Fred Thompson: Liberal in Disguise
By Guest: Basil Harrington on (Apr 19, 07)

It seems that conservatives are about to make the same mistake that they made in 2000.  Every Cassandra warned the movement conservatives that GW Bush was a liberal, but they were all duped by his “compassionate conservatism,” which we since have learned really means “liberal globalism.”

Now, despite all the warnings, they are about to be conned by Fred Thompson too - another neocon (aka liberal globalist).  Will they get what they deserve?  Can people really be so shortsighted?  In 2011 will we hear GOP cheerleaders, “If only I had known....”

Let’s look at Fred Thompson on the issues.

First and foremost, let’s ponder immigration, the greatest threat facing the West today.  As Jean Raspail foretold in Camp of the Saints, the “best conservative novel ever written,” a third-world invasion of the West is taking place, and we must make a stand - before it is too late.

Although tough talking on border control, Fred Thompson has a rather weak record from his time in the Senate.  Americans for Better Immigration only gave him a career grade of C.  And on chain migration, visa lotteries, reducing unnecessary visas, asylum fraud, and reducing amnesties, he received rather low marks.*

Thompson is almost certainly pro-abortion, regardless what he feigns.  He has said, “The ultimate decision must be made by the woman.” In other words, he believes it’s a “choice.”

Thompson is pro-affirmative action, and his two votes in the Senate guaranteed that under-qualified minorities would be given preference over Euro-Americans (i.e. white people).  Thompson obviously believes that victimology should trump hard work.

And like all neocons, Thompson supports free trade, which is destroying our economy and undermining our sovereignty.  Historically, conservatives opposed free trade, and they should; it’s national suicide.  But Thompson like many GOP cheerleaders has been “neoconned” on this issue.

In foreign policy, Fred Thompson is an adamant neocon globalist.  He is a fellow at the neocon American Enterprise Institute, and a member of the neocon / neoliberal Council on Foreign Relations, which supports the creation of a North American Union and the eradication of American sovereignty.**

In short, Fred Thompson is no real conservative.  He’s a neocon globalist.  Only look at his past actions, memberships and words. 

We already have three real conservatives in the running (Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, and Duncan Hunter) and let’s give them the support they deserve.  If Fred Thompson receives the nomination, I’m voting Constitution Party.***


By Guest: Basil Harrington on Apr 19, 07
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