Virginia Tech -- Nothing Happened!
By Peter and Helen Evans on (Apr 18, 07)

Wouldn’t it be great not to be swamped by horrific news about Virginia Tech because nothing had happened?

Oh, there could have been a shooter threatening people. He could have been very angry. He could have had plans to take many lives, but time and time again, reports show that if just one other person had ‘shown’ a gun, odds are that the shooter would have backed down. Thus, nothing would have happened, no one would have been killed, no reports would have been filed and no one would have heard about it.

According to John Lott’s book, More Guns Less Crime, “if national surveys are correct, 98 percent of the time that people use guns defensively, they merely need to brandish the weapon.” In media terms, 98% of the time “nothing happened.” However, we don’t need surveys to tell us what happens. Just think back on any of the shootings that made national television.  What happened when someone with a gun, usually the police, showed up? The shooter killed himself or gave up.  Either way, further carnage was avoided.

It seems pretty obvious that we need more law abiding citizens legally carrying guns.  Yet, what do we hear in the media?  Predictably, Paul Helmke, Brady Campaign President, saying we need to implement more ‘effective’ gun control.  What he really means is further attempts to ‘ban’ guns altogether.  Isn’t it obvious that doing that would only dis-arm those who obey the law and leave them sitting ducks for those who do not?  Isn’t it obvious that the way to avoid further murders is emphatically NOT to dis-arm the victims in advance?  State after state reports a drop in violent crime when law abiding citizens are allowed to carry concealed weapons.

Undeterred by the fact that gun-accident deaths are at an all-time low, the gun-banners will remind us about “the children” who might find the gun and accidentally die.  Yes, accidents happen and it’s always sad.  However, we should do the sad math and consider that more children die in bicycle accidents each year than in gun accidents, more children die in fires each year than in gun accidents, more children die each year in motor vehicle accidents than in gun accidents.  In fact, 2,900 children died in car accidents compared to only 30 under 4 years old and 170 from 5 to 14 years old who died in gun accidents during the same period.  Please look at that 5-to-14 year old statistic carefully and think of gangs in the metro areas. 14 years of age is not a baby anymore.  In other words, we are not always talking about ‘innocent’ children when we look at these statistics.

Now, even if you do agree that the second amendment means you, you may be saying, “I don’t want to carry a gun.” That’s just fine. You’re free not to carry a gun, but do not prevent other law abiding citizens from doing so if they wish to.  In fact, you will be safer because there is no way the criminal can know who has a gun.  They usually move on to easier pickings; that is, places which are ‘safer’ for criminals, where guns are banned entirely, such as Washington, DC.

It’s time to let adult students and teachers carry guns in the classroom.  If you are fearful of someone with a gun, you should equally be afraid of them with a pair of scissors in their hands.  If someone wants to do you harm, they will find a way. As they reveal themselves, let’s remove the dangerous few from society, but let liberty and common sense prevail for the law abiding citizen.

No one wants to be faced by a murderous lunatic with a gun. But gun control laws can not prevent lunacy, and yet more gun control laws can not dis-arm law-breakers.  We the law-abiding, we the peace-loving, we the tax-paying, we the voting, we the people all want ‘effective’ gun control, but the only way that can happen is when We the People are in control of our own guns.

Peter and Helen Evans, “ This husband and wife team - freelance writers and speakers - teach a philosophical approach to conservatism, and are scheduled speakers at Blogging Man “” .

By Peter and Helen Evans on Apr 18, 07
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