Ultrasound Deemed Too Emotional by Pro-Abortionists
By Kevin Roeten on (Apr 26, 07)

The dark secret is that seventeen states have, or are considering, ultrasound legislation. The darkest part is that this ultrasound allows women to physically view their babies prior to a possible abortion.

Hideously, South Carolina could be the first state to make the viewing mandatory, making women view another life in their bodies before they kill it. Who could possibly require such a thing?

But this information is not surprising. We learn that more and more Crisis Pregnancy Centers now have ultrasound equipment that allows women intending to abort, to see exactly what is to be aborted. Some ultrasounds actually show enough detail where you can observe ‘up-to-now’ hidden physical characteristics. Those centers report that anywhere from 62 to 95% of the women who had intended to abort, change their mind after an ultrasound viewing. It seems all those Planned Parenthood locations can hear the money flushing down the toilet (no pun intended).

The pro-abortionists are livid at such a display of realism. They typically call the practice ‘intimidation’ or ‘emotional blackmail’. But as Star Parker(TownHall) explains, “Intimidation or blackmail implies some kind of threat. What exactly might that threat be?” When has asking a doctor to explain something to you been better than a picture?

It is true that a significant number of women under the age of 17 have abortions performed. If you’re not old enough to vote or buy liquor, how does one have the personal ability to comprehend eliminating a life?

Women need all the facts before making an abortion. A Georgia bill will simply give the woman the opportunity and option to view the fetal image and the fetal heartbeat at the conclusion of an ultrasound. It’s likely that when these young women see fingers, toes, and a beating heart, they better understand the life within them.

The bottom line of money and politics seem to be driving the abortion industry--two poor ethics at best. But why does everyone need to try out a new car before they own it? It’s good to see what you will get before you purchase. And certainly buying a new home mandates a ‘looksee’, or maybe several, before you become the owner. What is it about a new baby that pro-abortionists don’t want you to see? It’s very interesting when one realizes that the doctor and/or nurses usually view the ultrasound of the baby while performing the abortion. But it’s against rules to let the mother see it.

Sure, the birth of a baby is a little different than buying a car or a house. The baby is infinitely more important than either. Anyone who thinks differently is truly scary. And the car or the house won’t scream at you if you decide to destroy them, like a baby would if she/he had the voice to do it.

By Kevin Roeten on Apr 26, 07
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