The FDA Is About To Confiscate Your Vitamins
By Dave Gibson on (Apr 29, 07)

"Without any input from the American people, the FDA entered an agreement known as the Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, they are now seeking to enforce that illegal treaty.”

The FDA under President Bush, is planning to take all dietary supplements, exercise equipment, and even therapeutic massages out of our control and make it necessary to receive a doctor’s approval before we can use these items. The proposal for the new regulation is known as Docket # 2006D-0480 Draft Guidance for Industry and Alternative Medicine Products . The FDA is taking public comments on the matter until April 30th.

The medical community is upset because Americans are taking charge of their own health through the use of supplements, sophisticated exercise programs, and alternative forms of treatment. We are visiting our doctors less often and living longer. While these things are positive, they represent a loss of income to the traditional medical and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition to greed, another motivation for the new sweeping regulation is yet again globalism. Mexico and Canada already have policies which greatly restrict their citizens’ ability to utilize dietary supplements and self-guided therapies. Without any input from the American people, the FDA entered an agreement known as the Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, they are now seeking to enforce that illegal treaty.

Europe has already enacted a policy which does not allow their citizens to purchase vitamins and supplements without a prescription from a doctor. The Bush administration plans to copy that model and also move towards that continent’s socialized medicine.

The following passages are taken from the FDA’s document on the new regulation and list the items of which they seek to take from our control:

“Biologically based products include, but not limited to botanicals, animal-derived extracts, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, proteins, prebiotics and probiotics, whole diets and “functional foods.” A botanical product intended for use in treating a disease would be generally regulated as a drug. “Functional foods” may be subject to FDA regulation as foods dietary supplements, or drugs under the Act.”

If the manipulative and body-based practices involve the use of equipment (such as massage devices) or the application of a product (such as lotion, cream, or oil) to the skin or other parts of the body, those products may be subject to regulation under the ACT.”

Under this FDA regulation, the following items would be deemed “medical devices” and only available with a doctor’s approval:

-Yoga mats
-resistance bands
-pilates balls
-weight machines
-massage oils
-heated rocks (for massage)
-handheld massagers

The FDA has a long history of raiding health food stores and even interfering with Americans’ chosen religious practices, all in an effort to dictate Americans’ right to determine their own healthcare. In 1963, armed FDA agents and U.S. Marshals raided the headquarters of the Church of Scientology. Due to the lies of FDA investigators, a warrant was issued to seize biofeedback machines that the church called ‘E-meters.’ The FDA also claimed that church members were ‘practicing medicine’ because many people were turning to and finding success with the church’s drug-free policy of treating anxiety and depression. The raid and subsequent harassment of the Church of Scientology happened to coincide with the massive introduction of many psychotropic drugs hitting the U.S. market.

Consider the following incidents in which the FDA has been involved, we would all be better off if that agency was abolished, rather than given more power:

-The FDA recommended to put Vioxx back in pharmacies even after the drug’s manufacturer took it off the market due to the drug causing thousands of deaths.

-The FDA allowed the importation of tainted wheat gluten from China to be used in the manufacture of over 100 brands of pet food. Their disregard for the health of our beloved pets has resulted in more than 39,000 deaths of dogs and cats nationwide.

-Since August, there has been an outbreak of e.coli on spinach, another outbreak of e.coli on lettuce, two major brands of peanut butter tainted with salmonella, and the deadly pet poisoning.

The FDA only inspects less than one percent of this nation’s imported food items. This agency has proven itself to be completely ineffectual at protecting the U.S. food supply. The only thing the FDA seems willing to protect are the huge profits sought by doctors and the pharmaceutical industry.

We must stop this outrageous step towards controlling every aspect of our lives. Please take the time to contact the FDA by visiting their website at as well as your individual Congressman and Senators and tell them to keep their hands off of your supplements and not to impose the Draft Guidance for Industry and Alternative Medicine Products!

If we the people do not stand up and demand that our freedom be protected, we will surely join the ranks of oppressed people the world over. Our political leaders as marching us very quickly in the direction of a dictatorship.

By Dave Gibson on Apr 29, 07
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