Diversity is Our Weakness, Assimilation was our Strength!
By JB Williams on (Apr 26, 07)

The most diverse nation on earth needs no reminder of just how ethnically diverse it is. What bears reminding, is the need for all ethnically diverse comers to assimilate into American culture and society. Assimilation is our strength - from many, one.

If your homeland was worth celebrating, it would still be your homeland. The reason you came to America was to join in the benefits of the uniquely American culture, where it matters not at all where you came from, but instead, only where you are going. In doing so, you left behind a culture and society much less attractive and America is not interested in importing that culture.

In order to continue guaranteeing true equal opportunity for all in the land of milk and honey, the founding American principles we used to celebrate in common, need to remain intact as the foundation for the most successful social experiment on earth.

Celebrating cultural and ethnic diversity, our differences, is a system designed to divide a nation. An effort to dilute our founding principles and divided our people into nice neat little socio-economic and ethnic ideological voting blocs. And divided, we can not stand…

The only people who benefit from such divisions are the politicians who use them to gain power by pitting one group against another. Black against white, poor against rich, homosexuals against heterosexuals, anti-religious against religious, illegal immigrants against legal citizens, anti-capitalist against capitalist, and the list goes on and on.

We are told that there are two Americas today, but that isn’t so. There are two American cultures today, this is true. And there is a reason for this.

The first is the very diverse American culture that stood against an aggressive world for more than 150 years, united in common principles and values, by a common language and a common purpose of individual freedom and liberty, no matter our individual backgrounds or differences. A culture focused on what we had in common, where we were headed, not where we had been.

The second, a new American culture that places diversity, our differences, ourselves, ahead of that which we have in common, that which once united us all. It says we must celebrate only that which is different about each of us. That we must focus on ourselves and on our pasts, hold on to that which separates us and run from anything that might bring us together.

Even after 9/11, when ALL Americans of all cultures, all ethnic and economic backgrounds, were attacked and murdered, some are working around the clock to divide us over what we should do about it.

We can debate who is doing this work if you like, but we can all see and hear who is siding with terrorists around the globe responsible for that attack, many others around the world and many more to come, if we don’t find a way to unite in our own self-preservation soon.

Democrats are the primary beneficiaries of all modern social divisions and they are the engineers of those divisions for this very reason. So don’t expect them to unite anyone, other that the plethora of minority groups they have so cleverly developed into reliable DNC voters over the last sixty years or so.

Among those who MUST vote Democrat in every election are…

* The Black Community
* The Gay Community
* The Atheist Community
* The Pro-Illegal Immigrant Community
* The Pro-Abortion Community
* The Proletariat Class
* The Poor seeking gifts from the treasury
* The Socialist Community
* The anti-War (anti-security, peace through appeasement) Community

Each of these is a small minority group seeking not “equal rights”, but rather “special rights”, and each has been taught to “celebrate” their individual cultural differences and fight against any of the founding American principles that might cause them to assimilate or unite with all other Americans. They have been taught that where they come from is more important than where they are going.

Remove these voting groups from the picture and there would be no Democrat Party today. That’s why Democrats MUST sell diversity, that which divides us, and refer to anyone who promotes assimilation, real equality, as a “racist” or “bigot”.

But in the end, America must return to that which made America the greatest nation on earth, assimilation of many cultures seeking only an opportunity at freedom and self-determination.

Or we can perish as a diverse group of divided people stuck in perpetual class envy and cultural warfare, unable to ever unite again, even in the name of preserving and defending our country from outside enemies.

Diversity is not our strength, it is our weakness… From many, one - was our strength. We were never the same and we never will be. We are individuals. It’s our similar principles that once united us, not our cultural differences.

One of three futures will be ours…

* We will assimilate and unite once again around fundamental American ideals.
* We will fall as a nation forever divided down cultural lines for sake of political power.
* Or Americans will one day run out of tolerance and restore American principles by removing from office and society, those who seek to profit by dividing the people.

I suspect it will be number three, as I do not expect Democrat politicians to stop pandering to the divided States, or Democrat voters to stop seeking “special” favor. It’s profitable to both in the short term, no matter how destructive it is in the long term.

But for the record, assimilation was our strength… From many, one – Assimilation, not diversity, is worth celebrating!

By JB Williams on Apr 26, 07
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