McCain Bombs as a Candidate
By John LeBoutillier on (Apr 22, 07)

John McCain is ‘bombing’ as a presidential candidate.

He is finally being seen to be as inept, incompetent, thin-skinned and short-tempered as those of us who know him privately have always known him to be; it just took the scrutiny of this campaign to show it to the vast public. His pals in the mainstream media - Tim Russert, Chris Mathews etc. - have shielded the ‘real’ McCain from the harsh light other candidates normally have to withstand. But they ‘liked’ him so he skirted that scrutiny - until he supported the Iraq war. Then, all bets were off.

His ‘bombshell’ screw-up yesterday in South Carolina - where he sang “Bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys’ mega-hit “Barbara Anne,” is yet another signpost that John McCain’s days in the limelight of national politics are drawing to a close.

He looks awful: rumpled, old, messy, itchy with wrinkled clothes, no neck ties anymore. A simple rule, John: if you want to be President of the United States, look like a President - and not like the President of Iran, either, with the suit and no-tie look that Obama now features. Put the suit and tie back on and pull yourself together.

The real problem, however, isn’t just what he looks like. It is himself. John McCain is - and always has been - a horrid little spoiled punk with a gigantic chip on his shoulder. He has treated people like lint on his trousers. You want to know why so many conservatives loathe him? It is because they have - somewhere along the way - been on the receiving end of his sarcastic, demeaning, condescending attitude.

Knowing that he is staring political death in the eye, McCain is at a loss over what to do about it. His PR fiasco in Baghdad really rattled him - because his previous political ‘base’ - the so-called Mainstream Media - called him on it and exposed yet another McCain fraud.

Then he tried to correct that problem by claiming - incredibly - that he “mis-spoke” when he claimed things were so safe and peaceful in Baghdad that you could walk or drive around with no armor or protection.

And then came South Carolina before a veterans group: when asked about what to do about Iran and their nascent nuclear program, McCain sang his little song in hopes of moving to the ‘right’ and getting some traction in the race.

Ain’t gonna happen, Johnny-Boy.

You have dissed too many people for too long.

Your campaign is as dead as a doornail.

You even look like you know it.

And, ticked off over that, you are certain to pop your lid one of these days and show the world that side of you that you try so hard to keep hidden: the meanness, the vicious temper, the anger, the spoiled brat who was always given everything by Daddy and who always had his indiscretions covered-up by Admiral Daddy.

John, it is coming unglued - and it couldn’t happen at a better time. You have hurt the GOP for years - and you have stomped on so many people that you are now about to experience true ‘payback.’

By the by, the greatest of all your sins has occurred regularly since you came back from Hanoi in 1973: you have systematically treated the families of POWs who didn’t come back with you as criminals. You have dumped on them; lied to them; laughed at them; mocked them.

You have also helped cover up the truth about the POW issue - more to come on that in May - and you will rot in Hell for your complicity in this heinous crime.

John McCain, the bell tolls for thee.

And you are going down - for good.

And it is Good Riddance to you.

By John LeBoutillier on Apr 22, 07
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