Hey Sheryl, Please Shut Up and Sing
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Apr 24, 07)

Like two spoiled children, singer Cheryl Crow and producer Laurie David, went on the Today Show over the weekend, and cried to the American people about how, “that mean karl Rove mistreated them.”

Of course, the “wooden anchor, Lester Holt,” didn’t challenge these two publicity hounds. According to David, the producer of, “Inconvient Lie, I Mean Truth,” she and Crow attended a “White House Correspondence’s Dinner” in D.C.on Saturday night. Rove was in attendance. Why these two chowderheads were at a correspondence’s dinner is beyond me. I don’t recall ever seeing a news story filed by these two wackos. But, I digress. David said that she sauntered over to Rove’s table:

“I went over to him and said, I urge you to take a new look at global warming.  He went zero to 100 with me...I’ve never had anyone be so rude.”

Crow who is on a nationwide bus tour to indoctrinate the masses on “global warming,” reportedly tried to play peacemaker. “Somehow” Crow says, “she was drawn into the debate.” Is this starting to smell fishy folks? Crow said that she told “that big, bad Karl Rove, you work for me.” To which Rove said, “No I Work For The American People.”

All that I’ve got to say to Karl Rove is, “Right On.” These two chowderheads apparently think that they can ride rough shod over anyone who happens to not tow their political line. This is what global warming is all about folks, politics. There is no real science in this made up phenomenon. Although Crow said on the Today Show that scientists agree that we are in the throes of “global warming.” She failed to mentioned the number of scientists who have come out and stated that global warming is only in the minds of those who wish to, (1) Make money, (2) Scare children and their parents, and (3) Force Americans to experience guilt.

Looking at this birdbrain of a woman Cheryl Crow, I doubt if she would know the difference between a lump of grass and a bush. Yet, Crow has established herself as a maven on the subject of global warming.  What is sad is that this idiot and her equally idiotic bus-mate, Ms. David are taking their message of propaganda to college campuses around the country. Heck, these kids brains are already full of mush; when Crow and David finish with them, the stuff will ooze from their ears. All that I can say is, Hey Lance, “You Dodged That Bullet!”

As I write this column, I find myself wondering why did these two featherbrains have to pick on poor old Karl? Hell, he doesn’t set policy. It was clear that these two mal-contents were out to make trouble. Said Rove, “She came over to insult me, and she suceeded.”

While the hypocrite, Laurie David is “telling” everyone else how to live their lives, she is busy doing just the opposite. But, this is what liberals do. This is a woman who along with her husband, own a fleet of vehicles. One of her autos is a six cylinder car that only gets 19 MPG in the city, and 28 MPG on the highway. Yet, this hypocrite has on her website the following words, “What Can You Do To Fight The Climate Crisis?”

Hmmm… Let’s see, how about you and your overaged hippie friend drive to Alaska and play with the Grizzlies?

Dr. Forest Lewis is a trained clinical pyschologist. He is the author of Diary of a Black Man Who Escaped From the Democratic Political Plantation

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Apr 24, 07
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