The Privileged of La Villita
By David Tatosian on (Apr 27, 07)

The recent attempt by Federal authorities to combat document fraud (and its disastrous partner, identity theft) in the Mexican community of Chicago’s “Little Village” would be encouraging under different circumstances.

Certainly the operation is the first one to directly challenge the privileged status of the Mexican Diaspora in Chicago.

The outrage expressed by Mexican activists, local Hispanic politicians, Luis Gutierrez and the Mexican community, and the speed with which Mexican activists organized a protest against what was essentially the apprehension of criminals engaging in criminal activity, indicates the reality of that privileged status.

It would be hard to imagine American citizens rallying in defense of criminals engaged in document fraud anywhere outside La Villita.

So, one might be encouraged until one recalls that our federal government, directing that operation, is committed to a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes a “path to citizenship” amnesty plan. The same plan which would directly benefit the tens of thousands of illegal aliens surely residing in that Chicago community.

Given that commitment, the arrest of a few hapless illegal aliens, compared to the 20 or so million already at large nationwide, is slightly less than insignificant.

We have seen this sit com before: the Feds strike, then move to a new location, the few arrests result in a few prosecutions while any orders for deportations are delayed or waived by Federal Judges anticipating a new amnesty in the near future.

This raid, and those that have preceded it, are little more than scripted entertainments serving the dual purpose of convincing the uninformed and the desperate that the federal government is serious about enforcing immigration laws, which it isn’t, and providing cover to our once “tough-on-illegal-immigration” legislators now eager to grant a path to citizenship that they were vehemently opposed to just 6 months ago.

In an article entitled “Republicans Weigh Immigration Options” from April 23, Julie Hirschfeld Davis states, “Republicans are backing off from strict conditions they floated earlier this year for allowing illegal immigrants a crack at citizenship.”

In the same article Cecilia Munoz of the National Council of La Raza states, “The notion that they’re (Republicans) willing to concede something that the public overwhelmingly supports is an encouraging sign.” Parenthesis mine.

That those legislators are apparently caving to the pro illegal alien lobby at the same time citizen activists are engaged in the ‘Hold Their Feet To The Fire” campaign in D.C. is ironic, to say the least.

Referring to the operations in Chicago and elsewhere, John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee stated, “While enforcement is important, it needs to be carried out in a way that does not destabilize communities or tear families apart,” Conyers added. “There needs to be a common-sense understanding of the people involved.”

It is worth noting that the false documents weren’t being sold from the trunk of a car or some seedy location in the dead of night. They were being sold in broad daylight in a shopping mall obviously frequented by Mexican illegal aliens.

Clearly, if the demand weren’t there, the criminal activity wouldn’t be there. (And isn’t that the excuse Mexico offers when confronted with its disinclination to impede the flow of drugs and illegals across our southern border?)

Again, for the Mexicans in La Villita, the enforcement of any American law is of little consequence when compared to the sheltering of their illegal aliens and any ensuing criminal activity.

For the race everything, as they say.

We got a problem here.

And that problem is the United States government’s commitment to the unequal application of the laws and its persistence in granting privileges, imaginary rights and dispensations to “people of color” and special interests that simply do not exist in the constitution. 

One cannot have much respect for the law when people of color are not held accountable for their lawless acts.

One cannot have much faith in a justice system so clearly biased and unjust.

Neither can one ignore the fact that roughly half the voters support the perversions listed above.

How does a nation reconcile such divergent interpretations of the U.S. Constitution and Justice?

Mexican illegal aliens and their supporters will not suddenly bow to American laws. They have nothing but contempt for American laws, American citizens and the American culture.

Nor will American citizens allow their laws and constitution to become mere imperial caprice to suit those invaders and their malignant hosts.

There is no compromise with the chaos and destabilization inherent in the illegal alien problem.

There is only the enforcement of the law.

If the law cannot be evenly applied then it is not the law, it is oppression.

Which instrument do you suppose our current leaders are more comfortable with?

David Tatosian is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By David Tatosian on Apr 27, 07
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