Giuliani Stirs Dem Stew: Thick and Thicker
By J. James Estrada on (Apr 29, 07)

Harry “The War is Lost” Reid is a perfect example of what Rudy Giuliani was talking about this week:  Democrats don’t understand the enemy.

This “lost” war is still in its early stages and actually needs to be “found” by the Democrats.  Giuliani rightly described Democrats as defensive-minded when it comes to Islamic militants who desire to destroy our way of life, when the correct course of action – the one chosen by President Bush – is to be on the offensive.  Only one Democrat seems to get this.  That is Connecticut’s Joe Lieberman.  (Oh, yeah, he’s not a Democrat anymore).

Frontrunners for the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as per the norm, reacted by feigning “hurt feelings” at having mud thrown their way.  But it’s not mud.  It is mortar for the façade the Dems have built around the fallen twin towers:  “These towers fell because of our arrogance.” The message of 9/11 for Dems is “Let’s recapture goodwill towards America by giving in to terrorist demands.” How else can you describe the war on Bush that Democrats have been waging?  Their latest “suicide attacks” includes de-funding the war and issuing time-lines for withdrawal. 

Obama calls Giuliani’s comments “low.” Clinton calls them “political rhetoric.” These two darlings of the Left are mere meat for the notion that Dems are weak on national defense.  Their remarks make that pot thick and thicker. 

Keep stirring Rudy and your stock will continue to rise all the way to the Republican nomination.

By J. James Estrada on Apr 29, 07
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