Little Point In Voting As Fate Of Nation Already Decided
By Frederick Meekins on (Apr 19, 07)

Every two years on the first Tuesday of November, Americans go to the polls in hopes of influencing the direction of the nation in regards to matters of politics and policy.  However, the exercise of this civic duty may be increasingly directed towards deciding matters of escalating irrelevancy as the ultimate disposition of the nation has already been settled at levels that regularly ignore the will of those beneath their heals along the social hierarchy.

For the time being, those that actually run the world have decided that it will be in their best interest if the trappings of the traditional electoral system are continued for a while longer.  Such niceties are not being continued solely out of the beneficence of our glorious leaders or merely to keep the serfs from revolting.  Rather these procedural mechanisms will be used to condition the American people into accepting a place in the pending global order by subtly subjecting them to assumptions and perspectives of which they might not even be aware of initially.

Many Americans making the pilgrimage to the polls have recently been given a small sticker that reads “I voted”.  Besides being a waste of money if paid for with taxpayer funds and like something one would give a pliant child (quite telling as to what the government thinks of the average citizen), those that truly love this country were no doubt deeply troubled that between the American flag at the top of the sticker and the words “I voted” at bottom of the sticker was the phrase “Yo vote”.

Thus, not only has our national unity been undermined though this endorsement of bilingualism, but it was subtly made known that the English population would be taking a back seat in the America sector of the pending global regime as the Spanish was triumphantly placed over the English in a position of superiority.

If the United States is to remain a nation with English the predominant form of culture and expression, shouldn’t English have been printed in the top position?  When you come down to it, no Spanish should have been on the sticker at all.

To put things bluntly, Spanish speakers that don’t know that “I voted” means that they just voted, for the sake of the Republic, should not be voting anyway.  For isn’t a workable knowledge of English suppose to be a requirement to receive citizenship?  If this standard is not being enforced, Americans have the right to know about it.

Those seeking to please their leftist masters by wearing their tolerance on their sleeves will wail, “HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH A THING!!!!” Yet even though they are reluctant to admit it for fear of running afoul of the thought police and their speech codes, Americans worthy of the name don’t think much of the effort to bring about the end of their beloved country.

Yet no matter how much conscientious patriots might complain about it and bring the matter before the public’s attention, don’t expect anything to be done about it.  For at some point down the road if the American people have not been weaned from that annoying voting habit by then, not only will the stickers have both English and Spanish but will probably have a Mexican flag in a position of dominance over Old Glory.  There is more at stake than which country has the longest pole and a clash of colors akin to a Star Wars lightsaber duel.  Such background symbols that we don’t usually pay much attention to actually reflect the profound geopolitical realignments taking place at the highest levels.

Though much is not said about it in the mainstream media with the possible exception of Lu Dobbs, President Bush and his fellow internationalists are quietly conniving to bring about the union of the United States, Canada, and Mexico without regard to what anyone outside this small circle of moneychangers, powerbrokers, and paperpushers might think about it.  Their contempt for the institutions of this nation and the principles upon which it was founded is so complete that the proposed unification is pretty much underway without the congressional oversight the Constitution bestows upon the legislative branch, especially the Senate in terms of ratifying treaties, to have the final decision about such comprehensive foreign entanglements.

One of the prominent themes of the history of the 21st century will no doubt be the fall of the United States from a place of prominence and the sublimation of its original culture to the interests of foreign occupants.  The second most important theme will no doubt be how this development was ignored until it was too late.

By Frederick Meekins on Apr 19, 07
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