Republican Flip-Flopping
By John LeBoutillier on (Apr 24, 07)

"The problem with Rudy, McCain, Brownback and Romney is that they are all untrustworthy chamaeleons without a principle in their spineless bodies...”

Have you noticed the blatant flip-flopping and pandering by the leading Republican 2008 presidential candidates?

Rudy Giuliani is the latest example: in the course of just the last week he has switched his positions on gun control, abortion and illegal immigration!

A) As Mayor of New York, he always argued for strict hand-gun control. But - now that he is running for the GOP nomination for president - last week - and even after last week’s Virginia Tech mass-murder with a handgun obtained despite a court-ruled mental illness - Rudy says the law is just fine the way it is;

B) In 2000, Rudy defended the ‘partial birth abortion’ procedure which the Congress then outlawed. In a 2000 Tim Russert CNBC interview, Giuliani specifically said that he would not advocate interfering in this medical procedure. But - last week after the Supreme Court upheld the federal ban - Rudy praised the court’s decision!

C) On illegal immigration, Giuliani was the worst offender when he was Mayor. He blasted opponents of illegal immigration - and used tax-payer dollars to protect illegals from the feds. He repeatedly praised illegal immigrants - and lumped them in with legal immigrants - apparently seeing no distinction between those who obey the law and wait their turn and those who ‘cut the line.’

Now, out on the campaign trail where the “rubber meets the road,” and he actually has to hear from GOP voters, he is hearing their white-hot anger over the open sieve our Southern border has become and how 12-20 million illegals have soured so many Americans on their own quality of life.

John McCain - the front-runner for the last three years - is also on the verge of becoming a major flip-flopper on immigration. After years of leading the way toward giving amnesty to illegals - and opposing the Fence - McCain went to Iowa four weeks ago and got an earful from caucus-goers.

Shell-shocked, he retreated and said, “I am re-considering my position on illegal immigration.”

That very same weekend, Senator Sam Brownback - another pro-amnesty GOP presidential candidate - was also visiting Iowa and had a similar experience: caucus goers blasted him at every stop for his immigration stance. By Sunday night he, too, said he was “reconsidering” his position.

And then there is Mitt Romney: the world’s biggest political prostitute. He has been pro-gun control, then anti. Pro-abortion rights, then anti. Pro illegal immigration, then anti. He was a registered Independent in 1992 and voted for Paul Tsongas for President but now say he did it to help the first President Bush. Then he tells the Log Cabin Republicans that he is pro-gay rights and wants to be “even more so than Teddy Kennedy” (while he was running against Kennedy) but now he is against gay rights. His pattern is clear: mimick and even exceed your opponent. No wonder he has tried to re-make himself into a conservative Republican: that is what you have to be to win the GOP nomination.

The problem with Rudy, McCain, Brownback and Romney is that they are all untrustworthy chamaeleons without a principle in their spineless bodies. They are so desperate to obtain power that they will say and do anything to win.

Is this the kind of man we want to lead our party after the problems Bush has caused the party and the country?

Do we need another Republican president who will say one thing to get nominated and then do something else?

Or would we be better off finding a true-blue traditional conservative who believes in fiscal prudence, a foreign policy built not on bluster and loud public dares but on ‘peace through strength,’ who knows excessive federal power is not a good thing, and who knew from the get-go right from wrong? Who could possibly defend 20 million illegals swarming across our borders as a “good thing”? How could that thinking be good for our country?

Make no mistake about it: GW Bush has greatly damaged both the Republican Party and conservatism itself.

To right the ship, the party needs to find a candidate who will reverse these disastrous mistakes made by Bush with the concurrence of the GOP Congressional and party leadership.

As of today, the GOP - under Bush - has lost the House and Senate and most big state governorships and we are in trouble for 2008.

Bill Clinton - for all his own personal electoral and financial success (and Hillary’s) - basically destroyed the Democratic Party during his eight years in the Oval Office. When he won in 1992, the Democrats controlled the House, senate and all the Big States (except California).

By the time he left office, the GOP had become the dominant national party. Why? Because Clinton became the Face of the Democrats - and after Monica-Gate - he killed his party’s chances in 2000.

Now, eight years later, GW Bush has done the same thing to ‘his’ party.

So much for the two ‘political Royal Families’ - the Bushes and the Clintons.

We need new blood in both parties - and soon.

By John LeBoutillier on Apr 24, 07
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