Sleepless in America, but "Thank God for the rich people"
By Guest: Curtis Dahlgren on (Apr 23, 07)

"Thank God for the rich people because the poor people don’t have any money.”
-- Otto Nathaniel Dahlgren [my grandpa]


The demons of late seem to have a special hatred for US (America, I mean). The demons seem to understand better than we do that America is the anti-Ishmael, more “Israelitish” than “Gentile.” If I’m right about that, right now we need God’s protection more than any other country in the world. “Unto whom much is given, much shall be required.”

On the day of the Virginia Tech massacre, the President was on TV talking about God and “praying for the victims and their families.” A local person said, “How can he do that?” I don’t know how many people are buying into the “Separation of Religion and State” myth, but I explained to this person that the people who founded our country were 100 percent opposed to the concept of absolute “separation” of the State from religion.

The Regents of the University of Wisconsin system tried to ban a dormitory Resident Assistant from holding informal Bible studies in his room last year. The ACLU gets taxpayer money to sue local governments in their attempt to drive religion underground. The Ten Commandments on the court house lawn or school house wall? “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”

Maybe the victims of the Virginia shooting should get a lawyer and counter-sue.

The professional pundits, of course, are drawing all the wrong conclusions and asking the wrong questions. As in the case of the Salt Lake City shooting, they are asking how this “resident alien” could have “fallen through the cracks” of the societal safety net. Politicians in Virginia recently passed a law making it illegal for public universities to expel a student who is suicidal (obviously mentally ill). [Note: lawyers “rule”!]

We now see the results, but Senator Obama was in Milwaukee the other day and said that this happening in Virginia equated with the “verbal violence” of Don Imus and illustrates our “culture of violence” (a code-word for “self-defense"). One could just as well ask why the European culture of soccer is so violent. Watching a 3-hour nothing-to-nothing soccer match could drive almost anyone “nuts,” but that’s as beside the point as blaming Charlton Heston (suffering from Alzheimer’s) for the deaths at Virginia Tech.

The MSM, including NBC, within 24 hours of the shooting were “rambling” like serial killers about their Hitler-like plan to disarm the American people. Last week it was the First Amendment that was under attack and this week it is the Second Amendment (before the dead are buried even), so will it be the Third Amendment next week?

For over five years since 9/11/01, we’ve been wondering what the terrorists would try to do next. Maybe they don’t have to do anything; we are self-destructing anyway!

The “mainstream” news media have so stirred up emotion against America and “the RICH” that every “pro-Ishmaelist” with psychotic tendencies can be excited to do the dirty work for Al Qaida. BTW, I just heard today that the Utah shooter was buried in Bosnia with a hero’s funeral. The Virginia shooter used the name Ishmael, the father of the Arabs.

A few good “dumb questions"

- Is it a coincidence that the last two mass shootings have been in Utah and northern Virginia, two of the most religious and conservative regions of the United States?

- Was Cho’s demon aware that he was shooting at a survivor of the Holocaust, and even a survivor of the Columbine massacre [wouldn’t be a bit surprised]?

- When did the NRA ever “shoot up” ANYTHING [never]?

- Would you rather run into a Resident Assistant with a permit to carry a concealed gun or run into the barrel of a “resident alien’s” gun (defying all campus rules and the “laws of the land")?

- How many Congressional junkets to Aruba were “ruined” by the news out of Blacksburg, Virginia this week?

- How big was the “bump” that NBC news achieved in their ratings last night?

P.S. Speaking of the “laws of the land”...

Kudos to the Supreme Court of the United States which finally did something “right” about the value of Human Life. It couldn’t have happened at a better time.

PPS: Another dumb question. How many of you readers of this colum know what the Third Amendment to the Constitution says?

“No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.”

If America no longer has Freedom of Speech or the Right to Bear Arms, don’t be shocked when the Powers-that-be (possibly supra-national ones) come to invade your home. The Right to private property is already “history” due to confiscatory taxation, eminent domain, and the demonization of the “RICH”!


My grandfather was a Swedish immigrant who tenant-farmed several farms owned by the “rich Englishmen” who had arrived in this country earlier. He worked one 500-acre farm by “horse” power, literally. He grew the food, milked the cows by hand, and peddled the milk door-to-door in town. Nevertheless, he was a polemicist who just hated socialism and he debated the local socialists in the saloons on his milk route (in lieu of the Internet forums).

Grampa Dahlgren died long before I was born and there is only quotation of his that was passed on down to me, verbally: “Thank God for the rich people because the poor people don’t have any money.”

This is one of those sayings that makes more sense the longer you think about it. He was referring to the fact that he gave a lot of milk to poor customers who were unable to pay the bill, but thanks to some of the rich clients he had, he broke even and never had to declare bankrupcy. Plus, he believed in Freedom.

And he would be astounded at the prosperity of today’s middle class and even the poor people (who live a LOT better than he did in the late 1800s and early 1900s)!

The people who say “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” would be as happy as larks if 99 percent of the people were poor (because it would enable them to whine like the Virginia Tech terrorist).

BY THE WAY, one of my favorite movies was “Breaking Away,” a light-hearted story of rivalry between “rich university students” and the local “Townies.” It’s the only movie I ever saw after which the entire theater audience stood and applauded. There has always been a little tension between home-towners and out-of-town students in university towns, but it’s just a shame that in the post-911 universe, people take themselves too seriously. [NBC was probably disappointed that the killer wasn’t a local “redneck,” but another anti-Christian madman. He certainly used the word “I” a lot in his videos, didn’t he?]

Pray for the survivors of the Virginia Tech massacre, even if the ACLU says, “You can’t do that!” And let’s not stand by and allow them to drive religion “behind closed doors”!

By Guest: Curtis Dahlgren on Apr 23, 07
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