"Good For The Country" -- Victim Disarmament Zones, Part III: Anti-gun Is Just Decerebrate
By John Longenecker on (Apr 26, 07)

"The school shootings and other shootings can be met so very easily if activists and officials stop being so bull-headed.”

Who in this country need Leaders who are so stubborn? Who in this country need leaders at all?

Americans tolerate a lot if they believe it will help a crisis, and many good-natured helpful can be fooled and be talked out of their authority in liberty in the process by rhetoric which appears to be reasonable, but which cannot be because it goes against a civil right. The school shootings and other shootings can be met so very easily if activists and officials stop being so bull-headed. Understand that carrying personal weapons is not an offensive action, it is a defensive action, and it is being frustrated illegally. It is being frustrated immorally.

Understand that the officials and activists are not standing up to the liberty lobby, the liberty lobby is standing up to the officials and the activists who interfere with household and other values in our country. Letís not lose perspective.

I could mention that our right is inalienable, but what perhaps carries more meaning to every household is oneís legal authority to act in self-defense and defense of another. This legal authority is being frustrated illegally Ė and with use of official force. You canít legally make rules that obscure, discourage and punish citizen authority and call it public policy or public interest. You canít hide the values and laws that recognize the right and oneís individual citizen authority to act and still be faithful to the People.

Why not recognize the authority of the citizen over that of officials? Some officials just donít see it that way: it would perhaps prove how unneeded they really are. Entertaining anti-gun activist influence is to depart from their of oath of office. Itís just as wrong as activists who would introduce the idea of people owning other people. Itís against a civil right put there for a reason.

Fortunately, not all of Congress believes as the Schumers and the Feinsteins do. Gun control has backfired into a disaster for the United States, killing our kids and other innocents, and now is not the time to disarm people, but to summon them. If we summon officials to their duty, weíd better get ready to summon ourselves, too, not to war, but to participation in self-governance. Our country is going to Hell purely for our lack of supervising our officials. Instead of supervising them, we have become supervised, now with high-tech surveillance and more use of force on the belief that Americans must be suspicioned for our own good. Nothing could be more decerebrate. Because itís not true: itís a bluff, and itís gotten to the point where officials believe they have all the authority. Now they want all the force, and school shootings are just the excuse to disarm the ultimate authority in this nation, you.

I donít care what you believe, you may not legally disarm your neighbors who want to carry their weapons to be free to act in self-defense when facing grave danger. And grave danger is what itís all about Ė not road rage, not insults, not kids on your lawn, not lover shootings, but facing grave danger alone. Or didnít the activists mention that? The liberty enthusiasts are demanding their weapons for use only in facing grave danger, and hiding and discouraging that anywhere-anytime, instance-by-instance legal authority is decerebrate.

Itís time to stop hiding the ball. Itís wrong to disarm people so activists who can impeach the dangerous polices—you have the right to self-defense, but not on campus, airports or churches Ė and decerebrate to think that being defenseless is reasonable and somehow acceptable. It is not.

The problem is that this official position is not mere opinion, it is a stand backed by force. Itís a felony to carry a weapon on campus, in an airport, etc. Why? Why, indeed.

2008 candidates: repeal all gun laws. Repeal the ban of weapons on campus, in airports, public buildings and churches. The students and visitors are average reasonable persons, after all, your constituents, not people to be forced to study and work in victim disarmament zones against their community interests.

2008 candidates need to understand that weíre getting very, very tired of fearing official punishment more than armed murderers. Constituents in a nation of self-rule ó heads of household and child alike Ė are getting very tired of having to choose between felony and funeral.

Repeal all gun laws and respect citizen authority in time of facing grave danger. The rest will take care of itself.

That would be very good for the country.

John Longenecker is author of “The Case For Nationwide Concealed Carry”. See www.TransferOfWealth.net

By John Longenecker on Apr 26, 07
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