 with the help of two like-minded friends, Crystal Eastman and Albert DeSilver. To understand the real motives and long term agenda of Baldwin’s ACLU, you must study his so-called progressive civil rights movement from its inception up through today.

Many Americans proudly call themselves “progressives” today, but most of them have absolutely no idea who Baldwin is, what he believed and spent a lifetime working towards, or therefore, what it really means to be a “progressive”. They think it’s some free-thinking pursuit of progress, because that’s what they’ve been sold.

But does it strike anyone (besides me) as odd, that a group calling themselves the American Civil Liberties Union, a self-proclaimed defender of “civil rights”, would be overtly anti-Declaration, anti-Constitution and fundamentally anti-American?

The top five ACLU causes…

1. Anti-Right to Life (Women’s civil rights)
2. Anti-First Amendment (atheist civil rights)
3. Anti-Second Amendment (criminal civil rights)
4. Anti-equality (pro-reverse discrimination)
5. Criminal Defense of the guilty, at the expense of the innocent

Can anyone look at the public agenda of the ACLU and honestly call them a defender of American Civil Liberties? Only if you are a “progressive” who still does not know what it means to be a “progressive”… NEWS FLASH… It has nothing to do with “progress”… or American rights of any kind.

International terror organizations have been mass-murdering innocent civilized societies around the globe for more than thirty years now, including in America. But the ACLU is only concerned with protecting the civil rights of terrorists, against the American government, our intelligence community, Department of Defense and Justice Department, whom they allege; mistreat terrorists in an effort to stop the next 9/11…

Somewhere between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens, many of them dangerous criminals and others, members of known terror organizations, have broken into our not-so-sovereign or secure nation and set down roots illegally. But the ACLU is only concerned with the civil rights of these criminals as if they were legal citizens of the United States and any American not willing to offer full Constitutional benefits to these illegal invaders will be deemed “racists” or “bigots” by the ACLU and their friends in congress and the press.

One need not be a genius to properly interpret the clear intent of the ACLU, which today, remains entirely aligned with the stated goals of its founder Roger Baldwin, and fully engaged in the process (read as progress) of making those goals a reality, one law suit at a time.

For the terminally blind progressive, those goals bear repeating…“I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself… I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.” (Founder and long term director of the ACLU, Roger Baldwin.)

The ACLU is the legal arm of the Democratic Socialist Movement running roughshod over America today and there is nothing pro-American about any of it. The ACLU is responsible for making those laws which elected leftists (Democrats) in congress do not yet have the seats to pass into law via the legitimate legislative branch.

“Communism is the goal” and they are well on their way to achieving that goal. If you happen to disagree with their agenda, they will quickly label you a “fascist”.

Today’s Democrat Party is focused on the same goals. But Democrats are still a few seats short in both houses of congress, of being able to slam their full agenda into law. So they work in concert with the ACLU and liberal courts to make law via judicial fiat (case law) which then is referred to by Democrats as “settled law” or the “intended” but unwritten “Civil Rights”.

Their friends in the leftist press sell Americans a pile of socialist dung, disguised as civil rights.

So, for you terminally stupid Americans, who believe you are engaged in supporting some form of progress when supporting Democrats and their ACLU, allow me to put a fine point on it…

Illegal immigration is a direct assault on national sovereignty and it is making national security a literal impossibility. One who defends American sovereignty and security is a true patriot, not a racist or bigot, as Democrats will have you believe.

A graduated tax system is a direct taxation on personal individual achievement for the sole purpose of re-distributing wealth. It is a socialist tax system. It’s only an acceptable form of socialism to two groups. Those who are not yet a target of that system, seeking access to the earned assets of others and those buy political power by playing Robin Hood.

Universal health care is socialized medicine, no way around it. But if politicians called it what it really is, socialized medicine, few Americans would support the idea. So they call it universal health care, socialism by a much more attractive name. The same goes for countless welfare programs sold as “social conscience” instead of what it is, socialism. Social conscience results in voluntary individual charitable actions. Socialism results in the state seizing earned assets in the name of a greater communal good, without the consent of the giver.

When Democrats talk about troop “re-deployment” in Iraq or anywhere else, it is not troop re-deployment, from one front in the war to another. It is a retreat and surrender from the war all together. But if Democrats called it what it is, few Americans would support it. So they call it re-deployment instead of unconditional surrender.

According to Democrats and their ACLU, if you really support the troops by providing full support for their mission, you are a “war-monger” and a blind “Bush-loving fascist”.

If you believe that a black man is capable of all the same things a white man is capable of, that we really are “equal” without any help from the commune, you are a “racist”. Only those who recognize the sub-standard abilities of the black community and offer special help for the special folks, support racial equality.

If you oppose illegal immigration or re-defining marriage, which will provide “special rights” to only a certain segment of the population by trampling on the rights of the majority, you are a “bigot”, according to “progressives”…

Roger Baldwin established the ACLU in 1920 with a single stated Marxist purpose in mind and the ACLU has served that purpose every day since. They became the legal activist arm of the Democrat Party by the 60’s when the DNC of old became the new front for the secular socialist movement referred to as “progressive” today.

It isn’t really about Civil Rights at all, is it!

Many Americans, especially those leading the charge in the Democratic Party, at ACLU headquarters and in the press, know this and they are openly committed to achieving Baldwin’s vision for America and “Communism is the goal!”

But many other Americans have joined the so-called “progressive” march towards socialism without having any idea that this is what they are supporting. They know the ACLU, but they have never heard of Roger Baldwin, much less studied his biography and the mission statement of his ACLU that persists today. They think the ACLU is protecting their civil rights. That’s what they’ve been sold. But they are clearly seeking “special rights” for a few, at odds with the American rights of every individual, regardless of race, creed or color.

The news media, academia and Democrats are united with the ACLU in their mission. So, none of them will ever present the real facts of that mission to the American people in an honest forthright manner. They know that the only way Americans will buy what they are selling is to mislead them into buying it under another name.

This is what every election is about right now and Americans got it totally wrong in ’06. If they get it wrong again in ’08, it will take another civil war to reverse it all.

Americans must learn to question everything they are being sold, or they will soon find themselves living under Democratic tyranny, their individual rights replaced with the communal rights for the greater good, their freedom gone and all the opportunities and benefits of that freedom, gone as well.

Americans should doubt everything, believing only that which they can personally confirm, independent of politically motivated lies and bogus press reports.

They must ignore what people say and instead, watch what they do … Ignore the sales pitch and check out the product being sold much closer.

Politicians are the slickest con-men on earth, especially the secular socialist variety.

You shouldn’t even take my word for it… Go verify everything I just told you for yourself…

Forget just about everything you think you know. Seek the hard facts and let them drive your personal opinion and political decisions.

That’s what it is to be a “free-thinker” and a true patriot. Stop being a stooge of Democratic Socialism, while you still can. Defend your real rights before the ACLU and Democrats remove them all.

By JB Williams on Apr 29, 07
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