Liberal "solution" to Cho Seung-Hui Murder Spree
By John Lillpop on (Apr 18, 07)

In response to the tragic massacre at Virginia Tech, liberals were prepared to renew their clarion call for more strict gun control laws.

That plan was scrapped when it was disclosed that Virginia Tech already has a no-guns policy in place.

Perhaps Cho Seung-Hui was unaware of the stringent anti-gun rules on campus? If only he had known, things might have been different.

As if someone sick enough to subject 32 innocent people to cold-blooded murder, and then blow his own brains out, would stop to worry about violating gun control laws!

How about the assisted suicide gambit that liberals are constantly promoting?

If only Virginia had an assisted suicide law in place, Cho Seung-Hui would have been able to stroll into a physician’s office and get whatever combination of pills and or injections needed to end his miserable existence.

Forget the fact that Cho Seung-Hui was only 23. He obviously deserved to die with dignity, and without all that humiliating news coverage.

Perhaps Cho Seung-Hui was despondent over the fact that he was not getting a tax refund from the IRS this year, even though he probably paid no taxes?

Another example of how the Bush tax cuts for the rich and powerful bite the little guy squarely in the posterior.

Further, one must not overlook the fact Cho Seung-Hui was a person of color. Being a little guy and a racial minority in America these days exposes one to constant discrimination and loss of self-esteem.

Finally, George W. Bush and his “shock and awe” swagger have caused impressionable young people like Cho Seung-Hui to rely on violence rather than diplomacy for conflict resolution.

What is the liberal solution to this quagmire?

First, repeal the 2nd Amendment, and replace it with a new constitutional amendment outlawing all dangerous weapons everywhere in the United States.

Secondly, require that assisted suicide be made available to any distressed person contemplating the murder of ten or more innocent people.

Thirdly, repeal all Bush tax cuts, retroactively, and revise the tax code so as to send every college student $1,500 on April 15 each year, and

Fourth, expunge the terms “shock and awe” and “war on terror” from the English vernacular.

Throw in the impeachment of George Bush and you have a perfectly consistent “solution” from the left to one of the most vexing issues facing contemporary America.

John Lillpop is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer and a recovering liberal.

By John Lillpop on Apr 18, 07
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