By John LeBoutillier on (Apr 29, 07)

Just a short word on the revelations this week that both the Pat Tillman death and the Jessica Lynch POW ‘tale’ were fabricated by the military—with perhaps civilian higher-ups involved.

To lie about the death of a soldier - and to institute an immediate cover-up - all for the purpose of hiding a friendly fire incident - is obviously wrong. It is a disgrace.

Pat Tillman was a hero - and how he died takes nothing away from his heroism. But to fabricate the details of his death to ‘glorify’ an image has inadvertently muddied Pat Tillman’s entire career - and that is a shame.

Jessica Lynch is another side of the same coin: a loyal soldier who did her job - and then discovered her superiors had completely fabricated an incident that had not occurred - all to help ‘sell’ the Iraq War.

In other words, it was a “Wag the Dog” type fake incident - just like Woody Harrelson’s Old Shoe character in the movie. Made up out of whole cloth!

Just imagine if all this had happened just the same way - only a Democrat was in the White House? Can you imagine how we conservatives would squawk?

Yet this week there has been total silence on the Right about the disgrace of the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch incidents.

Where is the sense of honor about our soldiers?

Where is the sense of shame and outrage about such fabricated baloney by a clearly corrupt military leadership?

And, if the Bush White House had nothing to do with these outrages, why no word of condemnation from them? Why no firings? Why no demotions or courts martial for officers who were ‘in’ on these lies and fabrications?

As Americans, we have to realize a few things:

1) Our soldiers are our most valuable citizens. Without them, we cannot survive.

2) To dishonor them by lying about them - and using them as PR props is unacceptable.

3) To provide third-rate out-patient care and insufficient VA benefits dishonors our soldiers - and therefore our country.

Overall, everything about the Bush Administration treatment of the military - from no body armor and no vehicle armor - to Walter Reed and other medical outrages - smacks of a lack of caring about our warriors and their families.

Next month will come a block-buster new book which will show an even more deep-seeded - and evil - attitude toward our soldiers by past and present White Houses.

Buckle your seatbelts as some nasty revelations will make the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories seem tame in comparison.

By John LeBoutillier on Apr 29, 07
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