VirginiaTech -- A Prime Example of a Fallen Creation
By Rob Hood on (Apr 20, 07)

The shooting at VirginiaTech was one of the worst tragedies that I have witnessed. I do believe it comes in second place to September 11 as a major shock to America.

As many look for answers as to why the gunman would take so many innocent lives, we have to realize that we still live in a fallen world. We live in a world without hope and without promise of safety. Our safety, comfort, and hope fled after the Fall of Eden when mankind allowed Satan to take hold control of life. We live in a world where we are in constant threat from outside sources, whether from terrorism, crazed gunmen, disease, or war, we all face the same ultimate feelings of despair, but we don’t have to. The young man who took the lives of these people was troubled and no doubt did not know about God nor the saving power of His son Jesus Christ. Those of us who are saved and face tragedies of this magnitude still have feelings of grief, but we ultimately know that one day, when the Lord returns, we will see our loved ones again. We know that one day evil will be banished from existence in a lake of fire. Never again will we have to face tragedy, disease, war, death, famine, nor any other thing caused by the consequences that came upon mankind after the Fall. We know that eternity will be secured and life will never again be able to be taken away by anyone or anything. While we may feel anger, despair, and grief for the moment, we can look to One who can provide salvation, love, and hope for eternity - Jesus Christ.

My prayers sincerely go out to the families who lost dear loved ones on April 16, 2007 at VirginiaTech!

If you would like to know more about salvation see:
or see :

By Rob Hood on Apr 20, 07
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