Lewiston School Plays Down Muslim Ham Incident
By Sher Zieve on (Apr 27, 07)

Although a parody of ostensible “joke-quotes” was composed and written about the Lewiston, Maine ham incident, the actual story is more compelling—because it’s true.

Unfortunately, many news sources and commentators—I was not one of these—quoted the parody as fact.  The actual facts surrounding the incident include:  On 11 April, responding to a dare, a Lewiston Middle School student placed ham on a cafeteria table where Muslim Somali students were eating.  Muslims consider pork to be unclean.  The “offending student” was suspended from the school.  Also accurate is that a report was filed by the school’s resource officer Bill Brochu and, according to the Sun Journal, “was sent to the Attorney General’s Office for review and to the Androscoggin County District Attorney’s Office for review for possible harassment charges.” School Principal Maureen Lachapelle advised the report was filed and forwarded on “because the ham incident was perceived as a hate/bias crime.”

Many are now attempting to use the parody as “proof” that the incident did not occur.  But, it did.  School Superintendent Leon Levesque commented that the situation in Lewiston, apparently regarding the town’s and school’s relations with its Muslim population, is a “sensitive” one.  Then, the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence’s Stephen Wessler advised a CBS affiliate:  “This is a wake-up call that the level of hate and anger, among a small population, is vibrant!” I’m guessing Mr. Wessler means the “hate and anger” against Muslims—not the hate and anger fomented by Muslims against non-Muslims.  Of still-intense interest to me is why only Muslims, both students and adults, are provided succor and privilege.  Jewish students also consider pork products to be unclean.  But, they are not accommodated nor, historically, have their religious food requests been met by the public school system.  Christians consider the removal of anything and everything pertaining to Jesus, in both the public school system and the public forum, to be discriminatory.  But, their requests for inclusion are no longer obliged.  Instead, Islam and all-things-Muslim are now not only being accommodated but, apparently revered and placed above other religions—by members of our politically-correct society.  A society, I might add, that is quick to demand “human rights” for those who would destroy us but, abjectly refuses to apply those same rights to others—specifically we-the-people who object to these inequities.

As an example, the radical terrorist-supporting Islamic organization CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is now a “mainstream” group within the USA.  CAIR supports Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist organizations that have vowed to destroy Israel, the United States of America and Western civilization as a whole.  Still we allow them to exist within our midst.  The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has joined CAIR in filing myriad lawsuits against US citizens, municipalities, cities and states—designed to promote Islam and place it in a position above other belief systems.  Remember that Islam and the Muslim religion are one in the same.  In Islamic societies, there is no ‘separation of mosque and state’—they are joined at the hip.  Also remember that in Islamic countries, religions other than Muslim are either not allowed and non-Muslims are heavily persecuted—or more often than not they are killed.

What this latest submission to Muslims’ complaints and demands illustrates is that we are now not only bending over backwards to these “guests” in our country but, have apparently decided to place them above non-Muslims.  Even members of the Democrat-controlled US Congress are actively attempting to appease and placate our true enemies—as well as providing them with credibility.  As our leaders provide aid and comfort to our enemies, the ACLU and CAIR sue anyone who complains about Islam or its practices (do you remember the Flying Imams suit against passengers?) and schools now require the teaching of Islamic studies, is it any real surprise that and Muslims are now protected from ham placed on a table by a student? 

We in the United States of America have always welcomed those who wish to legally enter our country, in order to embrace and enjoy the American way of life.  We-the-people, however, do not welcome those who would destroy that life and/or work toward implementing a non-democratic form of government.  The bottom line is either we wake up and stop these current insane injustices or we will be forced to comply with all of them that will follow in the future. 

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By Sher Zieve on Apr 27, 07
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