Inheritance Of The Meek
By David Tatosian on (Apr 23, 07)

"Given the current circumstances, meekness is the last thing Americans should concern themselves with...”

But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.
-- 1 Timothy 6:11

I will admit up front that my knowledge of Christianity and the Bible, begun as a child in Sunday school, is incomplete at best.

In fact, since 9/11, I have spent more time with the delusions of Ibn Ishak, Bukhari and ul-Wahhab than I ever spent with Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

Not because I wanted to spend my time thus wise. Not because I was drawn to it. To the contrary, I find both Islam and its prophet to be repugnant, violent, perverse and mindless.

In a word, oppressive. If Stalin, Mao or Hitler were to come back, they would flourish in Islam.

No, post 9/11 I took a harder look at Islam because the “Islam is a religion of peace" nonsense was in direct contrast to what my eyes were seeing, and had seen since Munich.

Again, I am not a scholar.  I perceive the advice within the above verse to be an antidote to the strife, evil sumisings, perverse disputings and the love of money, which is the root of all evil, listed in the verses immediately preceding it.

Seemingly good advice, but nonetheless, I most emphatically disagree.

Given the current circumstances, meekness is the last thing Americans should concern themselves with.

We, as a people, have allowed ourselves to degenerate into shapeless, suppurating lumps of meekness. 

We have allowed ourselves to be rendered meek and imbecilic by prevaricating pimps just smart enough to pervert righteousness, Godliness, faith and love to suit their own wretched apprehensions.

We have rendered ourselves impotent and called it tolerance.

We have embraced injustice and untruth and called it righteousness a thousand times over.

What right do Christians have to aspire to meekness, love and patience, what right have they to count their own masters, whose yoke they are under, worthy of all honor when those masters systematically destroy my country, my culture and my children’s future?

The Catholic and other Churches have put themselves on the side of Bush and his illegal aliens. Doing so contributes to the destabilization and ultimate destruction of the last best hope of western civilization, Christianity and freedom. That is, the United States.

A growing number of communities are fighting against this obviously unjust, illegal and immoral campaign. But not Bush’s people of faith.

Those same organizations, those people of faith that Bush keeps depending on for their unwavering support, have not followed after righteousness, Godliness or the rest. They have followed after government money and personal power.

In the face of the Islamic jihad, in the face of Muslim beheadings of Christian school girls, the murder of nuns, the murder of priests and other Christians Bush’s people of faith remain under the yoke and say and do absolutely nothing to stop the slaughter of their own.


Can they not call savagery by its name?

Can they not proclaim themselves to be against an evil that means to wipe them from the face of the earth and still be good Christians?

Can they only turn their other cheek and offer our necks to Islam, the insatiable enemy of mankind?

It is said this nation was built on Christian values and beliefs. The framers of the constitution said so themselves. They turned to their Christian God for guidance and strength in their trials and tribulations and thanked that God when the fight was over and their prayers were answered.

What right have Christians to hide behind their faith and desert us as our enemies draw closer and grow stronger during the current fight? 

I am an American. First, last and always. As such I believe an individual’s right to freely worship his or her God to be inviolate.

Unless and until, as is the case with Islam, that worship contributes directly to the destruction of this nation and its people. 

Islam, a barbaric and oppressive force masquerading as a religion, has become a part of the policy-making apparatus in the halls of power. Incredibly, they have accomplished that feat as a direct result of the deaths of thousands of Americans.

One would expect Christians, whose treatment at the hands of Muslim dominated societies has been, and still is, horrific, to oppose that Islamic influence with every fiber of their being. Yet Bush’s people of faith happily ignore history and the truth so as to have access to that same apparatus.

We live in dangerous and perverse times. Good has become evil, right has become wrong and truth has become the lie.

In the end, one has to ask: which is more destructive, the grisly horde scaling the walls or the citizens who refuse to man the battlements in their own defense?

David Tatosian is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By David Tatosian on Apr 23, 07
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