Stupidity Should Be a Criminal Offense
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Apr 27, 07)

I have very little tolerance for stupid people. Allow me to clarify my position.

I don’t have a problem with someone who realizes that he or she is not the brightest bulb in the batch.  It is the stupid people, who think that they are intellectual giants that tend to get under my skin. These are people who feel they are the teachers, and we are their students.

The shooting at Virginia Tech is a little more than a week old. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for the average scurrilous anti-gun fanatic to crawl from under the rock they have been hiding under. These are some of the stupidest people on God’s green earth. Yet, they seem to feel that every word that come out of their mouths should be mounted in “Gold.”

They love to tout our 1st Amendment Rights. However, many of these stupid people abuse their rights under the 1st Amendment. But, try to curtain this right, and their screaming could wake up the dead.

It is these same stupid people who turn into illiterates when it comes to reading, never mind interpreting this precious document. 

The other day, I happened to go to the reader’s comment section of my ultra-liberal newspaper.  I will share with you, some of the dumbest comments on gun control I have heard in sometime. Here is one example:

“I attended Virginia Tech for two year, I have a daughter who is approaching college age and I feel sad about the tragedy. However, I sense a collective disparity in how we react to lost lives. Every single day in Iraq, scores of innocents died in scenes of unimaginable cruelty and violence, thanks to a U.S. led war based on lies and executed in the interests of profit and power. Every single day in U.S. cities, young people fall dead in reign of gun violence perpetuated by friend in Congress who get paid by the NRA and deny the devastating roles of poverty and racism in our communities. Every human life in infinitely valuable. Every senseless death deserves outrage. One can only speculate about the pathology that led to the Virginia tech shooting, but we can act upon our outrage now to save lives by stopping the wars waged in our names with our tax dollars at home and abroad. End poverty, stop racism, and say no to war”

You can not say that I did not warn you about “Stupid People.” Where do you start in dismantling this amazing stupidity? Well first, I would cautioned the writer to stop smoking cannabis. It is obvious that this woman was on some type of mood altering drug when she wrote these stupid words. Poverty will never be eliminated. Racism will never end. Wars will continue as long as man inhabits the earth. Like most liberals, this woman is living in the land of Oz. She mentioned that she attented Virginia Tech for two years. Why did she leave? It is possible that she could not deal with the “Ultra-Conservative” people in that area. The people in the area of VT believe in God and Country. This woman shows her vitriol for her country. We know how liberals feel about God. They believe “They Are God!”

She mentions the gun related deaths in America’s inner cities. I wonder, when was the last time she attempted to do something to stop the violence, other than using the same old tired liberal template: poverty and racism caused this young man to blow another human beings brains out: or it was his family of origin that caused him to take another human being’s life.  How about some personal responsibility?

For more than forty years, we have tried it the liberal way. Actually, it has been more than forty years, if you go back to the programs that FDR instituted. Guess what? Giving people “A Free Lunch,” does not work. Teach them how to work for their lunch. But then, the masses would learn how to be autonomous. This is something that liberals loathe. They would cease to exists if people didn’t depend on them.

Liberals love to keep the masses on their “Political Plantation.” They have convinced those being held in political servitude, that they are incapable of thinking: and that the government can solve all of their problems.

As with most liberals this woman is ill-informed. She is simply regurgitating the talking points of the democrat party. I doubt if she has an original idea in that brain of mush. Perhaps what is most frightening is that this creature “Votes!” Yipes!

The next writer would have made Adolph Hitler, and every other despot who has lived on this planet, proud. This idiot entitled his protest letter, “FIGHT PROLIFERATION OF U.S. HANDGUNS”:

“Every year, about 10,000 Americans die in gun big deal. Then one very disturbed individual shoots 32 people and suddenly you have national news for a month. It seems we are not going to blame the gun enthusiasts who insist their right to a hobby supercedes society’s right not be randomly shot. We are not going to blame the gun manufacturers who make way too many weapons to be able to control where they end up, nor are we going to blame Congress people who are too scared of the NRA to do anything meaningful to protect us. Why not do what every other civilized nation in the free world has done: lock up the handguns..or at least make them so hugely expensive they become luxury items”

Stupid? You betcha! Apparently, this moron has never heard of the 2nd Amendment.

Apparently, this bright boy didn’t hear about the ruling handed down by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. on March 9th of this year. The court said that D.C’s ban on handguns “Violates The 2nd Amendment.”

In other words, law abiding Americans have the right to protect themselves. This chucklehead starts off his article citing the number of Americans who die by gunfire. How many of these so-called victims were “gangbangers?” How many of these great Americans were shot dead by a citizen rescuing a victim from some scumbag?

This genius says guns are a hobby. For some Americans, yes, guns are a hobby. They love collecting history. What business is it of this shredder of the Constitution? Although there are many Americans who like to collect guns, most of us use guns for hunting and for self-defense. Apparently, this guy lives in a bubble where he is not impacted by crime.

Innocent Americans are not shot by law abiding citizens. The Virginia gunman lied on his gun application, making him stand “outside of the law.” Instead of attacking gun owners, members of Congress and the NRA, this fellow would do well to work with his legislators on tightening up existing gun laws.

People like this aren’t interested in working with those of us in the gun community. Remember, this dunderhead has called for the “locking up of handguns.” Liberals don’t have one single solitary solution for any of the salient issues impacting our society. I’m sorry. Sheryl Crow, “That Intellectual Genius On Global Warming,” did say that one way to help the earth is to “USE ONE SQUARE OF TOILET PAPER.”

People like the last writer I quoted will never learn. Every so-called civilized society that has restricted citizens from owning guns have experienced a major spike in crime. So, while citizens are stripped of their individual right to protect themselves, criminals are having a field day. But, don’t expect to hear that from the socialist news media.

Apparently, this is the world that opponents of carry and conceal weapons wish to live in. Have you noticed tha liberals love “PAIN.” I say to people of this ilk, move to Canada, or England. The criminals are waiting to lead you to the slaughterhouse.

Dr. Forest Lewis is a trained clinical pyschologist. He is the author of Diary of a Black Man Who Escaped From the Democratic Political Plantation

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Apr 27, 07
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