Cho Seung-Hui, the Sickest of the Sickest
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Apr 20, 07)

"Cho Seung-Hui is reportedly said to have undergone a psychiatric evaluation. If so, how did the evaluator miss the myriad red flags?"

By now, you have watched the sick videotapes of a once troubled young man. This young man can be heard rambling incoherently. In still photos, he is seen posing with two guns. In yet another picture, he has a gun placed to his head; and a hunter’s knife to his throat in still another photo.

A visibly angry Cho Seung-Hui said in one of his videotapes:

“You had a hundred billion chances and ways to have avoided today. But, you decided to spill my blood. You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option. The decision was yours. Now you have blood on your hands that will never wash off”

What a chilling statement! My hearts goes out to the victims, and their families. In my career as a clinical psychologist, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of clinically sick individuals. What I’m about to say will no doubt trouble some of my colleagues, but nevertheless, what I will say is true.

I have watched psychotherapists perform some of the most inept evaluations on sick people.  I have also seen them drop the ball, time and time again.  While working at my last mental health agency, I watched as a psychiatrist released an obvious sick person from our inpatient hospital. I did not concur with his recommendation to release this person, however, the psychiatrist has the last word, whether right or wrong.

I have visted my patients while they were inpatient, and watched as staff gave them “Pencils” to write with. These people who were psychotic, were not stabalized on medication. Yet, they were given this dangerous weapon. Someone could have been blinded with this instrument. If the pencil had been placed in the right place on a person’s body, certain death could have occurred. Why are these so-called trained clinicians so careless? They don’t give a damn. Now, this doesn’t included everyone in the field of mental health. But, most of these people don’t believe that anything bad will happen on their watch. So, when you mix arrogance with apathy, you have a recipe for disaster. All that it takes is “One Time.” Reference, Cho Seung-Hui

I believe that arrogance and incompentence is what happened to Cho Seung-Hui. How in God’s dear name could this obvious psychotic individual escape the watchful eye of a trained psychologist or psychiatrist? Someone who is psychotic is easy to pick out; even when they are on their neuroleptic, or anti-psychotic medication.  I heard this fellow, Tom Costello, of NBC News say that Hui was on a “Psychotic Medication.” Well, Mr. Costello, you should find the prescribing physician, and that person’s license should be pulled if he gave Hui a “psychotic medication.” Ladies and gentlement, there is no such thing as a psychotic medication. Persons suffering from a psychotic episode will be given a neuroleptic, or in lay person’s terms, an anti-psychotic medication.

As I said earlier, even if the person is stabalized on a neuroleptic, there are signs that would point to the fact that this person is suffering from a “Thought Disorder.” His symptoms are magnified even more when the person is off his medication. Listed below are some of the symptoms of someone who has been diagnosed with a thought disorder, and are on medication:

* Tardive Dyskinesia. This is a late-appearing abnormal movement, a disorder characterized by involuntary, stereotyped and rhythmic movement of the uper body and face, more commonly, tongue rolling

* Alogia, i.e., marked poverty of speech, or poverty of content of speech

* Flat affect, in other words, the patient presents with no emotions in their face

* Anhedonia, i.e., depression.  The person has lost interest in things that used to bring him/her joy; and they have lost the ability to enjoy life

* Few social contacts

* Avolition

* Attentional impairment

*Intense Irrational Anger

Cho Seung-Hui is reportedly said to have undergone a psychiatric evaluation. If so, how did the evaluator miss the myriad red flags? Again, I believe that the clinician “fell alsleep at the switch.” I just hope that he/she kept copious notes, because law enforcement will want to see Hui’s evaluation, and accompanying progress notes. Trust me on that.

Over the past several days, I have heard people ask the question, why couldn’t it be predicted that this guy was a ticking time bomb. Listen carefully, psychologists and psychiatrists “Can Not Predict Future Violence.” We can say that it is possible a patient will commit a violent act, but we can not give the you the day, nor the time or place. We are not mind readers.

With that said, I continue to come back to the time that this young man was evaluated. I don’t care how bright a person who is suffering from a thought disorder is, the signs will “SCREAM OUT AT YOU.”

We as professional psychotherapists have the legal right to have someone admitted to a psych-wing if we feel they are a threat to themselves or to the general public. We can call local police, and “have the person scooped up.” My understanding is that this man had suicidal ideations. So, my question is how hard did the evaluator work at ferreting out what was on Hui’s mind?

The other question that I have is, did he undergo psychological testing.  I know that HMO’s loathe paying for psych testing, but this guy was a prime candidate. Psych testing is like having your brain X-Rayed. There is a wealth of data that a trained diagnostician can glean from using this powerful tool.

In the meantime, the shameless anti-gunners came out quickly, and started talking once again about “Gun Control.” When will these idiots get it. Anyone who is hell bent on killing you, “will do just that.”

Remember, the animals who hijacked our planes on September 11th, 2001, did not use gun, “THEY USED BOX CUTTERS.”

Timothy McVeigh did not use a gun to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City. “HE USED EXPLOSIVES.”

Some people have no shame. People like Virginia congressman, democrat, Jim Moran who called for a renewed debate on gun control. To his credit, Tim Kaine, the democratic Governor of Virginia, said that he has nothing but “Loathing For People” like Jim Moran. Amen, Governor, Amen.

European newspaper have gotten in on the act to tell us how we should run our country.  The British Daily, The Independent asserted:

“The passionate feelings of the gun lobby may be traced to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, enshrining “The right of the people to keep and bear arms.” Although the provision stems from the times when “well regulated militias’ were deemed necessary to protect against a British atempt to regain the lost colonies, it is the default position of any argument against greater gun control here. As such, it has trumped every other consideration, not the least the fact that on any given day about 80 people are killed by firearms, the vast majority by murder or suicide. Gun violence may cost 2.3 billion each year in medical expenses, but it is a price, gun supporters believe, that is worth paying to protect a fundamental freedom”

What the writer of this propaganda piece forgot to tell its readers is that since the government of England confiscated guns from its legal citizens, “Gun Violence In England Has Sky-Rocketed.” Citizens live in utter fear of criminals, “Who Now Have The Guns”. The axiom of those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, is most appropriate for this writer.

Meantime, the “Times of London” had this to say on the massacre at Virginia Tech:

“ The trauma of the death of the students at Virginia Tech that will spread across the university and the whole country will be magnified by the feelings of so many people who feel that they should have been able to prevent it. Doubtless there will be a call to review the availability of firearms.  The National Rifle Association’s response is predictable too.  They will pointout that events such as this are not carried out by a rifle-wielding member of a weekend militia. There is no doubt that access to rapid-action shotguns makes these events even more destructive but as we have seen with suicide bombers, who ar closer to spree killers than is offen realized, if a person really wants to take their own life and kill others in doing so it is exceptionally difficult to prevent it”

What the hell is a “rifle-wielding member of a weekend militia?  what is a rapid-action shotgun? Cho Seung-Hui used a Glock 9 milimeter and a Walther, 22 caliber pistol to inflict his mayhem. Once again, these people prove their ignorance of our culture. Yet, they are so beset with themselves to make America like their society.  My only question is why? I have no desire to live in a socialist environment. The writer of the Time of London did make my point. And that is, you can take away all of the guns in America, however, if a madman has the will to kill you, he will do just that.

Remember, Cho Seung-Hui purchased his guns legally. The FFL(Federal Firearms Licensee) did nothing wrong. Although the socialists press has intimated that he did.

I wish that the media and political hacks like Jim Moran would “Shut Up” and give these kids a chance to start the grieving process.

I am willing to listen to anyone with sound, lucid ideas, but not someone who has a political agenda. Theses people need to crawl back under the rock that they slithered out from.

Dr. Forest Lewis is a trained clinical pyschologist. He is the author of Diary of a Black Man Who Escaped From the Democratic Political Plantation

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Apr 20, 07
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